Thursday, May 31, 2012

Galaxy S III On Sale in 28 Countries — But Not the U.S.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III launched in 28 countries on Tuesday, and the U.S. wasn’t one of them. In fact, here in the States, we still don’t have a release date for Samsung’s next flagship phone. But while the Galaxy S III launched across Europe and the Middle East on Tuesday, Samsung obviously isn’t done rolling out its latest smartphone. The S III will hit 296 operators in more than 145 countries by the end of July, Samsung said in a statement. And while company officials were only willing to say that an American launch is coming sometime this summer, it’s probably safe to guess that the U.S. and its carriers will be in the mix sometime in June or July. Along with the S III’s official worldwide retail debut, Samsung also opened up its new Music Hub cloud service, currently only available on the S III. The service, like iTunes, sells and streams music from the cloud. And, like iTunes Match, a user’s music collection can be stored in the cloud as well — for a fee. Samsung hasn’t disclosed pricing details for Music Hub in the U.S., but in the U.K. there are two tiers of service, one free, one paid. The free service allows for free streaming of any music purchased through the Music Hub store. Meanwhile, a “Music Hub Premium” upgrade provides subscribers with the ability to upload their music collections to Samsung’s cloud storage system for streaming playback at a price of 9.99 pounds a month, according to Reuters, which would be a cost of about $15 a month. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone touches down

WITH celebrities delivering the first models around Australia and an orchestra at its announcement, Samsung launched its 2012 flagship phone to unprecedented fanfare today. The top-of-the-range, $899 smartphone is Samsung's first mobile phone to feature a powerful quad-core processor, as well as an 8-megapixel camera, near-field communication chip and 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED touchscreen. Samsung Asia Pacific president Gregory Lee said the new phone would help build on the company's current leadership in smartphone sales, after it sold 45 million Galaxy S II handsets. "This is the best-in-class smartphone in the world which we are confident will break new ground in the business,'' he said. Despite the new hardware, Samsung chose to focus on new software enhancements inside its phone, with telecommunications vice-president Tyler McGee calling the phone a more intuitive handset. "This is a phone that sees, a phone that listens, a phone that follows our actions,'' he said. Software additions include facial recognition for your photos, a screen that tracks open eyes to keep the screen on, voice commands to wake the phone and other tasks, and the ability to share videos between phones by touching them. Despite a large Samsung launch event, Vodafone beat the company to announcing the Galaxy S III's launch date, revealing it would go on sale at 11am. The carrier also organised celebrities to hand out the first handsets, including The Voice star Joel Madden in Sydney's Pitt St Mall and V8 racing driver Jamie Whincup in Brisbane. The phone will be available from Vodafone, Optus and Telstra, and the 16GB version will cost $899 outright. Samsung's new flagship phone will be a major weapon in the company's war with Apple for smartphone supremacy. Worldwide, Samsung overtook the American tech giant in smartphone sales in the first quarter of this year, selling 46.9 million smartphones to Apple's tally of 35.1 million, according to Juniper. The Galaxy S III is also likely to enjoy a significant first-mover advantage over Apple, with rumours indicating a new iPhone will not launch until October. sex toyssex gadgets

Samsung Galaxy S III: First impressions

With the fanfare including Jessica Mauboy, a live orchestra performance and a whole lot of hype, Samsung today officially launched its hotly-anticipated Galaxy S III smartphone in Australia. At a lavish event at Sydney's Capitol Theatre, Samsung spent most of its time telling us all about the phone's new features, most of which we've known since it was officially unveiled in London. Features aside, just how much of a first impression does the Galaxy S III make? Thankfully, we've got our hands on arguably the most-hyped smartphone of 2012 so far to tell you! A very positive first impression Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S III in London earlier this month, but today was the first time we've been able to get our hands on it. Much has been said about the Galaxy S III's design, but we can assure you that in no way, shape or form does this feel like a cheap device. Despite its plastic construction, the Galaxy S III doesn't creak or rattle when pressed and the fit and finish is as good as most flagship smartphones on the market.
The Galaxy S III's rounded shape is in stark contrast to its predecessor, the Galaxy S II, which uses a much squarer design. Critics have said this makes the Galaxy S III look like a toy and harks back to the design of older phones. We disagree with both of these statements. Firstly, the Galaxy S III feels very comfortable to hold in your hand and is much easier to use single-handedly than its major competitors, the HTC One X and the One XL. The slightly concave design and light weight only further add a comfortable feel. In our experience, the Galaxy S III's design makes it easy to reach most of the screen, though its long length means its still a slight stretch to tap near the top of the display. This will obviously depend on the size of your hands and fingers. Speaking of the display, the Galaxy S III's Super AMOLED HD screen is one of the best on the market. It has a slightly less pixels per inch rating (ppi) compared to the HTC One X/XL, but it doesn't look inferior. We haven't had a chance to do any extensive testing, but text on Web pages is crisp and clear with no visible aberrations and images are bright and vivid with excellent colour reproduction. One thing that hasn't changed in Samsung devices is the company's insistence on a flexible battery cover. As you can see in our image below, the Galaxy S III uses a similar manufactured cover as its predecessor did. Despite looking like a piece of flimsy plastic in photos, the flexible cover isn't a negative and clips on securely. Blazing performance From the moment you pick up the Galaxy S III one thing is very clear — this is a super fast phone. There is no evident lag in basic user operations, like swiping through home screens, scrolling through lists, opening Web pages in the browser and closing apps. Samsung's latest version of TouchWIZ, the user interface layer that sits over the top of the Android UI, is impressive on first glance. We particularly noted that it scrolls through home screens with impressive speed, even if we filled the screens with as many widgets as possible. One disappointment is Samsung's lock screen, which still lags on occasion. There's often a clear 1-2 second delay when pressing the power or home button to wake the screen from sleep, especially if you haven't unlocked the screen for a while. We've seen the same issue on both the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note, so it appears Samsung still hasn't resolved this issue, even if it is a minor one. We'll have a full review of the Galaxy S III in the coming days, along with a closer look at other issues, like battery life, Samsung's S-Voice software and a number of other exclusive Galaxy S III features. In the meantime, if there's anything you'd like to ask us about the Galaxy S III, let us know in the comments below! wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

Samsung Galaxy S III announced for Canada with 2GB of RAM, 1.5GHz dual-core processor

The Canadian variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III will scrap the quad-core Exynos processor found in the European version and instead feature a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor. The Canadian handset, like the Japanese model, will also receive a RAM boost from 1GB to 2GB. It has already been confirmed that the Galaxy S III would be equipped with a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor on U.S. carriers with 4G LTE networks. It is unclear, however, if U.S. devices will also receive the RAM increase, although it does seem more likely now. The Samsung Galaxy S III will be available in Canada beginning June 20th. Samsung’s press release follows below. The Samsung GALAXY S III provides Canadians with a more human smartphone experience Designed for humans and inspired by nature, the Samsung GALAXY S III brings the best combination of power and performance to the Canadian marketplace MISSISSAUGA, ON, May 30, 2012 /CNW/ – Samsung Electronics Canada, today announces the models details and availability date of the much-anticipated GALAXY S III. Beginning June 20th, the Samsung GALAXY S III will be available through leading Canadian wireless carriers and authorized national retailers. “We are very excited to bring the highly anticipated GALAXY S III to Canadians so they can experience firsthand, the power, performance and passion that Samsung is known for,” said Paul Brannen, Vice President, Enterprise Business Group, Samsung Canada. “This next generation of the GALAXY S series is sleek and stylish, and offers users features that promote sharing, and are intuitive and powerful, allowing Canadians to enjoy a more human experience with their smartphone.” Natural Interaction Smart enough to detect face, voice and motions, the GALAXY S III adapts to the user, providing users an interface that is convenient and natural. With the innovative ‘Smart stay’ feature, the GALAXY S III recognizes how the user is using their device such as, reading an e-book or browsing the web. By having the front camera identify eye motion the phone maintains a bright display for continued viewing pleasure. The GALAXY S III features ‘S Voice,’ an advanced natural language user interface, to listen and respond to user commands. S Voice presents powerful functions in regards to device control and commands, such as allowing the user to play a favorite song, turn the volume up or down, send text messages and emails, organize schedules, or automatically launch the camera and capture a photo. With ‘Smart alert’ the GALAXY S III will alert the user by catching any missed messages or calls with a vibration to notify missed statuses when picked up after being idle. If the user is messaging someone but decide to call them instead, they can simply lift phone to their ear and ‘Direct call’ will dial their number. Easy and Instant Sharing The Samsung GALAXY S III is more than a personal device that can be enjoyed by one user – it wants to share and experience smartphone benefits with family and friends, regardless of location with the following features: With the new ‘S Beam,’ the GALAXY S III expands upon Android? Beam?, allowing a 1GB movie file to be shared within three minutes and a 10MB music file within two seconds by simply touching another GALAXY S III phone, even without a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. The ‘Buddy photo share’ function also allows photos to be easily and simultaneously shared with all friends pictured in an image directly from the camera or the photo gallery. ‘AllShare Play’ can be used to instantly share any forms of files between GALAXY S III and tablet, PC, and televisions that are DLNA enabled, regardless of the distance between the devices. The ‘Group Cast’ feature that allows users to share their screen among multiple friends on the same Wi-Fi network; users can comment and draw changes at the same time as co-workers- witnessing real-time sharing on individual devices. The preloaded ‘Dropbox’ application provides an even more convenient sharing experience, supplying 50GB of free storage for two years for not just image and music files, but now also for video content. With the GALAXY S III files can also be instantly uploaded through data networks without requiring WiFi access. Uncompromised Performance With a 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED display, the GALAXY S III offers a large and vivid viewing experience. Samsung Mobile’s heritage Super AMOLED display even enhances to HD and 16:9 wider viewing angles. To ensure faster content sharing and connectivity, the GALAXY S III offers Wi-Fi Channel Bonding which doubles the Wi-Fi bandwidth. The GALAXY S III not only presents features with enhanced usability, but also provides an ergonomic and comfortable experience through its human-centric design. Its comfortable grip, gentle curves, and organic form deliver a rich human-centric feel and design. Available in Pebble Blue and Marble White at launch, Samsung will introduce a variety of additional color options. The GALAXY S III also sports a range of additional features that boost performance and the overall user experience in entirely new ways, with features such as: ‘Pop up play,’ users can play a video anywhere on their screen while simultaneously running other tasks, eliminating the need to close and restart videos when checking new emails or surfing the Web. An 8MP camera features a zero-lag shutter speed that lets users capture moving objects easily without delay, with the ‘Burst shot’ function that instantly captures twenty continuous shots, and the ‘Best photo’ feature that selects the best of eight photographs, the GALAXY S III ensures users a more enhanced and memorable camera experience. HD video can be recorded even with the 1.9MP front-facing camera, which users can use to capture a video of themselves. An improved backside illumination sensor further helps to eliminate blur in photos that result from shaking, even under low light conditions. With Samsung Hubs, users can continually refresh phone content through the ‘Game Hub,’ which provides access to numerous social games, while Video Hub, a new service offering to the Canadian marketplace, brings users high quality TV and movies for rent . Furthermore, Samsung Music Hub will offer a personal music streaming service. The GALAXY S III will be available for purchase in Canada starting on June 20, 2012. Samsung is pleased to be working with all of the leading wireless providers in Canada, to give our customers a choice of service provider. The SGH-i747 variation of the GALAXY S III will be available from Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel, TELUS and Rogers Wireless. The SGH-iT999 model will be available from Videotron, Wind and Mobilicity. Additional Features Include: Processor: Snapdragon S4 Dual Core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm MSM8960 Chipset OS (Shipping): ICS 4.0.4 Data: LTE (SGH-i747 variation) and HSPA+ 42 (SGH-iT999 variation) Memory: 2 GB RAM Dimensions: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm Weight: 133g Memory: 16/32GB internal memory (SGH-i747)/ 16GB internal memory (SGH-iT999) Expandable microSD up to 32GB Display: 4.8 HD Super AMOLED 1280×720 (306ppi) Connectivity: NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, MHL Video Out Camera: 8MP Rear-facing, 1.9MP Front-facing Battery: 2100 mAh Other: TouchWiz with Motion UX S Beam AllShare Play enhance functionality MP3/ACC+/WAV audio player DivX/Xvid/MP4/WMV/H.263/ H.264 Video Player wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NYT Sources Say Facebook Phone Coming Next Year

We've been hearing rumors of a Facebook phone for quite a while now. Prior to the frenzy that was the Facebook IPO, the prospect of the social network building its own phone was probably one of the more common Facebook rumors. Facebook celebrated its IPO on May 18 and, what do you know, we're once again hearing talk of a Facebook phone. The latest round of whispers was kicked off by the New York Times, which this past Sunday reported on Facebook's plans to build a phone. NYT cites Facebook staff, engineers, and people briefed on Facebook's plans as saying the company hopes to release its own phone by next year. NYT's sources say Facebook has already hired about six former Apple employees. These are people who had previously worked on the iPhone, iPad or iOS teams at Cupertino. The hires are said to have come from both the hardware and software divisions at Apple. Back in April, there were reports that Facebook and HTC were teaming up to develop a customized smartphone. According to NYT's sources, this current Facebook phone project also involves HTC and though Facebook hasn't confirmed or denied plans for a phone, it's thought Mark Zuckerberg is worried about missing the boat on mobile. "Mark is worried that if he doesn’t create a mobile phone in the near future that Facebook will simply become an app on other mobile platforms," a Facebook employee is quoted as telling NYT. One thing the Times' report doesn't mention is if Facebook is looking to use its own custom operating system or if the company plans to go with one that's already available from a third party, such as Microsoft or Google. Last we heard, Microsoft was eager to pitch Windows Phone to Facebook and was pushing three advantages of such a partnership: Microsoft isn't Google, the company knows what to do and how to do it, and, finally, Redmond long ago established relationships with important people across the industry. sex toys,sex gadgets

If Facebook Releases A “Facebook Phone,” Will You Buy It?

Say what you want about Facebook. I still love it. Despite all the complaints that I could have about the social networking site—I hate the timeline, I hate that so many people use it to air out their grievances, I hate that 80 percent of my “friends” on there are people I’d avoid at all costs if I ever saw them out in the “real world”—I routinely shove all of them to the side whenever I hear someone else bashing Facebook. Regardless of whether you love it or hate, it’s impossible for me to think that you don’t see some value in it. These days, Facebook is a one-stop-shop for everything. Keeping up with friends and family? You got it. Finding a new job? Give it a try. Checking out your hot neighbor? It does that, too. I’ve had Facebook for about seven or eight years now and I’m still amazed by it every time I sign on. With all of that in mind, I have to admit something: There is absolutely no way in hell that I’d ever buy aFacebook phone. Yet, according to a recent story in the New York Times, there is a smart phone that is being created and produced by Facebook that will hit stores sometime in the near future. The Timespiece is incredibly vague when it came to actual details—we basically know nothing about the actual phone—but it’s clear that the Facebook phone, which was first rumored to be coming out about two years ago, is in fact coming. And, I’m not excited about it in the least. Why? Well, for starters, I’m already on Facebook enough as it is. I check it at least a dozen times every day and I’m consumed by new messages, alerts, and my always-updating feed. Secondly, I like the way I consume Facebook now and don’t feel that I need to devote my entire phone to looking at and doing whatever it is Facebook wants me to look at and do. And, lastly, these phones that are designed by specific companies almost never do well. It sounds like Facebook is teaming up with HTC for their phone, which is a good sign. But, still: It’s hard to get too excited about a Facebook phone that will probably end up being like most of the other smart phones out there. Maybe I’ll get excited about it once I hear specifically what Facebook is doing to make their phone different. But, for now…no. I’ll stick with myiPhone. What about you? Are you looking forward to the Facebook phone? Or, do you plan on sticking with your trust iPhone or Android-enabled smart phone? Hit the comments section and let us know. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

Facebook Phone Faces Uphill Battle

The Facebook phone rumors have resurfaced, this time with the weight ofThe New York Times behind the reports. Anonymous Facebook employees and others familiar with the company's plans suggest it will bring its own smartphone to the market by next year. The project is code-named "Buffy" and is being taken seriously by Facebook, despite a name inspired by a movie, TV show, and comic book. Times' sources say Project Buffy started as a partnership with HTC, but has expanded to include "other smartphone projects, creating a team of seasoned hardware engineers who have built the devices before." To whit, Facebook has hired several former iPhone engineers from Apple, who were peppered with questions about the inner workings of smartphones by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.When reached for comment, all Facebook was willing to say was, ""We're working across the entire mobile industry; with operators, hardware the entire mobile industry; with operators, hardware manufacturers, OS providers, and application developers." But it said the same thing last year in a statement provided to AllThingsD regarding the same essential subject. In April, DigiTimes fielded a similar report regarding Facebook's plans. It reported that HTC had decided to strengthen its relationship with Facebook, rather than Google, and planned to forge ahead with a dedicated Facebook phone. The reason behind the decision, said DigiTimes, is because HTC felt burned by Google's tighter relationship with competitor Samsung. HTC built the first Nexus phone for Google (Nexus One), but Google has picked Samsung over HTC for the last two Nexus smartphones (Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus). Worse, supply chain sources suggest that Samsung has already been chosen by Google to make the fourth Nexus device. Finally, Google now owns Motorola, giving the Android giant its own hardware division. This has left HTC feeling like it needs a new partner in the smartphone market to help set it apart. Take both reports together and, if you care to believe the sources, it almost makes sense. Facebook wants to be more than just a mobile app on today's hottest devices, and HTC wants to be more than Google and Microsoft's lackey. There's certainly potential in the idea, but the odds are stacked against Facebook for one big reason. The market can't support another smartphone operating system. The smartphone market has been consolidating over the course of the last two years. Symbian and Palm/webOS are out, Android and iOS are in. Windows Phone is, well, trying. RIM (the former smartphone champ!) is spiraling downward and has a real chance of flatlining. There are two platforms that dominate the field, two platforms that have taken out the entrenched players, two platforms that have the heartstrings of developers all a-twitching. What can Facebook possibly offer all on its own that these other platforms can't or aren't already offering? Others have tried and failed. INQ, a British company, made a series of devices that were "Facebook phones." After several years and generations of hardware, INQ essentially fell off the face of the planet. Same goes for HTC's own Facebook efforts. Last year, Facebook's supposed favored partner failed with two high-profile Facebook phones, the Salsa and ChaChaCha. The ChaChaCa was sold in the U.S. by AT&T as the Status. It was not a popular device. Will the third time be the charm for Facebook? It's hard to imagine how. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

Facebook phone by BlackBerry — wouldn’t that be fun?

Facebook is looking to mobile to help it shake the slide in stock price since the IPO. A Facebook BlackBerry wouldn’t likely stop the slide, but would be fun to watch. Facebook and RIM are two companies that can’t catch a break lately. The abysmal performance of the Facebook stock since the recent IPO coupled with the rumors that insiders had information that predicted that lousy performance keep dogging Zuckerberg and pals. RIM’s troubles just keep getting worse, especially given its terrible financial picture recently. See related: RIM’s impending collapse: By the numbers CNET’s Molly Wood correctly pegs Facebook’s biggest problem - mobile. The Facebook apps on the major mobile platforms have been terrible (to be kind), and Facebook knows it must break into mobile to have a chance going forward. Wood even believes failure to do so could put the entire Facebook nation into dire straits. The constant discussion about an impending Facebook phone produced by the company give legs to the rumor. Even though the concept has been tried unsuccessfully before, the Facebook phone rumor keeps raising its ugly head for consumers to like or dislike. If Facebook is determined to make a phone in partnership with an industry player, wouldn’t it be fun if it went with RIM? The Facebook BlackBerry could leverage RIM’s excellence in messaging and break Facebook into the mobile space with panache. It probably wouldn’t have a chance in the highly competitive mobile space, but it would sure be fun. Industry watchers could spend time predicting which would fail first — the Facebook phone, Facebook stock price, or RIM. Good times. sex toys,sex gadgets

SoftBank Unveils World’s First Phone With Radiation Detection

Following Fukushima’s nuclear disaster, Japanese citizens have been especially wary of radiation exposure. SoftBank on Tuesday revealed a new smartphone to answer such concerns. The company’sPantone 5 107SH is the world’s first phone with a built-in geiger counter, capable of measuring radiation levels within 20 percent accuracy. Pantone-branded products are always colorful — and they should be given that Pantone makes the world’s most popular color-matching system. Following suit, the Pantone 5 comes in eight vibrant colors: black, white, purple, yellow, blue, orange, and two types of pink. The phone runs Android 4.0 with a Sharp skin, and features a 3.7-inch, 854×480 LCD screen. On the back of the phone you’ll find a 4MP camera. Internally, it sports a 1.4GHz processor. Nothing out of the ordinary here. But what makes the Pantone 5 unique isn’t really its colorful chassis. Rather, it’s the first of its kind to feature a built-in radiation sensor. Since the Fukushima disaster, we’ve seen companies release mobile radiation detectors like Scosche’s iPhone-compatible RDTX, an accessory that plugs into an iPhone to give users a reading of nearby radiation levels. The Pantone 5, however, eliminates the need for dongles and attachments. The front of the phone features a button, just beneath the screen, that provides access to a radiation sensor. Once you press the button, the phone launches an app that reads the number of microsieverts, the unit in which radiation is measured, in the surrounding air. The sensor isn’t as accurate as the ones in dedicated geiger counters, but it should likely be enough for day-to-day users. The phone will be available around the end of July. There’s no word on price, but if it’s cheaper than buying a dedicated geiger counter or an iPhone accessory, then it could certainly appeal to SoftBank’s Japanese market. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories
After a year of rumors about Facebook (FB) building a phone, there appears to be proof that such a project is in the works. New York Times’ Nick Bilton reported that Facebook has poached at least seven Apple (AAPL) engineers who have worked on either the iPhone or the iPad to design the hardware and software for a Facebook phone. The New York Times quotes an anonymous Facebook employee who said, “Mark is worried that if he doesn’t create a mobile phone in the near future.. Facebook will simply become an app on other mobile platforms.” Certainly, Facebook is aware it needs a mobile strategy. Its weakness in mobile computing is one of the factors that led Morgan Stanley (MS) analysts to downgrade revenue predictions for the company right before the IPO. "We are actively seeking to grow mobile usage, although such usage does not currently directly generate any meaningful revenue," the company said in its S-1 statement with the SEC. Finding some way into our pockets was probably at least one reason behind the $1 billion Instagram acquisition. Facebook was born in the days of the browser, and that’s where it makes money. The company hasn’t yet figured out a way to get ads to fit somewhere on those tiny mobile screens. The absence of ads doesn't necessarily translate into a better user experience, however. Somehow, Facebook saw all this as a sign that the company should make its own phone. The Times suggests that a Facebook smartphone can be on the market as early as next year. There were reports this week that Facebook might buy Opera Software (OPESY.PK), the Norwegian makers of the Opera browser, which might be used on a Facebook phone. Opera gained 26% in Oslo on those reports. The response from investors has been negative. Facebook stock has continued to decline over the past two days. The tech press is similarly flabbergasted. Hardware design is nowhere near Facebook’s expertise. By most estimates, it will take more than one year (plus the half a dozen Apple refugees) to get an entire smartphone to market. Plenty of questions remain. Who will buy a Facebook phone? People usually only get one phone; you want that phone to be one that can do everything and have access to a diverse universe of apps. Can you use Twitter on it? How about Flickr (YHOO)? Or Google + (GOOG)? Or any other Facebook competitors? Will they get slammed with patent-trolling from every handset producer on the planet? However, this isn’t altogether unprecedented. Baidu (BIDU) has its own Android skin that integrates its services into the very soul of the phone. Amazon (AMZN) and Barnes & Noble (BKS) both turned themselves into electronics hardware companies with some success. The former forked Android to guarantee customer loyalty. Surely Mark Zuckerberg would like to keep us plugged in to his service as much as possible. If you are a worried Facebook investor, take heed in Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments last night. AllThingsD’s Walter Mossberg addressed the less-than-smooth Facebook integration on Apple products. Cook said that Apple and Facebook are working on that, and encouraged us to “stay tuned.” Facebook, love it or hate it, started out by offering a new service and growing into a major businesses with hundreds of employees. It changed all of our lives, and did so creatively. Poaching employees to make a defensive product that nobody seems to be clamoring for is the opposite of that. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. HTC One XL: Which is the Best Smartphone?

HTC One XL, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the highly anticipated iPhone 5 are the top contenders for the title of being the best smartphone in the Australian market. Telstra just announced that it is taking pre-orders for theHTC One XL, which is another smartphone that supports 4G/LTE in Australia. This is one of the prime selling points of the handset since the two other companies are not offering devices yet that supports 4G/LTE connection. HTC is slowly making its niche in the Aussie market by incorporating innovative features on its products. However, Samsung rolled out some amazing features of its new Galaxy S3 that delights many critics and reviewers andt opted to say that it is even better than the latest iPhone 4S. The Cupertino-based company, on the other hand, neither denied nor confirmed the rumors that revolve around its new iPhone. There are proofs that iPhone will be released in October. As usual, Apple is tight-lipped about the release of the device. Below are some of the notable specifications of the three devices: Screen Size The Samsung Galaxy S3 has the largest screen of all with its 4.8 inch screen display. HTC One XL sports a 4.7 inch screen. One of the popular rumors around the new iPhone is its screen size. Many speculated that iPhone 5 will be sporting a larger screen, saying goodbye to its 3.5 inch screen size. Processor HTC One XL scores a point by offering a 1.5GHz quad-core processor. The Galaxy S3 is not left behind with its 1.4 GHz quad-core processor. One of the rumors around iPhone 5 is that it will be sporting an A5X chip, which gives a notion for a faster processor. Memory When it comes to storage space, there will be no further questions that Samsung's greatest device up to date nailed it with is 62GB expandable memory. Samsung Galaxy S3 allows its users to add microSD card to further increase the memory of the device. HTC One XL needs to further improve its storage capabilities as it only has 32GB non-expandable memory. There is no firm detail yet about the iPhone 5's memory but last year's iPhone has a 64GB non-expandable memory in boot. Operating System Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One XL tied in the category by using Android's latest Ice Cream Sandwich. iPhone 5 will be using an updated version of the iOS, which is expected to be unveiled in the upcoming WWDC event in June. Camera The Galaxy S3 and HTC One XL is at par by sporting 8 megapixel camera. There are not much speculations if the Cupertino-based company will be upgrading again its lenses. However, greater resolutions and camera features may be on the way. Battery Life One of the downsides of owning a smartphone is its short battery life. It has one of the issues that are constantly addressed by developers. Galaxy S3 promised longer battery life with its 2100 mAh. HTC One XL and iPhone 5 trailed behind with their 1800 mAh and 1432 mAh, respectively Connectivity As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of HTC One XL is its 4G/LTE feature that promised faster connectivity. Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy S3 does not support this feature. There are speculations that Apple will learn its lesson from the lawsuits on its 4G/LTE feature, especially in Australia. The company could be working on 4G/LTE connection in leading markets like UK and Australia. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Samsung's Blue Galaxy S III Delayed in White iPhone Moment

Samsung delayed its "Pebble Blue" version of the Galaxy S III smartphone for at least two to three weeks, citing issues with meeting its own quality standards. The Galaxy S III is scheduled to ship in 28 countries across Europe and the Middle East this week, but as AndroidCentral noted, many retailers list the blue version as out of stock or on backorder with no release date given. These retailers are selling the white Galaxy S III as planned. In a statement, Samsung alluded to problems with the Galaxy S III's “newly invented blue” color and “special hyperglaze material” on the back of the handset. “In order to meet the highest internal quality standards and to provide the best quality Galaxy S III to customers, a short supply of Pebble Blue version is expected in some regions in the next 2-3 weeks,” the company said.
Although Samsung didn't get into specifics, VentureBeat points to a Galaxy S III review by Mobile Bulgaria that shows discolored blotches on the phone's back panel. An unconfirmed report claimed that Samsung has already destroyed hundreds of thousands of rear casings as it adjusts its production process. The delay is reminiscent of Apple's troubles with the white iPhone 4, which shipped 10 months after the black model. Hopefully Samsung's issues with the Pebble Blue Galaxy S III won't take so long to correct. Not that it matters for U.S. consumers. Wireless carriers here still haven't announced their plans for the Galaxy S III, though TmoNews has claimed that T-Mobile will offer the blue version on June 20, and the white model on July 11. Given the problems Samsung is facing with its Pebble Blue back panels, U.S. consumers might have to wait even longer. sex toys,sex gadgets

Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue misses launch in UK

Here on the launch day for the Samsung Galaxy S III in the UK we’re on the scene confirming that there are literally no Pebble Blue versions (of any size) in stores throughout London and likely throughout the country. This delay was noted by several carriers before today as being a partial stoppering of Pebble Blue versions of the Galaxy S III, but today has been expanded to all versions outside the White. This has resulted in masses of customers coming into stores changing their pre-ordered devices over to the White version of the device so that they might have the smartphone in their hands today rather than waiting for weeks for the Blue version.
Samsung stores throughout the UK have reported that their stock is healthy for the Galaxy S III and that customers can get the device in any color that they like, just so long as its white. This version of the device is the same as the Pebble Blue version in every way bar the color of the casing, and if you do want to get an additional case with a cover you can certainly do such a thing right at your local Samsung store as well.
Check out our full Samsung Galaxy S III review before you make your big decision, and have a peek at our timeline below to see all your Samsung Galaxy S III options here on launch day wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,ipod accessories

Hotly awaited Samsung Galaxy S III on sale in Europe

SEOUL, South Korea – Samsung, the world's largest maker of mobile phones, said its third-generation Galaxy S smartphone went on sale Tuesday in 28 European and Middle Eastern countries, hoping to cement its lead over Apple's iPhone. The Galaxy S III smartphones hit the shelves in countries including France and Britain. By the end of July, nearly 300 mobile operators around the world will be selling the device. Buyers of the new smartphone in five European countries will also be the first to get their hands on Samsung's music streaming service. In Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Britain, the Galaxy S III will be shipped with access to the Music Hub -- an iTune's like service allowing users to listen to music as well as buy and store it. Samsung said the service has a 19-million song catalog. Samsung said the initial response to the new smartphone was positive. At Vodafone Group, pre-sale orders for the Galaxy S III outstripped those of any previous Android-based smartphones, according to Samsung. The Galaxy series of smartphones is widely acknowledged in the industry as a success for Samsung, turning it from a smartphone also-ran into a viable competitor with the iPhone from Apple Inc. While Apple has kept the screen size of the iPhone the same in every upgrade since 2007, Samsung increased the screen size of its highest-end smartphone in its two major updates. The latest Galaxy phone screen is nearly twice as big as the iPhone screen. The 4.8-inch S III also features more computing power that supports voice commands and an eye-movement tracking feature to keep the screen from dimming. The music service, which is available in free and paid versions, can recommend new tunes based on a user's listening preferences. The paid service allows uploading and storage of music files on servers that can be accessed from more than one Internet-connected device at a cost of euro9.99 per month, Samsung said. Unlike Apple, which uses its in-house operating system and iTunes music service, Samsung has relied on Google's Android operating system for its flagship smartphones. Samsung's music service is a result of its acquisition of mSpot Inc., a Palo Alto, California-based provider of music and movie streaming services on the Web and mobile devices. The Korean firm has been making efforts to increase homemade mobile content, such as its own messaging application, hoping that these features will boost consumer loyalty. Samsung overtook Apple in smartphone sales for the first time in the first three months of this year, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. The Suwon, South Korea-based company sold 44.5 million smartphones in the January-March quarter, compared with Apple's 35.1 million iPhone sales. Market watchers expect that Apple may use its annual conference for developers next month to announce the yearly upgrade to the iPhone, which then can go on sale as early as July. Aside from being big rivals in the smartphone market, Samsung and Apple have also a close business relationship. Samsung supplies mobile chips and display panels for iPhones and iPad tablet computers, counting Apple among its biggest clients. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

Samsung Galaxy S III: Review Roundup

The Samsung Galaxy S III arrives this weekin Europe and the first reviews are in to give you an idea about what to expect from the phone when it hits the US shores. Samsung and wireless carriers have yet to announce when the Samsung will be available here in the US. The delay is likely due to certain customizations, on the inside and outside, carriers are requesting. But, if you must have Samsung’s latest hot phone now, you can get one unlocked from Amazon from Friday for $800. But if you’re patient, you’ll be able to get one for much less on a contract when it arrived stateside. (See Related: S III: Hands-On With a Smartphone Sensation) First, a quick refresher: the Android 4.0 smartphone features a huge 4.8-inch display, 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera and a quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos processor. Note that the US version of the phone is likely to feature a different, dual-core processor in order to accommodate 4G LTE connectivity.Reviewing for The Verge, Vlad Savov says the Samsung Galaxy S III is “a technological triumph.” He praised the camera, saying it’s “easily the best I’ve used on an Android device,” but pointed that “the extra-large size of this phone, even with its great ergonomics, may prove to be a stumbling block for those who can’t comfortably fit a 4.8-inch handset into their daily routine.”A PhoneArena review also mentions the S III’s bulkiness, despite its thin profile. “You'll definitely have to forget about the comfort of using it with one hand only. But that's the way it is with this new breed of Android superphones. If you want to have a giant touchscreen, then you'll have to put up with having a giant phone.”Sharif Sakr at Engadget also gave top marks to the S III’s camera, but notes that the HTC One X might be a better choice when it comes to “a much better user interface that sticks more closely to the guiding ethos of Android 4.0.” As with previous iterations of the phone, Samsung uses its TouchWiz UI on the S III, and also added some useful features such as swiping contacts to call or message them, and less useful gimmicks like S Voice -- an iPhone 4S Siri look-alike which Sakr said “doesn't work as quickly or as intelligently, and it often cuts you off mid-sentence, thereby wasting time interpreting meaningless fragments of requests.”Pocket-lint’s Chris Hall said “there is a lot to love about the Samsung Galaxy S III” he reviewed. “The huge display, the power, the smooth and fast operation are all to its credit. Add to this the ability to change battery and expand storage and you've a very good package indeed.” But he notes that the display could be brighter (the battery-saving feature seems to dim the display a bit too much) and the UI can be a bit cartoony in places.Gareth Beavis at TechRadar thought the S III’s design is “very sleek and the weight is minimal too – and battery life borders on the stellar at times.” “If the Samsung Galaxy S3 had landed with a premium metallic shell, in the same vein as the HTC One S for instance, any question of design standards would have been obliterated.” Overall though, Beavis ranked the S III as “the best smarpthone on the market. It's got every kind of feature we could ask for and more, and raises the bar once again in terms of what consumers should be expecting in terms of battery life, processor speed and media management.”SlashGear’s Chris Davies was not too keen on the plastic shell of the S III either, but said “if your phone has become your multimedia and entertainment hub; if you love a sizable display for gaming, browsing, navigation and multimedia; if you demand high-quality photos and video without bulk; and if you want to future-proof yourself over the typical two-year contract, then the Galaxy S III delivers all that in spades.”n her review on the Galaxy S III, Silicon Republic’s Elaine Burke takes a stab at Apple’s iPhone ads, saying “it’s hard not to be wowed by the speed of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which performs like phones do in advertisements, only this one doesn’t need a ‘sequence shortened’ disclaimer.” She also favors the HTC One X for certain tasks, noting that “photo enthusiasts and those who want the best in display are probably best off with the HTC One X, but if your priority is performance, the S III won’t steer you wrong.” sex toys,sex gadgets

iPhone 5 release date: HTC-like or original design?

How to describe a rumored new phone? New leaks reveal the possible design of the mythical iPhone 5, ahead of the rumored October release date. Analysts, many of whom, believe that the next iPhone refresh will occur in October, and similar to previous iPhones, the “iPhone 5″ is getting tons of leaks-inspired rumors including the latest set of images circulating online claiming that the phone will ship with a metal-like stipe back case style. Plus, one of the leaks is claiming that the iPhone 5 is equipped with a new smaller dock that might give Apple a new revenue stream. The first leak is courtesy of 9to5Mac, and the report is bundled with an image of the alleged new Apple phone sporting a new HTC-esque design (HTC Radar, hello), and with the same iPhone 4-like antenna design. Surprisingly, the image reveals that the next iPhone might ship with a new dock connector, a smaller hole that should give Apple a new source of revenue because it will be forcing old iPhone owners to buy new chargers and USB ports, yikes! If true, then it would pull the expensive Apple stocks up, obviously. New phone, plus new dock connector, can you imagine this year’s Apple Stores filled with new products and old customers returning because they need spare chargers for their iPhone 5? Now, let’s go back to reality. The new set of images also echo old rumors that the iPhone 5 will come with a larger display, but with the same width, so the additional pixels are implemented by adding height. Taller iPhone 5? Likely. Again, if accurate, this would give Apple a new revenue stream by selling new cases for the iPhone 5. According to 9to5Mac, it is possible that the metal strip at the back of the new iPhone is connected with the antenna band, and it will allow the phone to receive stronger data signals from WiFi and wireless providers. It is worth noting that LTE or Long Term Evolution is one of the rumored new features of the iPhone, and stronger signal means stable data connection. LTE, for starters, is called “4G” here in United States because it offers faster data speed compared to the good ‘ol 3G HSPA+ that some wireless carriers call “4G” too, ask Phil Schiller if you want proof. Another leak, surprisingly, also appeared today courtesy of Engadget, AOL’s popular tech website. In a blog post posted Tuesday, the author revealed that iPhone parts supplier uBreakiFix sent the set of photos of the rumored iPhone 5′s shell which is a bit identical to the images presented by 9to5Mac’s report. Coincidence? Well, maybe. We should take these rumors with a grain of salt, because it is highly possible that these images are showing an old iPhone prototype, or one of the iPhone 5 prototypes that Apple is currently testing right now. One analyst said in a note to investors that Apple will release a new iPhone this year, likely after the launch of the new MacBook early next quarter. Similar to last year’s iPhone 4S, Apple is reportedly planning to launch the iPhone 5 ahead of the United States Black Friday. Other rumored features of the iPhone 5 are iOS 6 out of the box, new display technology, new camera, and possibly with a new processor that will allow Apple to convince its customers to upgrade. Also, analysts believe that the price of the next iPhone will be the same. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories

iPhone 5 Will Launch This Autumn Says Analyst

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) continues to be the subject of intense speculation as we approach the launch of the company’s iPhone 5 the most anticipated product of 2012. One of the major questions surrounding the product is when exactly it will be released. An analyst has tried to answer that question today and points to the most likely release date as September or October of this year. The analyst, Amit Daryanani from RBC, has given a list of reasons supporting those months as the most likely time frame for the launch of the world’s most popular smartphone. The first, and most obvious, support for the conclusion is that the company has updated the smartphone regularly and annually. The phone, according to the report, has undergone a serious redesign pretty much every two years. This means that in 2012 we are expecting a completely new iPhone release. There is also the increased consumer perception of this pattern. Daryanani believes that is increasing the cyclical nature of iPhone demand and will ultimately force Apple’s hand in making release decisions. Whether anything, particularly consumer expectations, can force Apple to do anything they don’t really want to do is a matter for speculation. The report concludes that Apple will probably release their new Smartphone in the Autumn. Whether or not this is going to happen is unknown to any outside of the top tier at the Cupertino giant. As many reports have being saying of late we are expecting a 4G capable iPhone that will have a slightly larger screen, possibly close to 4″ or maybe even bigger. The problem for Apple with increasing the size of its screen is to continue to offer the high quality retina displays that consumers love. The Retina mark became a big selling point for the new iPad when it was released earlier this year. According to a ZDnet blog today written by Adrian Kingsley Hughes one route the firm could go down would be even more ambitious than keeping the Retina display on a larger phone. The company could increase the pixel density to 500 ppi far above the iPhone 4S standard of 326 ppi. Such a change is possible according to Kingsley Hughes and it could mark a new departure for Apple in screen technology, a retina 2.0. This would solve several problems for the company relating to the screen’s aspect ration, quality and size. The iPhone 5 will be an exciting product no matter what. We’ll have to wait and see what the firm brings to the table. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews: Android Smartphone More Popular Than Apple

Will the iPhone 5 release date be overshadowed by the Samsung Galaxy S3? Rumors have suggested the 6th generation Apple mobile device will be a hot item for Q4 2012, but some reviews say the Android Galaxy S3 is likely to leave the Apple gadget in the dust. Will iPhone lovers switch to Android after all? A recent article says of the Galaxy S3: "Reviewers have praised the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the best phone on the market, outclassing its competitors - and even beating the iPhone at its own game." If the new Samsung Android handset has already outdone the iPhone 4S, which was just released in October, what chance is there for the iPhone 5 release date? Rumors have suggested the 6th generation Apple smartphone will hit the market this Fall, but will the consumer electronics giant be able to tweak the iOS 6 smartphone enough to outshine its Android competition? Which handset do you think will come out on top for 2012? Will the iPhone 5 release date be a success? Or will Android smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S3, steal the limelight? wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors & News: Apple Undecided on New iOS 6 Smartphone Design & Features

iPhone 5 release date rumors and news say Apple is undecided on their new iOS 6 smartphone design and features. There has been much speculation over what Apple has planned for the their next iPhone, but so far fans have been kept in the dark about what they are actually working on. A multitude of reports related to the Apple gadget have stated the device is undergoing a complete redesign, and that the next generation of the much-loved handheld will have a completely different look and feel. According to a recent article, Apple remains undecided on what design they want to unleash for the long-awaited iPhone 5 release date. Several sources had reported the computer giant was working on a Liquidmetal casing, and larger 4-inch display, for their next mobile handset. However a recent article says "Apple still has to complete the design for the next gen iPhone 5," and suggests this could mean all the rumors hitting the Internet about a redesign are baseless speculation. If these rumors are true, and Apple has not decided which design they want to use, it seems less likely consumers will be getting their hands on the upcoming device before late 2012. The next smartphone isn't the only Apple device leaving consumers guessing! The new Macbook Pro 2012 has had Appleites in suspense for some time now, and the latest rumors for the laptop have slated a July launch. So it looks like enthusiasts might be able to buy at least one new Apple product before October. Do you think the design for the iPhone 5 release date handset is still up in the air? If you are an Apple fan, will you still wait for the new iPhone, even if it means another Fall launch? sex toys,sex gadgets

Samsung Galaxy S3 launched as iPhone 5 release is still away

Samsung Galaxy S3 has been launched in 28 countries as Apple’s iPhone 5 release is still months away Samsung has finally released its top-of-the-line Android handset Galaxy S3 in Europe. The South Korean tech giant hopes to outsell the device over its predecessor in the continent. Samsung announced the device on May 3 in a special media event in London. The firm then said that the device would initially be available in European and Middle East countries. Other markets will get the latest version of Galaxy S series sometime later, Samsung said. As per Samsung, the new Galaxy S 3 is now available for grabs in 28 European and Middle East countries. Major markets like Britain and Germany are included in the list. Samsung will make available the most advanced S3 handset before the arrival of Apple’s new iPhone 5. Apple is expected to launch its next iPhone version in the third quarter of the year. As reported by Yahoo, lots of people formed queues in front of Samsung stores in different European countries for the device. Galaxy S fans have been eagerly waiting for the device, which has lots of incredible features including an eye tracking system. Galaxy S 3 specialties The new version of Samsung’s Galaxy S series has been getting great coverage in the media. The device, which features the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, comes with a large 4.8-inch display with better screen resolution and pixel rate. The way it mainly differs from the iPhone 4S and others is with its large display. Among the smartphones, the S 3 is now the only device with a large display. A set of phablets including the Galaxy Note have a 5 or higher inches display, however. Moreover, many international cellular service providers from Britain’s Vodafone to Singapore’s SingTel have been showing off the device as a great product. The carriers have been aggressively promoting the S 3 as a nice handset with the ICS. The device also touts an Exynos Quad quad-core processor, which makes it perform superbly. As per the current trends in market, the smartphone could go beyond its predecessor in number of sales. The Galaxy S 2 was sold in 20 million units across the world. According to the Vodafone UK, the S3 is now the most pre-ordered Android handset ever. “In the two years that we have been offering pre-orders, it is the most pre-ordered Android device we have had in our line-up,” said the carrier’s spokesman. “It is on track to meet, if not exceed, the level of pre-orders we expected by the time it actually launches,” Vodafone, which declined to expose the numbers, said. In fact, Samsung itself believes that S 3 could outsell Galaxy 2. Is it a threat for iPhone 5? Needless to mention, the Galaxy S 3 will be a huge threat for the forthcoming iPhone. S 3 now leads the smartphone market for several reasons. The device features a large display, quad core processor, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, a powerful battery and better multimedia features including an 8-megapixel rear camera. Overall, when compared to the current iPhone 4S, the Galaxy S 3 is a superb product with a huge collection of features. If Apple fails to redesign its iPhone with a larger display, quad core processor and others, undoubtedly the S 3 will dominate the new iPhone. Even if Apple makes particular changes to its iPhone series, it will face critical threats from new Galaxy S phone “The Galaxy S3 is a real challenger to the upcoming iPhone,” says Francisco Jeronimo, an IDC analyst. “This is likely be one of the most sold smartphones this year, though the real test will come when the next iPhone is launched.” Conclusion Samsung has prepared its Galaxy S 3 with its own music service. It is for the first time Samsung has launched a content-based service in its new handset. The handset maker admits that it intends to become a good player in providing content as well apart from its hardware competency. “Samsung is not known for our content services; we make good hardware products but we haven’t done much in the content space but that’s changing,” Samsung’s T.J. Kang says. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

iPhone 5 Could Beat Samsung Galaxy S3 To US Touchdown

Two of the most anticipated smartphone of 2012 are without a doubt the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Whether or not other manufacturers can match these two superphone’s specs or not, the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 will likely remain the highest selling of all devices throughout 2012. iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 US release date rumors The Samsung Galaxy S3 has already been unveiled so it has a head start over Apple who have yet to reveal any information on the upcoming iPhone 5. And given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will begin to reach European customers towards the end of May, this will be the same time as last year when the Galaxy S2 was making its rounds overseas. However for the US, the iPhone 5 release date may come before the official release date for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Why? In the US, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to be offered in a minimum of 4 different variants – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Word is that we will see these US Samsung Galaxy S3 models release in the US in the summer, so this could mean anytime from June 20 through to deep September. In the US, the Samsung Galaxy S2 only came out in September last year despite hitting the first international markets in May. With this in mind it is quite likely that those wanting the Galaxy S3 in the US may have to wait for several months yet (end of summer possibly), which gives Apple plenty of time to announce the release of their iPhone 5 version. When it comes to Apple and the iPhone, things are much more straight forward for US consumers. Apple usually puts the iPhone up for pre-order within a week or two of its unveiling. This is followed by it arriving to pre-order customers before the month is up. If rumors of a June 11th announcement for the iPhone 5 in WWDC 2012 hold true, we may end up seeing the iPhone 5 hit stores ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S3, at least in its home country the US. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipod accessories

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors: New Apple iOS Smartphone Announcement in Two Weeks

A new iPhone 5 release date rumor suggest the next Apple handset may be announced in two weeks. Apparently Appleites are holding on to the idea of the new iPhone making an appearance at the 2012 WWDC in San Francisco next month. Is this really likely though? Apple is known for keeping everything related to new technologiesand devices a big secret until they are ready to unveil, but fans of the computer giant have speculated about the 6th generation iOS 6 cellular device for some time now. Though it is possible Apple may surprise everyone, the general consensus is that the iPhone 5 release date will not be announced just yet. It appears most analysts agree that the next Apple smartphone won't be showcased at the WWDC. Similar to last years WWDC, it looks like this years event will be used to show off software like iOS 6 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Do you think Apple plans to announce the iPhone 5 release date at this year's WWDC? Or will they wait until later in the year? wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

Monday, May 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3′s head start over iPhone 5

Samsung Electronics Co launches its latest Galaxy S smartphone in Europe on Tuesday, with the third generation model expected to be even more successful than its predecessor, which helped the South Korean company topple Apple Inc as the world’s top smartphone maker Samsung Electronics Co launches its latest Galaxy S smartphone in Europe on Tuesday, with the third generation model expected to be even more successful than its predecessor, which helped the South Korean company topple Apple Inc as the world’s top smartphone maker. The S3, which tracks the user’s eye movements to keep the screen from dimming or turning off while in use, hits stores in 28 European and Middle East countries, including Germany and Britain, as Samsung aims to widen the gap with Apple months ahead of its rival’s new iPhone, expected in the third quarter. The Galaxy S3, running on Google’s Androidoperating system, boasts a 4.8-inch screen, bigger than the 3.5-inch display on the iPhone 4S and the 4.7-inch screen on HTC’s One X model. In the kind of anticipation that has become the norm for new Apple gadget releases, hopeful customers began queuing outside an electronics retail store in Berlin on Monday night eager to be the first to lay their hands on the S3. Major global carriers – from Vodafone to Singapore’s SingTel – have been aggressively promoting the S3, fuelling speculation the smartphone could top the Galaxy S2′s 20 million unit sales worldwide. “In the two years that we’ve been offering pre-orders, it’s the most pre-ordered Android device we’ve had in our line-up,” said a spokesman for Vodafone UK, declining to disclose exact numbers. “It’s on track to meet, if not exceed, the level of pre-orders we expected by the time it actually launches.” Samsung introduced its first Galaxy in 2010, three years after the iPhone’s debut, to counter Apple’s roaring success in smartphones at a time when other rivals such as Nokia were struggling to make much impact. Samsung sold 44.5 million smartphones in January-March – equal to nearly 21,000 every hour – giving it 30.6 percent market share. Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones, taking 24.1 percent market share. “The Galaxy S3 is a real challenger to the upcoming iPhone,” said Francisco Jeronimo, an IDC analyst based in London. “This is likely be one of the most sold smartphones this year, though the real test will come when the next iPhone is launched.” The race for global smartphone supremacy comes as Apple has accused Samsung of copying some of its products. The South Korean company counter-claims that Apple has infringed its patents. Both have denied the allegations, and a long-running court saga continues. Apple plans to use a larger screen on the next iPhone, according to people familiar with the situation. The iPhone 4S was introduced last October. MORE ROUNDED In a departure from its predecessor, whose look and feel became the main subject of the legal dispute with Apple, the latest Galaxy has a more rounded outline. It also has voice recognition, dubbed S Voice, which will inevitably be compared to Apple’s Siri, and image recognition software that can tag and share photographs. Prices vary depending on the contract. A model with 16 gigabytes of memory costs up to 189 pounds ($300) under a 12-month contract with Vodafone. A similar package for the iPhone 4s costs 159 pounds, but comes with a more expensive monthly data plan. Samsung said it will release the S3 via 296 carriers in 145 countries by July. Profit from Samsung’s mobile division nearly tripled in January-March to $3.6 billion, accounting for 73 percent of operating profit. Samsung – whose shares have gained 82 percent since late-August, beating Apple’s 58 percent rise – is now banking on an aggressive marketing campaign ahead of the summer London Olympics to further drive sales. It has said its mobile market share in China doubled after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. “The S3 is supported by an unprecedented promotional campaign,” said Geoff Blaber, an analyst at CCS Insight in London. “Samsung’s timing with the Galaxy S3 is perfect.” wholesale accessoriers,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

Suspect in Wash. Teen's Death Arrested in Oklahoma

A Washington state man wanted in connection with the death of his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend who was found in a burning home was arrested in Oklahoma City on Monday, authorities said. Jarod Lane, 19, was picked up by Oklahoma City police and Oklahoma state troopers after his abandoned vehicle was spotted on the shoulder of Interstate 35 about 18 miles north of Oklahoma City, and a television news crew reported seeing him on the road, said Betsy Randolph, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Lane is a suspect in the death of Jessica Scholl, Renton police Detective Robert Onishi said. Lane and Scholl had a romantic relationship but had recently broken up. She was a student at Lindbergh High School; he graduated from the school last year, according to the detective. Lane was taken into custody by Oklahoma City police on a temporary felony arrest for homicide, Onishi said. Detectives from Renton, which is just south of Seattle, are traveling to Oklahoma City to interview him. Police had been seeking Lane since firefighters found the girl's body after putting out a couch fire at the home Friday morning. Lane's previous last known location was at a gas station in North Bend on Friday morning. On Sunday, police in the city of Enid, north of Oklahoma City, received a report of a possible sighting of Lane, Onishi said. On Monday morning, a state trooper patrolling I-35 found Lane's abandoned car with a handwritten sign noting that he had gone to get gas, Randolph said. The trooper ran the license plates and seized the vehicle as evidence once it became clear the car was associated with a homicide suspect, she said. Randolph said she posted the news on the patrol's Facebook page to alert the media and drivers not to pick up Lane along the road. Several hours later, a KFOR-TV reporter in Oklahoma City called to report that he and his photographer had spotted the man while on their way out to cover that story, Randolph said. "When the reporter saw him, he (Lane) still had the same ball cap, same clothes," she said. Troopers and police officers arrested Lane shortly afterward. "It's absolutely crazy. ... We were hoping to keep people from giving him rides. I've never had a media person go out of their way to report a crime," she added. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

First 50 Samsung Galaxy S III buyers will get free Olympics tickets

PHONE MAKER Samsung has revealed that the first 50 Galaxy S III smartphone buyers at its Stratford Westfield City store will receive tickets to the London 2012 Olympics. Speaking with The INQUIRER a Samsung spokesperson said that the first 50 buyers in the queue will each receive one 'random' ticket to the sold-out Olympic Games, but was unable to say which sporting events will be included. The spokesperson added that buyers will need to get there early for a chance of winning, as the Westfield store has already seen "100s and 100s" of pre-orders. Customers needn't worry that stock of the handset might start to run low at tomorrow night's launch though, as Samsung also told us that it'll have enough Galaxy S III handsets to cover pre-orders plus an extra 500 to cater for impulse buyers. Samsung's Olympics tickets tie-in isn't too surprising, as the firm is also launching a Galaxy S III Olympic Edition. Available exclusively to athletes competing in the 2012 Olympic Games, the phone will come equipped with Visa Paywave, enabling contactless payments throughout the capital. The public will also be able to get their hands on Olympic Edition Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Y handsets, which will be made available exclusively through O2 UK. The INQUIRER will be at the Samsung Galaxy S III launch at Stratford Westfield tomorrow. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

Samsung Galaxy S III gets delayed in UK

Delays for the highly anticipated Galaxy S III appear to be spreading now that multiple reports have confirmed the “Pebble Blue” model has suffered a few setbacks. Retailers throughout the UK such as Clove have alerted buyers of setback with the blue model, but now we are also hearing the white Galaxy S III might be a few days late too.
Last week we reported Samsung had to trash approximately 600,000 blue casings due to a manufacturing defect and while the white model didn’t suffer the same fate, Clove has now confirmed the arrival of the first stock will be late. According to Clove, the “Marble WhiteGalaxy S III is now expected to arrive in stock on June 1, rather than May 30 as originally expected. They also reported the blue model is “expected to arrive the week commencing 5th June, but this is still to be confirmed.” Samsung themselves haven’t officially confirmed any of these reports but with multiple online retailers from differing countries all posting similar comments it’s basically confirmed. It sounds like stock of the white model might run out quick with the blue variant being delayed and MIA for the first few weeks. Get em while you can folks! wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

