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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Apple iPhone 5: Specs and Features Comparison

CNN’s Technology Minute participants were of the opinion that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has features which makes it rub shoulders with the latest iPhone 5from Apple but also upstage in some of the features. Apple has record selling of iPhone 5, beating all the previous records set by any other device whereasSamsung has recently launched the Galaxy Note 2 in US. Apple iPhone 5 is carried by AT&T, Verizon, andSprint officially whereas Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is officially available on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. The new iPhone 5 features Nano-SIM instead of Micro SIM, so T-Mobile is actually offering Nano-SIM cards to attract owners of unlocked iPhone 5 on its network. The unlocked version of both Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Apple iPhone 5 is available on Amazon to buy as well. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Check it out here. Check the unlocked Apple iPhone 5 for sale here. In our thirst of finding out which one is actually superior, we have an honest evaluation of specs and features of both the devices.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Apple iPhone 5 The Galaxy Note 2 seems to be like an enlarged version of the Galaxy S3 smartphone. The dimensions of the Galaxy Note 2 are 5.9 inches tall by 3.2 inches wide by 0.37 inches thick and it weighs 6.4 ounces. In stark contrast, the iPhone 5 seems thinner and much lighter in comparison to its previous versions. It is 7 mm thick and weighs 112 Gms. The body is made of Aluminum and Glass and looks very attractive though not as sturdy as the 4S. Also See: Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III – A quick Comparison of the Titans. The Galaxy Note features a SUPER AMOLED HD screen of 5.55-inches and has a resolution of 1280-by-720 pixels. The Galaxy S3 also features the same resolution which looks great on a 4.8 inch screen. The screen does not look bad in Galaxy Note 2; however it would have been better if Samsung had provided a higher resolution to compete with the Retina Display from Apple. The iPhone 5 features a 4-inch Retina display screen with stock resolution of 1136-by-640 pixels. This is the first time that Apple has introduced a widescreen display. The IPS screen displays richer colors. The 4 inch screen is better than the earlier screens, but still it is small in comparison with the Galaxy Note 2. However, the Super AMOLED screen of Galaxy Note 2 scores over the iPhone 5 displays. Also See: Apple iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 – A Quick assessment of salient features. The Galaxy Note 2 features 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM which means that it is perfect for multitasking without any worry of performance slowing down. Apple iPhone 5 sports an Apple A6 dual-core Processor with quad-core GPU and 1 GB of RAM. Galaxy Note 2 runs latest version of Android – Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with custom made TouchWiz 4.0 UI and custom designed S-Pen apps. The iPhone 5 features the iOS 6 and it is very user friendly OS and is smooth, fast and works flawlessly. Watching videos is a pleasure on the Galaxy Note 2 and the device can play flawlessly almost every video format. The Video Player is also very good and is easy to operate. The Galaxy Note 2 features a great Graphic Equalizer. The iPhone 5 has an excellent music player. The preset equalizer settings are great the Earpods of iPhone 5 are equipped with noise cancelling features. Also See: Apple iPhone 5 vs Sony Xperia SL – A Comparison of Japanese and American Technology. Both the devices possess same specification primary camera of 8 Megapixel with 1080p video recording. Apple iPhone 5 features a new panorama mode by default in it whereas the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean will bring 360 degrees panorama mode in Galaxy Note 2 later. Battery life has been the Achilles heel of most Samsung devices though the Galaxy Note 2 features a heavier and better battery of 3100 mAh. The iPhone 5 batteries are below average and in spite of claims needs frequent charging. One good thing about the iPhone is that it can get charged quickly in less than 45 minutes. The question of which Smartphone is a better one depends a lot upon your choices and preferences. If you do not like big and wide screen on your smartphone, your first choice will be an iPhone 5. If you talk about features and apps the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a sure edge on the iPhone 5. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC 8X / HTC Windows Phone 8X – Let’s Talk Stock Browser Performance

