Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which cell phones mall is it for online shopping?

In simple terms, online shopping is to shop the traditional direct "moving" go home, using internet directly required to buy their own goods or services necessary to enjoy themselves. Professional speaking, it is trading the two sides from talks, contract signing and payment of the loan, delivery notice through the whole transaction process, such as Internet, web and shopping interface technology of the B to C mode together with the completion of a new way to shop is the cell phones business an important part. Therefore, it was this as a nation and the world large and unification of the virtual shopping malls. However, in my opinion, this is not a virtual electronic shopping mall, because every step to every detail and even very real, with the traditional mode of shopping only difference is that only less verbal communication and have more single-fill and confirmation process. In general the operating line items can be broadly divided into two forms: one is the cell phones store, that offers an online shopping or online services business through its own website, Internet users directly to the sale of merchandise or provide services; another species are electronic shopping malls, it is composed of many different commodities or services provided by operators focused on a site, the user can buy at the same site by different companies to provide goods or services. In other words, the former case the operator at the same time, web stores are operators, then a case of website operators are more like the role of store operators and consumers intermediary.
Online shopping in today's developed capitalist countries has shown a strong development momentum, which in the promotion of national economic growth can be said is a new force. For example, GFK against Germany in a recent online shopping survey pointed out that in the first half of 2004, Germany's online shopping sales of 5.3 billion euros. GFK expects the full year 2004, the German online shopping sales of as much as 11 billion euros. In comparison, online shopping in China is still a new thing. In a sense, SARS in China has opened up a new era of online shopping. The face of SARS attack, the majority of people trapped in the house, and it does not go on to buy things they need to rely on the network, much to guard against a very strong sense of people also try online shopping. At this point, there is more and more and more people realize that the "online ordering, door-to-door" convenience, there is also more and more and more people are also beginning to accept online shopping. CNNIC, in its release of "Chinese Internet hot spot investigation report" in the show: there is my country at 17.9 percent at six months of Internet users have been online shopping experience, viewed at shopping websites, there are 29.6 percent of the people At six months there have been online shopping experience, online shopping has been experienced by respondents have more than 90% of people will continue to conduct online shopping; 63.7 percent have not experienced Internet users to express the future will try online shopping. These data indicate that China's online shopping market has enormous potential.
Excerpt from www.cellphonesbox.com