Samsung Galaxy S III: Even iPhone users should take a look

Big expectations and the Samsung Galaxy S III were synonymous for the better part of this year, leading up to the flagship Android’s announcement in London earlier this month. So far, Samsung appears to have nailed it. The smartphone is receiving glowing reviews (The Verge: “Unequaled performance” 8.5/10). Pre-orders are through the roof and reportedly the “most ever for an Android phone.” But perhaps what’s most interesting about this highly anticipated smartphone from Samsung is that it could be the first Android to convert masses of iPhone users to Google’s mobile OS. Anecdotally I’ve heard from more than one friend, and seen several posts on Twitter and Facebook about disgruntled users potentially making the switch from an iPhone to the S III. In addition to calling it the best Android on the market, the Telegraph suggeststhat ”even iPhone users should take a look.” I don’t expect a sea change, and, no question, Apple’s not about to go the way of the Palm anytime soon (or ever). Still, there’s a sense that with Google’s impending self-branded Android 5/tablet launch, and the incredible demand seen with this Samsung smartphone, that the potential to score market share hits against Apple is not the impossibility many suspect. There’s several reasons why iPhone users are converting to the Samsung S III: 1. Screen Size Want a bigger screen than 3.5-inches? Scratch the iPhone off your list. It only comes in one size (but two colors!). Meanwhile Android is a Vegas buffet by comparison with sizes available across several manufacturers all the way up to the Galaxy Note’s 5.3-inches (also available in two colors!). 2. Android is finally as easy to use as iOS In the early days, circa 2009-2010, Android was a techy stew. Not so today. Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” (though penetration is still extremely low) and even its far more popular predecessor Android 2.3.x “Gingerbread” have made significant inroads in ease-of-use. Better still Google’s app market (now called Google Play) finally does not feel like walking through a bad neighborhood. 3. Android is more customizable, personable Widgets are a huge plus for Android. They allow you to be more productive. For example, you can add CNN headlines to your homescreen, or the weather forecast, or the latest sports scores. There are thousands of possibilities, none of which are available on the iPhone which instead offers only a boring grid of icons. 4. Speed Android, and the Samsung S III in particular, bests the iPhone 4S in two ways when it comes to speed. First, overall performance, thanks to a quad-core processor, is simply unparalleled. It blows the iPhone away (Google the benchmarks for the nitty gritty). Beyond that, there’s 4G/LTE. Blazing cellular data speeds are not available to iPhone users who are stuck with the markedly slower 3G service. Sad that. 5. Slim is in Hold an iPhone 4S next to a Samsung Galaxy S III (or even the S II), and you’ll immediately notice something surprising: the iPhone is a chunky little bugger. In fact the iPhone 3 line, thanks to its elegantly rounded case, could be considered the better design. When it comes to slim there’s no beating Android; the Moto RAZR led the charge earlier this year, and now the S III too proves that you needn’t carry a small brick around to get terrific performance. Beyond these features and design differences, there’s something else in play. At CES in January we heard one Android maker after another say they’d launch fewer models. 2011 was a mess when it came to new Android smartphones. Consumer confusion reigned supreme, and many (including myself) kept waiting “just a few more weeks” for the next big thing to hit our local Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile stores. In fact, I’m still running an OG Moto Droid (2009) and now an eager to upgrade to the S III el pronto. Thankfully manufacturers are slowing the release cycle. It’s important to avoid flooding the market, not only to prevent consumers from delaying buying decisions, but also for putting marketing muscle behind individual model launches. Case in point: this very Samsung Galaxy S III. Like Apple, Samsung is releasing a new model only once per year. The result is laser focus. These press release/presentation style launches were invented by Steve Jobs and Apple, and have proved hugely successful in building excitement, generating buzz, garnering headlines. I suspect Google will do something similar with Android 5 and its self-branded 7-inch tablet (Asustek) that we should see next month. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

Celcom to bring Samsung Galaxy S III to Malaysia on May 31

KUCHING: Celcom Axiata Bhd (Celcom) announced it will offer Samsung Galaxy S III to customers in Malaysia end of this month with a range of plans tailored for Celcom customers. To celebrate the launch of this latest Samsung model, Celcom welcomes all customers to its launch that would be half on May 31 at South Court, Mid Valley Megamall at 10am. The launch would also concurrently take place in the Shopping Complex at Sutera Mall, Johor Bharu and Aeon Station 18, Ipoh, Perak. Those who dress in blue might walk away with Samsung Galaxy S III at the price of RM888. “Backed by the widest most stable network coverage plus continuous network upgrades and armed with unbeatable competitive packages, customers will get to enjoy the best smartphone experience in Celcom Territory,” Celcom chief marketing officer Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin said in a press release yesterday. The latest Samsung Galaxy S III cames with new intelligent features that were not only user friendly but also remarkably robust with maximised processing power, uninterrupted performance enriching users experience through its organic design inspired by nature. It is designed with 4.8 inches HD Super AMOLED display, the 8MP camera and 1.9MP front camera captures special moment instantly, 1.4GHz Quad-core application processor, 16GB internal memory and 50GB dropbox. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

Samsung Galaxy S3 best UK prices: Where to get it for less

The Samsung Galaxy S3 hits stores tomorrow. It’s easily one of the most eagerly anticipated phones of the last thousand years, if not longer, but if you’re going to pick one up, you’ll want to know that you’re doing so at its cheapest. Fret not: we’ve got the best Samsung Galaxy S3 UK prices for you right here. Let us take you by the hand and run you through thecheapest SIM-free, PAYG and pay monthly deals around. You want that Galaxy S3, don’t you? You want its gorgeous 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, quad-core Exynos processor and 8-megapixel camera. You want it all, but you want it cheap. We get it, don’t worry. Here’s what you need to know: Samsung Galaxy S3: SIM-Free price There’s not much wiggle-room on price anywhere with the Galaxy S3: most retailers have it pegged at around the same price. The good news is, though, that that price is less than £500, albeit only slightly. See the sexier Galaxy S3 that you can’t buy The cheapest we’ve seen is either at Amazon or Carphone Warehouse, who’ll shift you one for £499.95 – which shaves just 4p off the price touted at Clove and a further £19 off ofExpansys’ £519.99, even though that price will also get you a 16GB Micro SD card and a car charger, both of which could prove useful. Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t available with any PAYG deals, although buying SIM-free and ordering a free PAYG SIM from any of the main networks is the same sort of thing. If that’s the route you’re going, O2’s Simplicity PAYG SIM is a winner: it’s a sort of half-way house between a pay monthly deal and a PAYG system, but if you top up £16.50 per month O2 will furnish you with 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. Samsung Galaxy S3: Best tariffs The thing with tariffs is that it’s hard to say which is ‘best’. Sure, one may be cheaper than the next, but that might get you dramatically less in terms of minutes, calls or data. Let’s assume, though, that you’re after a 24 month contract, because that’s how to instantly save a bucket load of cash. With that as a starting point, these are best Samsung Galaxy S3 UK prices we can see: Vodafone will give you the Galaxy S3 for free, with a £31 monthly line rental. From Carphone Warehouse this’ll get you 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. That same tariff cost from Phones 4u will proffer 600 minutes, 3000 texts and 500MB of data. Why should you buy a Galaxy s3? Orange will also give you the Galaxy S3 for free on a £31 deal at Phones 4u, with its Panther 31 contract gifting you 400 minutes, 3000 texts and 750MB or data. Go a few quid more on line rental and you can get yourself a decent deal with Three (either direct or through the Carphone Warehouse): a free Galaxy S3, 2000 minutes, 5000 texts and unlimited data for £34 per month on the One tariff. If you want to pay less on a monthly basis, you could do a lot worse than O2, who’ll sell you a 24 month contract of £21.50 per month with 20 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data, as long as you don’t mind paying £249.99 for the phone. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories