Friday, April 27, 2012

That Apple TV providers just discuss the “iTV” almost certain

April 13 message, according to foreign media reports, according to sources, Apple has already begun with the Epix (the famous American television service providers, video streaming media providers) to cooperate just discuss the content of cooperation is the legendary “iTV”. According to sources from the surface, Apple and Epix consultation only to let the Apple TV to bring in more television programs and movies content. According to insiders, but in addition to the Apple TV, Apple’s future high-definition intelligent TV products are also included in the negotiation. Although the rumors about the Apple TV product has been the accumulation of more than one year, but the real cause of concern to the industry, Steve Jobs’ words from the “Jobs” Isaacson reference – “finally break the manufacture of smart TV checkpoints “the beginning. Industry analysts also this do not know what month will launch the production of a variety of forecasts. At present we know is that the legendary integrated iTV personal voice assistant Siri is more powerful Internet capabilities, iOS devices as a TV remote control and more. Epix has already landed the Apple variety of devices, including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and the HBO GO similar certification requirements for support service providers. In other words, users need is the subscribers of the cable or satellite channels. In August 2010, Epix and Netflix reached a multi-year agreement, Epix content in the pay-TV and on-demand channels to broadcast 90 days before Netflix to provide. Insiders predicted that Apple will make full use of the existing contents of the transaction and to explore new ways to get rid of dependence on the cable. Some analysts even speculated that Apple will pay by channel. wholesale accessoriesiphone accessoriesipad accessoriesipod accessories

Mandarin or trifoliate orange Secret Apple gave birth to the surrounding industrial chain