The iPhone 5 has been compared and tested against some of the big players out there on many occasions. Obviously, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been its biggest threat at launch and since both Samsung and Apple have a bit of a past, these two handsets have been fighting for the crown for weeks. We’ve seen camera comparisons, benchmark results and alsobrowsing speeds. But the fact of the matter is that, with the arrival of the Windows Phone 8 and the hardware to support it, Apple might once again have to go head-to-head against its biggest nemesis: Microsoft. To better understand this claim, today we’re going to talk about browsing speed tests and how well the HTC 8X / HTC Windows Phone 8X performed.
iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC 8X / HTC Windows Phone 8X The guys over at Engadget have previously got a hold on an HTC 8X unit and obviously, they’ve performed a few tests in order to determine how well it runs. Among those benchmarks was the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark and the results are pretty amazing. The HTC 8X manages to come out on top in front of every other smartphone currently available on the market, including the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.
SupSpider is a benchmark that tests how fast a certain browser executes JavaScript, and since many webpages today are making extensive use of AJAX, the aforementioned benchmark is quite good at determining how fast a smartphone can load-up these particular pages. Nevertheless, the real-world performance might differ and not all webpages are the same, but still. As you can see above the HTC 8X comes out on top and although not by a mile away, it even beats the iPhone 5 when it comes to handling JavaScript, let alone the Samsung Galaxy S3. HTC’s flagship phone was able to finish the test in less than a second (914 ms) and although the Snapdragon S4 chip powering the device is a pretty good CPU, chances are that this increase in browsing performance results from the new hardware-accelerated JavaScript engine that is to be found in IE10 and implicitly on the new Windows Phone 8 mobile OS. With that in mind, the Nokia Lumia 920 should be able to perform pretty good as well and if that’s the case, then the iPhone 5 will lose yet again in front of Nokia’s flagship phone, at least on paper. We’re as excited as ever to see the HTC Windows Phone 8X in action and we’re eager to see it hitting the market. Any thoughts? Thanks WMPowerUser for the heads-up regarding the iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC 8X browser benchmark. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 vs. iPod touch 5 camera test

iMore has made a parallel between the camera capabilities of the two devices. The iPhone 5 comes with an 8-megapixel camera and the iPod touch 5 features a 5-megapixel camera. The site writes that the full-resolution dimensions of the photos made with the iPod touch 5 are smaller than those of the iPhone 5. As for print sizes, for printing at 200 ppi, photos made with the iPod touch can print up to 9″x12,” while photos from the iPhone 5 can print up to 12″x16″. If you print at 300 ppi, iPod touch photos can print up to 6″x8″ images and iPhone 5 photos print up to 8″x10″. In terms of general photography, the site notes that the iPhone 5 photos “are more vibrant, have more contrast, and are a little warmer,” while the iPod touch 5 photos seem “a little flat” when compared to those made with the iPhone 5.
iPod touch 5 vs. iPhone 5 The two cameras’ macro photography capabilities appear to be similar, especially regarding their ability to focus. A parallel between photos taken in low-light reveals that the iPhone 5 is better than the iPod touch 5.
iPod touch 5 vs. iPhone 5 Both devices feature the same front-facing 1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD camera, but the comparison showed that the iPod touch 5 photos have a warmer tone than the iPhone 5. Panoramic photography is also similar on the iPod touch 5 and iPhone 5 cameras, but the iPhone 5 offers more contrast and a slightly warmer tone.
iPod touch 5 vs. iPhone 5 For more photos please visit iMore. sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

Unlocked iPhone 5 Vs Unlocked Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S3

bated breath for the eventual unlocked iPhone 5 release date, others are finding themselves more than happy to side with the considerably less-rare unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3. However, both are destined to be joined over the holiday period by the unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 – the stunning new Windows 8 Smartphone expected to take the market by storm in all its forms. All three of the above are unquestionably desirable and deliver the most advanced specs and features the industry has seen to date, but which…if any…represents the ‘best’ of the three? Design-wise, the unlocked iPhone 5 takes the crown without much of a struggle – being comprised of super-slick and lightweight aluminum and measuring in at just 7.6mm in thickness. Some would argue that the unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 is at least a close runner-up, coming in a variety of quite stunning colors and encase in polycarbonate – durable and pretty, but not on the same level as the iPhone 5. Following in third place in this instance comes the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3, which certainly looks the part but also feels decidedly plasticky and not nearly as solid as the above two. Some have also criticized the S3 for being a little too large to comfortably handle or pocket. In terms of specs and features however, the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 takes the top-spot. On paper at least, the quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM comfortably shoulder past the A6 dual-core processor and 1GB RAM of the iPhone 5, and the 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM of the unlocked Nokia Lumia 920. All three pack truly impressive 8-megapixel cameras, so we’ll call that one a tie. So, what can you expect to pay for the three? Recent reports have suggested that the unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 will hit the market for around $700, which isn’t cheap but also isn’t quite knocking on the door of the $900 for the cheapest iPhone 5 right now. Upper-end unlocked iPhone 5s have been spotted for well over the $1,200 mark. By contrast, the 16GB version of the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 can now be picked up for a little over $500 through selected retailers – the clear bargain of the three in no uncertain terms. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 – 50 reasons why the iOS smartphone is better

A few weeks ago we showed you a video comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 in which were revealed 50 reasons why the Android smartphone is better. The same guys behind that clip are now back with a rebuttal video, just as they promised. This time around PhoneBuff gives us 50 reasons why the iOS smartphone is better. The freshly uploaded video is just under 12 minutes long, and shows users various reasons why the iPhone 5 can be considered better than the Galaxy S3. Just like in the previous video, not all the listed reasons depict must-have features of today’s high-end smartphone, but they may be appreciated by users nonetheless. However, if you are going to buy a top device this holiday season, we’ll remind you that the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 are the current flagship devices for iOS and Android, respectively. While they are exponents of two different mobile platforms and ecosystems, it’s ultimately up to you to choose which one to get, although we’ll point out that they aren’t the only available choices out there, especially considering the recent Galaxy Note 2 launch or the Nexus 4 announcement. Not to mention that a slew of Windows Phone 8 handsets are about to hit stores also. In case you’re only looking for more iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 coverage before you make your purchase then we’ve got you covered. From drop tests and hands-on videos to benchmarking results, battery performance comparisons and display quality tests. We even talked aboutyearly charging costs and web traffic stats for these two smartphones. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Apple iPhone 5 vs HTC One X Vs Nokia Lumia 920

There are top four best smartphones available in the market. Here we compare Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Apple iPhone 5 vs HTC One X Vs Nokia Lumia 920 specs and features The real battle in global smartphone market is set to begin. We have two great handsets set to be launched soon. After Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and HTC’s One X, Nokia’s has launched its Lumia 920 and Apple has surfaced its brand new iPhone 5. All phones have some fantastic features to boast. They are all made to comply with the demands of modern day customers. Here we go for a comparison between these four brilliant entries to the market. Operating System Galaxy S3 and HTC One X feature Google Android operating system. They are respectively the high-end versions of Samsung and HTC’s Android phones. Both devices tout the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Galaxy S3 is about to get the next major update, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, however. Nokia has built Lumia 920 as its first handset on Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8. On the other hand, Apple has announced its fresh handset to come with iOS 6. Well, every firmware has lots of exceptional features. Along with the hardware war, the market is also to witnesses to a clash between these three major mobile operating systems as well. Display Screen The devices come with displays of slight differences in size. Galaxy S3 is the largest with a 4.8-inch screen; One X just follows with a 4.7-inch screen; Lumia 920 sports a 4.5-inch screen and the new iPhone has the smallest 4-inch screen. Galaxy S3 has Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus display with 306 pixel density. One X slightly beats the S3 in density with 312ppi. The iPhone screen has a better PPI of 326 and resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. It also shows off Retina technology. Lumia 920 features ‘Nokia PureMotion HD+ and ClearBlack technologies. Processor All the four handset pack a powerful processor. Nokia has designed its phone with a dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset clocked at 1.5GHz. Samsung has slotted in its own Exynos 4412 1.4GHz quad core processor in Galaxy S3. The HTC phone is powered by 1.5GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor. Apple has announced that its new phone will come with the new A6 chip, which the company claims will perform twice better than A5 chipset that you can see in iPhone 4S and iPad 2. It will be based on dual core ARM Cortex-A15 processor architecture. Camera All four phones sport 8MP rear cameras with many common features like 1080p video recording. Nokia has done a great job bringing its PureView technology to its WP 8 phone. The camera has Nokia’s Carl Zeiss optics lens and better digital zooming. The device also has a 1.3MP front facing camera for video call features. Apple has integrated a smaller iSight camera on its new iPhone. Apart from 8MP rear cameras, the S3 and One X respectively have 1.9MP and 1.3MP front cameras for video calls. Connectivity When it comes to connectivity, all handsets come full-fledged. They tout all major means for advanced connectivity. The iPhone 5 has 4G LTE that is also there with some variants of other handsets. The handsets also have Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth (4.0 on iPhone, S3 and One X and 3.1 on Lumia 920), GPS and more. NFC is there with all, but iPhone 5. Availability Apple has promised to start shipping its new iPhone on Sept. 21 in major global markets. The company has just begun to accept pre-orders for the gadget. Samsung’s Galaxy S3’s original version has begun to hit leading markets. The device’s dual core Snapdragon S4 version is available on all U.S. carriers. HTC One X has been there for a while as the company’s premium Android handset. Meanwhile, Nokia hasn’t yet revealed the exact release date of its new Lumia 920. Quite possibly, it will be coming sometime in October or November. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Can Apple’s Topple Samsung’s Dictatorship

The iPhone 5 made its debut earlier this week, possibly signalling the end of the Samsung Galaxy S3 reign as the best selling smartphone at the moment. While it may be too early to tell how well the iPhone 5 will sell given that no one has gotten one in their hands, the specs are official and we can compare them against the Samsung Galaxy S3 to see where they stand. iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen: The iPhone traditionally has a 3.5” screen, but the iPhone 5 boasts a 4” widescreen display, changing its ratio to 16:9 rather than 3:2. This means a larger screen without widening the phone. Apple loves ergonomics, and will still be showing this. The only problem is upscaling apps, but unoptimised apps can get round this by showing two black bars at the display ends. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is unashamedly massive – too big for some. The 4.8” screen has the same pixel density as the iPhone 5, but watching films on it is a joy. The phones have different screen tech; the iPhone 5 will keeps its IPS Retina display and the Samsung Galaxy S3 a Super AMOLED offering. Super AMOLED makes vivid colors and deep blacks, but IPS looks more natural in my opinion. We compared the HTC One X IPS screen to the Samsung Galaxy S3 recently where you could see what we mean,, although obviously you might think different. Apple’s PR mill will, of course, claim that you can actually see the future in the new iPhone 5 screen, however to be honest it doesn’t quite match up to the display of the Nokia Lumia 920. Design: Dubbed the world’s thinnest smartphone, the iPhone 5 is not only smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S3 but also lighter and thinner. This also suggests that utilitarian is still in at Cupertino as it retains the styling of the 4S/4. We still have glass sandwiching aluminum but the shiny trim is now tinted around the edges which gives it a more sleek look. Tthe iPhone 5 looks and feel much more premium than the Samsung Galaxy S3 with its infamous shiny plastic. Flagship devices shouldn’t look like they came out of a cracker. Power: Processor-wise the Samsung Galaxy S3 should hold sway over the iPhone 5, with its quad-core 1.4GHz Exynos 4412 chip challenging the dual-core iPhone 5 with its 1GB RAM. Apple has always skimped on processors, giving its gadgets just enough oomph to run iOS glitch-free. The iPhone 4S’ processor clocks at a mere 800MHz, and there’s a bijou 512MB of storage so technically this is a big upgrade. Given that the OS plays a big part, the iPhone 5 may perform as well as the S3 despite the lesser cores. Cameras: Much has been said about the iPhone 5 camera – a lot of it silly. I mean iSight? It’s still just your average iPhone 8-megapixel shooter. We’ll suspend judgement on the iPhone 5 camera just yet as the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a great camera to. Connectivity: There’s a new doc connector on the iPhone 5 which will warrant you having to buy a $30 adapter should you wish to use your old iPhone accessories with it. That aside, it does allow for a muhc more slimmer iPhone. There is no expandable memory or NFC unlike the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has microSD support and MHL compliance, allowing users to output HD video and surround sound through HDMI. Users can also drag and drop content files rather than fiddling with syncing software. Both have support for 4G LTE. Verdict: The iPhone 5 looks and feel more high-end than the Samsung Galaxy S3 but the lack of memory card and a new connector is going to put some people off. To add to the dilemma, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is cheaper, available for around $99 on contract versus the $199 for a 16GB iPhone 5. That being said both seem to match each other in terms of specs and it will likely come down to OS again – do you prefer iOS or Android. Thankfully, both parties will be making a wise choice. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories.ipad accessories