Often mention Apple will first think of what? The word “Apple” is far beyond the original areas of significance, and become a stark and powerful symbol of fashion. Steve Jobs to Apple shaped into an exquisitely carved model, the form of simple, colorful, clever blend of straightforward aesthetic style and level of technological excellence, a classic of this pragmatism, to simplify, popular. According to foreign media reports, the 2012 Apple iPhone and iPad sales will reach 116.4 million and 54.6 million units. Apple’s first quarter report shows that iPhone sales grew 128 percent revenue growth rate of 133%, the iPad sales grew 111 percent, revenue grew 99 percent. More worthy of our attention is just listed soon of The New the iPad, although the quality of the door broke a lot of problems, but the first three days, sales had already reached 300 million units, which is almost a myth can not be copied. Near a tree good for shade A research report, 2010 Apple each sell an iPhone, you can take away 58.5 percent of the profits, and raw material suppliers to get 21.9%, South Korea due to LG and Samsung to provide higher levels of technology displays and memory chips for Apple get profit of 4.7 percent, Europe, Japan and China Taiwan will receive only 1.1%, 0.5% and 0.5%. Apple has become the world’s most profitable company, however, the iPhone, iPad increasingly popular also led to the development of peripheral industries, and a huge accessory industry chain has been formed. Reporters earlier in the interview some people in the industry has learned that many Apple authorized dealer is not making money by selling Apple products, but rely on to make more money selling speakers, chargers, and other Apple accessories, just around Apple products Accessories produced by manufacturers in the PRD is not under 1500, the output value of at least hundreds of billions. Fruit powder crazy universally known (picture from the network) China has an old saying: “near a good shade tree“. Can afford to buy the iPhone, iPad users are generally not bad money, they care about the most experience, of course, this is the manufacturers to coddle out. In this regard a lot of manufacturers choose to break through one of the most successful examples of the base speaker, completely breaking the homogenization in the pursuit of sound at the same time, emphasis on functional and practical and it’s cool to meet the dual needs of the user visual experience, even shouting thousand dollars of high-priced, users still pay. Many office vendors to find inspiration, most recently trotted out a variety of personalized products, some bright spots, did not think you can do that play. 1, the iPad cradle scanner Founder in the country last month launched the first iPad cradle scanner PadPartner A1, it is proposed the new concept of the “iPad mobile office platform. As iPad exclusive scanners, it is designed to fashion and compact, weighing only 655g and can scan business cards, cards, photographs, receipts, checks and other types of paper, in JPEG format directly stored in the memory, only you can not think without it sweep will not work. In addition, it also has the function of the base can charge for the iPad, and play reading bracket, easy to read e-books, browse the Web, watch videos, and freeing up your hands. Although, the iPad is also equipped with a camera, support for camera features, but at best only Dry menial jobs. This dedicated scanner with the APP, the iPad application to further expand the scope and in some cases can even replace the computer, play the role of office assistant. It is also worth mentioning that this very low power consumption of the base scan fully loaded with only 10W. 2, iPhone printer Now sharing is becoming the main purpose of people taking pictures, not just in front of their friends to come up with an album, and also show they have seen anywhere, so now many users are more accustomed to using the iPhone camera, because the quality on it can be comparable to and entry-DC in the APP application with the help of the playability and fun to achieve unprecedented. In addition, have to mention also portable. However, the encounter like photos, output sent to the parents or hanging in a frame on how to do? The manufacturers MiLi then launched a tailor-made for the iPhone Printer Dock. The iPhone on the slot, you can print 4 x 6 inch photos, which do not need computer support, as long as the advance in the App Store to download free printing software, in addition to the puzzle, it also provides constantly updated theme picture frames. The base of this printer can print photos with a resolution of 300dpi dye-sublimation technology is very familiar, the output effect and rinse almost no difference, the key is convenient, but also play a charger role. 3, the iPhone ultra-miniature projector Many people have the iPhone biggest complaint is that the screen is too small, some spoil the high-resolution photos. Although the can outside connect to a TV, but it is too much trouble. Share based on user demand, dedicated portable projector was born. Protection principles and iPhone sets of similar, weighing only 103 grams, above with Dock Connector, use only the iPhone down the location of the bayonet insert can. Do not look in a little body, but can be 7-65 inches between the projector and also comes with speakers, ambient light is dark, you can watch the videos, photos, or business presentation projection, very convenient. It uses a built-in battery design capacity of 2100 mA, 2.5 hours of continuous work, where necessary, it can be turned into a mobile power for iPhone supply, rivers and lakes emergency. 4, iPhone entertainment projector Compared to the above-described projector, Epson MG-850C, even if the big guy, it is a set of projection, audio, Apple, the Dock in one multi-functional projector. The iPod dock is the biggest selling point, not cumbersome to operate, eliminating the need for regular external cable trouble, the iPod / iPhone / iPad inserted in the above, you can watch movies, listen to songs, view photos, simple menu allows the projector operating a fool, who can easily get started. In order to obtain higher listening, Epson also base on both sides with a 10W stereo speakers, adding four kinds of sound modes to choose from. This design makes the application of the product range further broadening, which successfully reached the home market. 5 iPhone business projector BenQ GP2 is a micro-optimized for Apple products cast projector, it is the biggest bright spot is the design of the Apple iPhone, iTouch, iPod socket, Apple users can more easily interact with the projector. Pursuit of its body design is portable in a bag is not space. And Advanced Micro projector, thanks to the LED light source, the use of DLP technology, higher brightness and clarity, with a short-focus lens, the screen can be projected to 160 inch. BenQ to “follow suit”, but this micro-cast for the business crowd To facilitate business presentations, the aircraft can be equipped with dedicated battery can be achieved while using while charging, random is also equipped with remote control. This people-centered design is often easier to win the goodwill of the users. A small niche market ready Printer, scanner, or projector, in fact, an increasingly serious problem of market homogenization. After so many years of evolution, the technology is relatively mature, and want to get a revolutionary leap difficult, so-called new is a new name. Manufacturers have actually been looking for a breakthrough program, through market segmentation, emphasizing personalized, to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the products. This wealthy waterfront on the apples, though in a short time will not bring the outbreak of the sales, and iPhones / iPad accessories required to pay the cost of certification to Apple is about 5.5 U.S. dollars, but the richness of the product line, making the consumer choice of the space is larger, you can also ensure that occupy the high end of the market, to obtain a better rate of return. Than blindly on price to grab market is much more sensible. Even Steve Jobs is gone, but Apple’s new product reserves at least another two years, Next, manufacturers also need to continue to work hard, but there are indications, market demand increased exponentially. Manufacturers will face three off first is the design, whether it is a printer, scanner, or projector to the customer’s first impression is very important, a lot of time fruit powder is like to see, will buy. Followed by human design, each generation of Apple’s upgrade to emphasize are the experience, the subtle to a key, how to maximize the functionality of the Apple product itself to play, 1 +1> 2, the final say about consumer . Quality, of course, there will be a large number of manufacturers rushed to squeeze the Apple food chain “, but due to the existence of the” enforcement officer “Apple will make this industry is naturally increased the threshold, while the” high end “in favor of the industry chain of parasitic there is good and normal operation, so nothing to worry about no profit. Apple or reached the printer market Apple’s new term CEO called the company’s major shareholders and the media held a press conference the day after the entry. During the meeting, the new head of Cook ground-breaking disclosed to those present: “I am thinking printers (considering launching a printer)”. After the meeting, Cook also told investors that Apple will, as soon as all human and material resources into R & D of high-quality printer. Although the authenticity of the message is also playing a question mark, Apple did not stand up and clarify, but it is undeniable that the printer industry is still worth a look forward and focus on the industry, or else the KODAK how will the printer business as a life-saving straw. We think the possibility of Apple reached the market in 50%, Apple has been holding large amounts of cash are looking for new investment, and the printer for Apple, or a virgin land. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apple is Entering a Long Decline

At least one analyst is bucking the trend of gushing over Apple. Forrester Research chief executive George Colony laid out his case in a blog postWednesday for why he thinks the company will start looking like just another tech companies within the next four years unless it finds another “special, magical” leader like Steve Jobs. Colony’s position couldn’t be more contrarian. Apple just reported record March quarter profits while selling tens of millions of its iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. In the past few months, other analysts have been jockeying to tout Apple’s share price, currently at just over $600 per share, for gains past the $800, $900, and even $1,000 threshold. But if Apple’s riding high now, that’s not going to last, according to Colony. “Apple will decline in the post Steve Jobs era,” he writes, explaining that Apple under Jobs fit the bill as a “charismatic organization … headed by people with the ‘gift of grace’.” Succession in such an organization is particularly difficult because while bureaucratic and traditional organizations have processes and rituals to elevate new leadership, “[i]n charismatic organizations, the magical leader must be succeeded by another charismatic—the emotional connection of employees and (in the case of Apple) customers demands it.” Colony quotes liberally from Max Weber’s The Theory of Social and Economic Organization and Adam Lashinky’s Inside Apple to build his case that Apple will “coast” over the next 24 to 48 months and “then decelerate.” What about the processes Jobs himself put in place at Apple to ensure that his vision and management style would endure at the company after he was gone? Apple University and other company initiatives fostered by Jobs won’t do the trick, Colony claims, quoting Weber: “Charisma can only be awakened and tested, it cannot be learned or taught.” Colony argues that Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook, has a “legal/bureaucratic approach” to leading Apple that “will prove to be a mismatch for an organization that feeds off the gift of grace.” Instead of Cook, the company should turn to Jonathan Ive or Scott Forstall to be CEO, the analyst writes. If Apple doesn’t get another magical charismatic leader, Colony concludes, it risks turning into Sony after Akio Morita or Polaroid post-Edwin Land—a company that goes from great to merely good in a few short years. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

Australian Aviation iPad app launched

Phantom Media is proud to announce that Australian Aviation is now being published for the Apple iPad. The Australian Aviation app features all the in-depth stories, editorials and news items from the magazine in an easy-to-read and user-friendly format optimised for the iPad, augmented by video and extra pictorial content. Screen shots from the AA iPad app. Each monthly issue of the magazine will be available through the app, with publication planned to coincide with the on-sale date of the print magazine. Individual issues can be downloaded for A$5.49 each, while one-year subscriptions* are available for A$49.99. To download to your iPad, search for ‘Australian Aviation’ in the Apple App Store. * We aim to provide free iPad app access for existing subscribers to the print magazine in the near future, but unfortunately at this time iPad app subscriptions currently cannot be linked to print magazine subscriptions. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories