Wednesday, June 27, 2012

IPhone 5 Bar Raised by Samsung’s S III: Rich Jaroslovsky

For five years, every new smartphone has faced the same simple question: Is it better than an iPhone? For a long time the answer was an automatic no. But the newest generation of devices running Google (GOOG) (GOOG)’s Android operating system is making it a closer call. HTC (2498)’s standout One X landed on U.S. shores earlier this month. Now two more contenders seek to raise the stakes for the iPhone upgrade Apple (AAPL) (AAPL) is expected to unveil this fall: Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S III, and the Xperia Ion, the first phone to appear solely under the Sony name. Of the two, the Samsung is the more ambitious and more successful. In a break from the company’s usual strategy of creating multiple, slightly different models under different names, it’s launching the Galaxy S III on all four major U.S. carriers: AT&T (T) (T), Verizon Wireless,Sprint (S) (S) and T-Mobile. (DTE) The versions are identical save for some under-the-hood variations to allow them to run on the different networks. Both the AT&T and Verizon (VZ) (VZ) versions run on those carriers’ LTE networks, which means they’re considerably faster than the iPhone at accessing the Web. On the other hand, the iPhone has better battery life. Comfortably Thin The Galaxy S III, which runs the latest “Ice Cream Sandwich” version of Android, is a big phone that somehow manages not to feel big. Its screen measures a relatively gigantic 4.8 inches -- the iPhone is only 3.5 inches -- but it’s so thin (.34 of an inch) and light (4.7 ounces) that it still feels comfortable. Typical for a Samsung (005930) device, the image quality is dazzling. The company’s Super AMOLED technology may not quite match the specs of Apple’s Retina Display, but to this naked eye seemed every bit its equal. I was similarly impressed with the eight-megapixel camera, particularly its “Burst” mode. Hold the shutter button down, and the S III will snap up to 20 photos at a rate of almost three per second. A best-picture mode will analyze similar photos and recommend the one most worth keeping. The Galaxy S III bristles with features designed to stamp it as cutting-edge. A number of them, though, are more impressive in concept than execution. For instance, “S Beam” lets you instantly share photos, videos and other files merely by tapping the back of your phone to the back of a friend’s. Sounds neat -- but it’s hard to set up and, oh yeah, it only works if your friend happens to have an S III too. sex gadget,sex toy,adult toy

Happy Birthday iPhone! 5 Years and $150 Billion in Revenues

This is something of a milestone, the fifth birthday of Apple‘s iPhone. In those few years it’s managed to clock up some $150 billion in revenue and sell some250 million units. Since the iPhone’s launch in June 2007, Apple has generated cumulative revenues of $150 billion, according to Strategy Analytics. Neil Shah, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, told CNET in a phone conversation today that the number only includes hardware sales. Accessories, apps, and software and services, which typically represent 3 percent to 5 percent of Apple’s iPhone revenue each quarter, were factored out. Moving on to hardware units, Strategy Analytics said that 250 million iPhones have shipped globally. There’s two points I find interesting about this: the first is the incredible speed with which the product took off. To a reasonable level of accuracy the iPhone was the first real smartphone, establishing itself, if not as the very first to be released, as the poster child for this entirely new market segment. And as we’ve said here before the smartphone seems to be the single fastest technology to disseminate ever. The penetration of the marketplace just hasn’t been done faster than this by anything. The second point that interests me is that while Apple has received that amount in revenue that’s not quite the same number as what consumers have been paying out of pocket for the hardware. For the airtime providers heavily subsidise the handsets to consumers, aiming to recoup that money through the charges for airtime. That subsidy can be as much as 50% of the price to Apple of the iPhone. I am unconvinced that the next 5 years are going to be quite as productive though. I have a feeling that margins will shrink a Android and other operating systems proliferate. It’s not so much that they will take market share, it’s rather that with the greater choices available to them the airtime providers are likely to try and negotiate that discount they have to apply on the iPhone down. It’s an interesting example of the most basic point about business. Profits always flow to the person who has the scarce resource. With the iPhone it has been Apple. It will still always be Apple with the iPhone, but that’s now one of a number of competing smartphones, not entirely unique any more. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

Pressure on iPhone 5 as figures show Samsung Galaxy S3 demand still rocketing

Apple and Samsung remain embroiled in a legal battle but competition between the tech giants remains as fierce in the marketplace as it is in the courtroom, as demand for the latter's Galaxy S3 smartphone continues to soar ahead of Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5 release. So much so, that satisfying consumers' insatiable appetite for the phone is threatening to become a problem in itself for Samsung. The record-breaking sales of the Galaxy S3 have illustrated Samsung's increasing ability to match Apple in the mobile arena, though analysts now say demand for the phone is in danger of outstripping the supply, in a development that could taint the company's current smartphone boom. Samsung's production drive wasn't helped by having to throw out over half a million covers for the device days before its launch, and estimates suggest a struggle to meet orders may have cost the firm some two million sales over the past month. Some also point to an unfounded wariness of competition as preventing Samsung from fully capitalising on the Galaxy S3's success. "Samsung might have been caught off guard by the demand, not because they did not believe in their own products, but because they might have over-estimated the competition," said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi. "In other words, aside from the iPhone and HTC's One X there's not much out there at the moment, which would have certainly helped Samsung." Supply headaches are certainly good headaches for manufacturers however, and the popularity of the Galaxy smartphone series paints a rosy picture for the company overall. Samsung's global smartphone market share was below 10 per cent before the launch of the first Galaxy two years ago, but numerous reports have the firm now surpassing Apple in the arena. This year, between January and March alone, Samsung sold 44.5 million smartphones, and current quarter sales are expected to top 50 million. "It's increasingly apparent the Galaxy S3 is being considered a true peer to the iPhone, rather than simply the least-bad alternative," said CLSA analyst Matt Evans. "Samsung has obviously developed huge leverage in negotiations with carriers and created a 'must have' handset." The iPhone 5 certainly has its work cut-out to wrestle back the limelight from the Galaxy S3. But given the furore that surrounds every leak or news-snippet regarding the next-generation phone, Apple's crown could well be perched a little more securely by the end of 2012. wholesale accessoriesipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

iPhone 5 release date: iOS 6 to include Yelp check-in, ignoring other platforms?

Apple’s iOS 6 reportedly bringing Yelp check-in to its new mapping service, no Facebook or Foursquare? Plus, can the iPhone 5 give Yelp more customers? Apple’s next mobile operating system is reportedly adding a new software feature that will allow customers to check-in to Yelp’s services, and if true, the location-based online guide might add more customers whom are based on mobile. According to Bloomberg, beginning with the iOS 6 mobile operating system, Apple will integrate Yelp check-in to its new iOS maps adding new feature to its mapping service like restaurant reviews, hotel accommodation feedbacks and so much more. For beginners, fully integrating Yelp to the default iOS maps app would bring in more customers to Yelp, and it will give the service a new revenue stream coming from the Apple platform. Also, if Yelp will hold the exclusivity, then its rivals have no chance to penetrate to the iOS market especially with the iOS 6. The report goes on to reveal that about 40 per cent of visitors traffic of Yelp are coming from mobile applications with a faster growth than its legacy desktop site. Surprisingly, the report has no mention of Facebook and its own check-in service. Apparently, Facebook is one of the features of the new iOS 6, bringing in top features of the social networking site like posting status updates, uploading photos and sharing web sites. Again, the report is still unconfirmed but based on Bloomberg’s past rumors posted online, we believe that there’s a reason to trust them especially if the report is about Apple. Apple’s iOS 6 is reportedly the mobile operating system of the iPhone 5 out of the box. For starters, iPhone 5 is the rumored new smartphone of Apple that will introduce the first 4-inch screen of the iPhone, the largest since its debut 5 years ago, and other new features like LTE, new design, new processor and possibly with NFC or Near Field Communication. According to latest rumors about the iPhone 5, the new iPhone is coming to the market by the third week of October, possibly after the release date of the iOS 6 to other older devices, and before the month of November because analysts believe that Apple wants to secure its inventory before the holiday season to generate more revenue. Compared to its rivals like Samsung and HTC, now facing shortages due to low supply of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon multi-core processors and overwhelming demand for their smartphones, analysts say Apple is expected to avoid the same problem largely due to its bigger supply chain advantage in Asia. sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

IOS 6.0 & android 4.0 ICS, Windows Phone 8 in that order for best mobile OS

We all have our own preference of mobile operating systems and this is a subject that really divides our readers sharply. Today we have news about a recent poll asking which was the best mobile OS and Android 4.0 topped the poll followed by Windows Phone 8 and iOS 6 in that order. Of course as two of these operating systems haven’t even been publicly released yet we wonder how you feel about these results. Many of you will already know that Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) launched late last year and is still being slowly rolled out to devices running earlier Android operating systems. The amount of time this is taking has caused a certain amount of consternation amongst Android users, though it seems the benefits of 4.0 ICS are such that it still managed to come out on top. The two other mobile systems have been widely reported on recently as many details have just been revealed about both Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 and Apple’s iOS 6, both due for a public release in the fall, so it’s fair to say that many people have a reasonable idea of what is expected. Before we give you the results of the poll we are going to say straight away that it was an informal poll conducted byPhone Arena with its readership. We cannot tell from the results whether Nokia’s Symbian, or RIM’s BlackBerry were included in the original question but as they received no votes at all according to the results, we imagine that readers were simply asked to choose between Android 4.0, Windows Phone 8 and iOS 6. We would also point out that maybe comparing an OS that is already widely available against two that are not is also a slightly skewed idea but nevertheless we found the results interesting enough to share with you. In the Phones Arena poll with over 5000 respondents the winning mobile OS was Android receiving 48.62% of the vote. We would have expected either Android or iOS to top the poll, such is the split between our readership on these two operating systems, so you can imagine our shock/surprise to see that Windows Phone 8 came second in the Phone Arena poll results with 40.88% of the vote. iOS 6 trailed in third with only 10.6% of the vote. Given the recent statistics we reported on the market share of the top smartphone platforms these results seem even more unlikely, (though we’re not for one moment suggesting that Phone Arena has made a mistake). In that earlier article we told how US Android smartphones accounted for 50.8% of the market at the end of March, while iOS smartphones (iPhone) accounted for a 31.4% share. Windows Phone smartphones only accounted for 4% of the market share. Of course the devices involved in these statistics do not feature the upcoming editions of Windows Phone 8 or iOS 6 but you would have imagined more parity between the amount of current smartphones being used on a platform to the platform that people would choose as their favorite. It’s difficult to know what to make of these results then, other than maybe Phone Arena has a huge leaning towards the Windows Phone platform and its enthusiasts that we’ve never noticed or simply maybe people felt that Windows Phone 8 has so much promise that they voted accordingly. It will certainly be interesting to see the poll repeated once all three of these operating systems, and devices running on them, are being widely used. We’d certainly be interested to hear your thoughts about these poll results. We’ve notice before that our readers are pretty evenly split between Android and iOS with other platforms not creating as much interest, so are there really that many Windows Phone enthusiasts out there? We’re not particularly worried about trying to compare operating systems that are not yet out with ones already being widely used, however we’re certainly intrigued to know your thoughts on present operating platforms so let us have your comments on this. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 Release Date: Yelp 'Check-In' on New iOS 6 Maps

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be released this fall and will come with a host of new features, according to recent rumors and confirmations. Among those will be an interchangeable camera lens, a bigger screen,a smaller docking port (that will end up making current iPhone accessories obsolete), and the ability toremotely interact with other near field communications (NFC) devices. The brand new Apple iOS 6, launching this fall, will most likely coincide with the launch of a new iPhone. Among the many improvements in the iOS 6, Bloomberg has reported that Yelp's "check-in" will be integrated into the brand new Apple Maps feature. Apple is planning on replacing Google Maps as its stock map application with its own in-company version with the iOS 6. "Apple is important for Yelp," said Aaron Kessler, an analyst at Raymond James & Associates in San Francisco, in an interview to Bloomberg. "About 40 percent of traffic to Yelp is from their mobile app. That number may be higher if you include browser-based mobile." Yelp is a website that allows customers of businesses to rate those businesses and give reviews as well as overall details. For instance, Yelp will provide input from other users on the restaurants price range, ambience, and crowd. The Yelp check-in app allows users to receive special deals and offers as well as information about a business that they are currently at simply by "checking-in." The new Yelp integration will allow users to check-in via the Apple Maps app rather than having to exit the map application and open the Yelp app separately, the current method. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Foxconn's iPhone 5 Tease is Bad News for Samsung's Galaxy S III

Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer responsible for building Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) products, fueled the iPhone 5 hype machine this week when its CEO, Terry Gou, shared his opinion of the device. According to 9to5Mac (which cited a Focus Taiwan report featuring quotes from a China Times story), Gou reportedly said that the next iPhone “will put Samsung’s Galaxy III to shame.” (Read about the phone Microsoft must develop to beat Apple here.) Gou referred to Samsung as a company “with a track record of snitching on its competitors,” supposedly referring to a 2010 incident where the company helped the European Commission investigate four Taiwanese companies for price-fixing. Gou believes that Samsung sidestepped the investigation by helping authorities as a “tainted witness.” Gou did not provide any details explaining how the iPhone 5 will shame its chief competitor, nor did he elaborate on his view that Sharp’s “pioneering technology” in flat panel displays will give the company a three-year competitive edge over Samsung. (Sharp is rumored to be developing the displays for Apple’s upcoming television, though Gou did not comment on this specifically.) However, it is in Gou’s nature to be as vague as possible when speaking on his company and the products it manufactures. Earlier this year, Foxconn made headlines when it was revealed that Gou had confirmed the development of an Apple-made television. The tech world exploded with excitement, with some publications reporting the information as if Apple had made the announcement. But alas, Apple did not make the announcement, and according to Foxconn, its CEO did not confirm the existence of a new TV. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

iPhone 5 Rumors: New Features Include 3D Camera and 'AirShare,' Says iTechPost

With Apple showing off iOS 6 at Worldwide Developer Conference, the launch of iPhone 5 is imminent and barely a few months away. iPhone rumor mill is churning incessantly and the latest gossip originates from iTechPost, which claims the sixth generation iPhone could include a 3D camera and 'AirShare' feature, which would enable the user to transfer data/files to the PC with the "flick" of fingers. Citing an anonymous tipster, one of whose family member works with Apple, iTechPost claimed on Saturday that iPhone 5 will pack a larger display, sleek design and 3D camera (you heard us right on this one). The new iPhone will also pack unseen iOS 6 features that Apple didn't introduce at the WWDC event. One of such feature is AirShare that allows users to transfer data to PC at high speeds. "What you do it like select a movie or song from your phone and then flick it off the phone with two fingers," the tipster said. It is to be noted that a similar app called Air Sharing is available on the App Store with the same functionality. It looks like Apple might have purchased the highlighted app, just as Facebook bought Instagram and ported the functionality of the acquired app into its Camera app. Or maybe the tech giant has been inspired by Air Sharing to make their very own 'AirShare' app. The tipster claims to have grabbed in hands a fully functional prototype of the next iPhone. Indicating inclusion of 4-inch display, he said that iPhone 5 is taller and "a bit thinner" than previous iPhone models. It is also slightly heavier too; however, you might never notice the difference. Moreover, the FaceTime camera, which is placed adjacent to the earpiece, is now located above the earpiece. There are two circular speaker grills at the bottom, one of which appears to boast microphone inside it. The camera UI has also changed a lot. On tapping the new 3D button in camera app, two options pop-up, one "like a camera and then a maps". With the 3D camera mode, iPhone 5 will capture 3D photos. Video capture quality would also improve. The tipster shared information that when he captured photo of some flowers, the iPhone 5 prototype also showed a list of flower shops located nearby. As far as release date is concerned, Apple is expected to unveil the smartphone in fall and it will hit stores sometime in October. Previous reports indicate that Cupertino giant could unveil the next generation iPhone on October 4, the same date Apple introduced iPhone 4S last year. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

iPhone 5 versus Samsung Galaxy S3: Wait or buy now?

"The Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is a great phone, but should I wait for the iPhone 5 instead?" This is the kind of question we CNET editors are asked all the time, and with good reason. Given the breakneck pace of the smartphone world, there's always something good now, but something better around the corner -- and you want your investment to last. In some ways, the answers are obvious if you prefer one OS over another, have a Mac at home, or need a phone right now. However, if not, there's a lot to like about each platform's superphone (we surmise; one of them hasn't even been announced yet), and we can't make your decision for you. So here's what we'll do. We're going to break it down by some of the phone features that we think could sway your decision. Design When it comes to first-class materials, Apple has Samsung beat. That is, if you like glass on both sides of your handset, and an industrial look and feel. With the Galaxy S3, Samsung unabashedly sticks to its plastic preference, but has managed to make it look and feel sleeker and more desirable than on past Galaxy S devices. The GS3 also features a Gorilla Glass 2 cover, which we expect Apple to announce as well on its mystery iPhone. Size is the other issue. Rumors point to an iPhone 5 with a larger screen, but an only slightly taller profile. Apple's phone would still fit in the hand about the same way. Compare this with the Galaxy S3, which dwarfs the iPhone 4S. We like its smooth, comfortable feel, but some people will simply find it too large. Screen Apple has made it abundantly clear that it's obsessed with screen quality. And now that the MacBook Pro is sporting a Retina Display, it's safe to assume the next iPhone will be equipped with the same technlogy. Though the iPhone 4S has the brighter and sharper display of the two phones, the Galaxy S3's HD Super AMOLED display has richer color contrast. Some argue that the S3's AMOLED screen technology oversaturates, and in some cases we do find that to be true. However, the human eye can only register so much. As displays get sharper in high-end devices, getting into the minutia of screen comparisons won't say as much about user experience as size does. And as we previously stated, the Galaxy S3's 4.8-inch screen may seem like overkill for some, but it'll definitely feel less cramped than the iPhone, even if the iPhone 5 does get the expected 4-inch screen. Camera If the camera specs for the new iPhone remain in line with the current model (as in it'll still have an 8-megapixel lens and an A5 chip), then we'll let our shoot-out shots between the S3, the iPhone 4S, and the HTC One X speak for themselves. We found that the cameras had their specific strengths and weaknesses under certain conditions. However, Apple is never one to pass up a chance to lift smartphone camera standards and some rumors about an interchangeable lens and a high-definition front-facing camera would call for another camera showdown. For now, the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S offer the same amount of megapixels, high dynamic range, and zero shutter lag. But if you want something featured-packed, the GS3 has a lot of options. True, we don't know what sort of services the new iPhone will offer, but the GS3 already has panoramic shooting, burst shot, two sharing modes, and other fun shooting settings like "cartoon" (a la "A Scanner Darkly") and "beauty" (a la this-is-not-real-life). Processor Samsung and Qualcomm teamed up to put a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor in the Galaxy S3, which makes it one of the fastest phones in the U.S. Apple is all about advancing its processors with each succeeding model. Rumor is that Apple will promote the 4S' A5 chip to a faster A5X chip. We'd expect the same quad-core graphics processor that's in the iPad 3. However, don't get too caught up in processor specs (after all, quad-core prowess is still shrouded in myth). Both phones' internals will impress. Data speeds The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5 will be evenly matched once the iPhone comes along with its expected (and anticipated!) 4G LTE support. Just keep in mind that not every carrier supports LTE (like Sprint and T-Mobile), and some networks are faster than others. Availability Both the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 will be easy to get. The Galaxy S3 will be available on T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, U.S. Cellular, and even C Spire (a regional carrier.) Apple will surely let its carrier-partner gravy train keep rolling with the Big Four, and (way later) down the line, it could also pass the iPhone 5 to Cricket and Virgin Mobile, following by taking the iPhone 4 and 4S prepaid. Price In the U.S., the Samsung Galaxy S3 is starting on-contract at $199.99 for the 16GB and $249.99 for the 32GB model (it'll differ by carrier.) As for the iPhone, the 4S on a designated network has a retail price of $199.99 for the 16GB model, $299.99 for the 32GB model, and $399.99 for its 64GB model. And, if the rumors prove true, the newest generation won't be any cheaper. With luck, Apple will remain steady on price, which would make a 32GB Samsung SG3 more cost-effective. Conclusion Whether or not a phone is right for you depends on a whole bushel of personal values, but the bottom line is that when you compare the main features and specs, the Galaxy S3 is good enough to recommend on its own against the iPhone 4S. However, if you're open to either OS (as we are) and you're in no rush to buy a phone, here's what we'd do. We'd go ahead and wait until Apple's announcement this autumn. If the iPhone 5 fails to impress you, the Galaxy S3 has proven itself a worthwhile device with plenty of bells and whistles. And if in your estimation it falls before Apple's charms, you'll be fully informed and clear from any pangs of buyer's remorse. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

Apple iPhone 5 to Put Samsung Galaxy S3 to "Shame", Says Foxconn CEO

With the whole tech world still reeling under the Samsung effect since the launch of its Galaxy S3 in Indian markets late May, rival Apple may possibly take a bigger bite of success with its upcomingiPhone 5, as claimed by a high-profile executive. According to Terry Gou, CEO of electronic manufacturer Foxconn, Samsung's third generation smartphone will be left in dust following the launch of the much-awaited iPhone 5. Gou added that consumers should hold off purchasing Galaxy S3, with the iPhone 5 expected to put Samsung's latest to "shame", a Focus Taiwan report said. Obviously on Apple's side, the Taiwanese tycoon claimed that Samsung has "a track record of snitching on its competitors". Often touted as the iPhone killer, Samsung's Galaxy S3 has already had tech enthusiasts enrapt with its futuristic and state of the art features that might not possibly require any further enhancements. However, reeling with ambition, Apple is expected to unveil a bigger launch for its iPhone 5 by adding far better features in an attempt to override Samsung 's success in the smartphone arena. Meanwhile, the sixth generation iPhone, which is rumoured to debut sometime in October this year, may arrive with a spate of high-end features including a 4-inch screen, a Liquidmetal body case, plus a mini connector. Analysts are also anticipating that Apple will integrate several improvements in the highly anticipated device. According to a CNET report, Shaw Wu, tech analyst of Sterne Agee, predicts the iPhone 5 will sport "a new form factor, a slightly larger screen, and 4G LTE support built into Apple's next flagship phone." Wu also added that Apple may close a deal with telecommunication company China Mobile for offering the iPhone on the operator's TD-SCDMA 3G network for its 650 million subscribers in China. sex gadgets,sex toys,adult toys

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Beef Spills Into The Fall

Do you think it is a good idea for Samsung to put the Galaxy Note 2 up against the iPhone 5? We already saw the iPhone 4S beat the Samsung Galaxy S2 in terms of sales despite the latter packing better hardware. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Just to remind you; the specs of the original Galaxy Note include a 5.3” HD WXGA Super AMOLED screen, an 800x1280p display, a dual-core 1.4GHz processor, ARM cortex a9 CPU and an 8MP camera with 1920x1080 video at 30 frames per second. There's no official word from Samsung, so it's not certain. Samsung has had a lot of success with its first Galaxy Note, despite network support being limited – T-Mobile and Verizon are still to confirm if they'll carry it. Whether the other US networks will pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still to be seen, and obviously Samsung will want to squeeze as much profit as possible from the first Note before launching its successor. Simultaneously, if the Note 2 does launch this October, it’ll have to battle against the iPhone 5, which is also anticipated for that month and will be spread across all carriers with much more hype behind it than the phablet. The blog goes on to speculate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will have an Exynos 5240 dual core chip, clocked at 1.7GHz, and it will apparently have 4G LTE connectivity. Its also been said that there may be 1.5GB of RAM, but this is a bit of a let-down compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 that has 2GB RAM. Apple's beef with Samsung to spill into the fall with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & iPhone 5 on a crash course (rumor) There's going to be a bigger and stronger Galaxy Note heading our way in October, reports CNET. Rumors have been hitting the Internet all week of a 5.5-inch, 1680x1050 display becoming the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Note 2 will also feature a faster CPU and more memory than its predecessor. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 rumors: will it come with smaller dock connector or Micro MagSafe?

The Cupertino based tech giant seems to have been forced to introduce a larger screen due to the fact that Android smartphones are coming with far bigger and impressive displays than Apple iPhone’s and the demand for such smartphones is going up and up. Samsung’s Galaxy S3, the best smartphone in the market right now comes with 4.8 inch screen and anything less than 4 inch screen is not going to be acceptable to even hardcore Apple fans in the changed circumstances. Meanwhile there are many features about iphone 5 that are already confirmed. We have to believe these reports as these reports come from either suppliers or producers of Apple components in China. Latest reports from leading news sources including Reuters and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) have revealed that Apple has finally fallen for a 4 inch screen for its forthcoming version. Though Daily Tech says that the change is because of the fact that Apple founder late Steve Jobs is no longer around. But Daily Tech’s assumption looks faulty as previous reports have confirmed that Apple products like iPad 3 and iPhone 5 were planned and designed by Steve Jobs and Tim Cook would have to wait till after iPhone 5 to design some product of his own. But there are other reports of Apple replacing the dock connector with something different. A report that goes opposed to the Techcunch report says that Apple will instead put a Micro MagSafe instead of dock connector. A report in Zdnet says that Apple engineers are going to put Micro MagSafe instead of dock connector. ZDNet report says that Micro MagSafe will have a chip in both ends of the new power supply that will check whether the accessories are genuine or not. Several images leaked in the media by different sources show that new iPhone 5 will come with a smaller charging port. A leading tech blog TechCrunch has gone on to claim that the next gen iPhone will not come with 30 pin dock connector but only 19 pin dock connector. There are many people who are upset with the announcement of dock connector being changed. A reader says, “If iPhone changes the 30 pin connection, this would leave thousands of people upset and unable to use items already brought, this would be wrong for apple to do, a lot of the iphone users would keep with the 4s or move to other type of phones”. Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 is going to come with a number of changes. From size and the display of the next gen iPhone there are several other changes that are going to affect many other iPhone fans in the long term. One such change is the reduction in dock connector that is going to change from 30 pins to only 19 pins. More and more iPhone 5 rumors are doing the rounds. There are speculations that it come with either 18 inch dock connector or Micro MagSafe wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date Is October, Same As iPhone 5

All kinds of rumors are spinning around devices that are about to be released. It’s the case of theSamsung Galaxy Note 2 as well. According to an MK Business News report, the South Korean phone maker will launch the device that is considered the successor of the Galaxy S Note, in October. In my opinion, the date is not coincidental as Apple’s iPhone 5 is said to be released in the same month. Normally, I consider that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the iPhone 5direct rival, but it seems that Samsung wants to back up its plan. Until now, everyone said that Samsung would release the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at the end of the year. However, since Apple is said to launch its new flagship smartphone in October, it seems like Samsung want to do it at the same time in order to compete head-on with Apple. According to some industry sources, Samsung is actually developing a smartphone that will feature a display larger than the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note, which seems a little exaggerated. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is, in fact, a rehashed version of the Galaxy S3 for which, the company has already started taking pre-orders this very week, and will be delivered in October. Surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will feature an unbreakable plane (UBP) display, which is, in fact, the precursor to the flexible display. This screen is thinner than the standard one which enables the developer to design thinner overall devices as well because there is more room for the applicationprocessor and the baseband core chip. For several months is has been rumored that the Korean company would release a successor for the Galaxy Note. However, the decision to set the release date in October is a recent one and it’s part of the company’s plan for the second half of 2012. As I mentioned above, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will feature a larger screen that the 5.3-inch on the current model. Nevertheless, despite the larger display, the device will have a longer battery life. Also, the case is more solid, thus it will be much resistant against possible falls. Its CPU will be quad-core, of course, which will allow multi-tasking at a high speed. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will run the successor of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich meaning Android Jelly Bean. Samsung thinks that if the device would have a new operating system it would be a stronger competitor for Apple’s products. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

Apple iPhone 5 Poised to Blow Away Samsung Galaxy S III as Release Date Nears

Editor's note: Please click here for our latest roundup of iPhone 5 speculation.** Is the much-ballyhooed, head-to-head battle between the upcoming iPhone 5 and the just-released Samsung Galaxy S III really much ado about nothing? Will the new iPhone blow Samsung's latest Android device out of the water – or "put it to shame" as one high-profile executive says it will? Android-philes would likely protest, but that's exactly what Terry Gou believes. Gou is the CEO of Foxconn, the Asia-based manufacturer that develops, among many electronic devices, Apple's iPhone and iPad. So obviously this guy has a personal stake in his "shame"ful comment. Gou also has a well-publicized feud with Samsung, which he says has "a company with a track record of snitching on its competitors," according to Focus Taiwan, which quoted the China Times. Gou was talking about Samsung's decision two years ago of reporting the actions of a handful of Taiwanese companies to the European Commission, which was investigating price-fixing. It led to a fine of 434 million euros. Gou urged customers to wait to buy an iPhone 5 this fall – although no, he didn't offer up an actual release date. He made the comments as he announced an expansion of Foxconn's relationship with Sharp, the Japan based provider of televisions, copiers and other electronics. It's a team-up that Gou says will help push the two companies ahead of Samsung in five years' time. Wishful thinking? Yes. But certainly ambitious. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

Samsung Galaxy Note to Launch This October to Compete with Apple iPhone 5: Report

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III smartphone hasn't even arrived in Canada yet, and already reports are surfacing that the next-gen Note phablet is due to launch in October. "South Korea’s Samsung Electronics will be releasing a flexible display-equipped successor model to the Galaxy Note in October so as to compete against Apple’s iPhone 5," writes MK Business News. (Note: Apple has not confirmed any information about the name of release date of its next iPhone.) MK Business News suggests that Samsung originally planned a year-end launch for the Note 2 but decided it should be ready earlier should Apple release its next-gen smartphone in the fall, which is likely, but again, not confirmed. Here are the alleged specs of the Galaxy Note 2: The Galaxy Note II model will use an unbreakable plane (UBP) display, which is a precursor to the flexible display. The thinner display will also allow for a slimmer design by giving more space for the baseband core chip and application processor (AP). The new Galaxy Note II will have a larger display than the current model at 5.3 inches, while also having a longer battery life and sturdier build/weight to increase shock-resistance against potential falls. It will also feature a quad-core processor, which allows faster processing speed for multi-tasking. The sequel model will also use Android’s Jelly Bean operating system (OS). RIM's BlackBerry 10 platform is also expected to launch during this time; however, it is not cited as a factor for Samsung's decision in the report. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

iphone 5 Rumors and Release Date - GM Reports Chevy Spark and Sonic Will Have Siri's "Eyes' Free" Feature

During the opening keynote at the WWDC, Apple announced Siri's "Eyes Free" feature as part of iOS 6. "Eyes Free" gives automakers the option of including a button in their cars that allows drivers to use Siri to send messages, make calls, and whatever else the little personal assistant is capable of. At the time of the announcement, Apple said that nine automakers would utilize Eyes Free, but didn't say who. But this morning, GM was announced as one of the first to implement the technology in their Chevy Spark and Sonic compacts. The remaining 8 automakers include Honda, Chrysler, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, and Land Rover. Currently, the Spark and Sonic use Chevy's MyLink to connect their smartphones to the car. With only 60 commands, the inclusion of Siri and Eyes Free would greatly improve on that list. Eyes Free will work in a very similar manner to other hands-free packages. A button on the car's steering wheel activates the link, and all the driver need do from there is speak the command. Eyes Free should be avaialble in the Spark and Sonic within the next year. With Chevy and all the other manufacturers set to include Siri's Eyes Free program in their cars, you can be certain Siri will be an inclusion in Apple's next iPhone. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

iPhone 5 Release Date Is September, Coming With 4G LTE Support

The iPhone 5 release date rumors are piling up, now that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was officially unveiled and the tech press has dubbed the South Korean flagship as the real iPhone killer. Everyone expects the iPhone 5 to revolutionize the smartphone world, after the previous Apple release, the iPhone 4S, was seen as a disappointing product. Even though the iPhone 4S received loads of negative reviews, the Cupertino-based somehow managed to persuade the customers that their smartphone is the best around and shipped millions of devices, making Apple the second biggest smartphone vendor in the world. Besides the dual-core A5 SoC, iPhone 4S’ most interesting feature was Siri, but now that Samsung introduced a response to Apple’s virtual assistant, the Cupertino-based company is bound to come up with something to turn the public’s attention away from the Galaxy S3. Some said that the iPhone 5 will sport a quad-core processor, but if you asked me I would call it a phantasmagoria. Apple sees no reason in fitting a quad-core chipset inside their next-generation iPhone. First up, it would be more expensive than a dual-core processor, which would lower their profits. Second, unlike its Android rival, the iOS comes with less more features, so it doesn’t need higher processing power, and a dual-core CPU would do its job perfectly. Least, but not last, the American company is sure that millions of Apple fanboys would line-up in front of their stores to get their hands on the iPhone 5, no matter what. Another argument that backs-up the theory saying that the iPhone 5 will have a dual-core SoC is the pattern of the previous Apple releases. The giant phone maker made a habit out of fitting the iPad processors inside their unreleased iPhones. As you probably know (or not) the iPhone 4 came with the single-core A4 chipset of the first iPad, then the iPhone 4S was introduced along with the dual-core A5 SoC, a unit that debuted on the iPad 2. It is of common sense to consider that the iPhone 5 will hide the new iPad’s A5X chipset inside its unibody case. Talking about the A5X SoC, we all know that it is a LTE-friendly processing unit and Apple would want their next iPhone to support 4G networks. Even though the 4G LTE networks are not so widespread outside of US, the North American market is very important for the Cupertino-based giant, so they will have to please the fans who got mad about the 4G lately, or else they might risk losing their customers that will switch to the Android smartphones with LTE capabilities. We’ve all seen how the smartphones’ displays have grown over the last few years and now devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and Galaxy Nexus. all with 4.5+ inch displays, are highly appreciated by the tech publications and smartphone enthusiasts. Therefore, Apple is forced to increase the size of iPhone 5 display and reports say that the new iOS smartphone will have a 4-inch screen. All the Apple iPhones launched so far had 3.5-inch displays, but as the rumor mill reports Steve Jobshimself worked at the design of the iPhone 5 and the mastermind behind Apple’s success wished for a more powerful device with a bigger display. Next comes the amount of RAM. So far, most the high-end smartphones came with 1 GB of RAM. Not the Apple’s terminals, as both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S only had 512 MB of RAM. On certain markets Samsung Galaxy S3 will come with 2 GB of RAM, thus Apple has to do something to keep up with the competition, so it is very likely to see at least 1 GB of RAM fitted inside the new iPhone 5. Last week, at WWDC 2012, we’ve been able to get a quick peek at the new iOS 6, which haven’t brought what the public expected. Most of the iOS users wished for a new user interface, widgets and toggles in the Notification Center. The amazing iOS UI that impressed us when Steve Jobs presented it in 2007, now looks old, boring and it really needs a refresh. But Apple thinks that Facebook integration, a new Maps application and a Remind Me Later feature will do. Will the iOS 6 make Apple lose customers? Yes, but too few to really matter for the company. After iOS 6 was introduced at WWDC 2012, the mobile operating system was made available for download for everyone that has a payed Apple developer account. After it will pass through several testing stages the final version of the OS will be released. The iPhone 5 release date is linked with the iOS 6 Gold Master release, because Apple’s behavior has thought us that each new final iOS version debuts synchronized with a new iPhone. Reports have shown that iOS 6 GM will be released in September, therefore the iPhone 5 will be launched once the new Apple mobile OS makes an official debut. The speculations saying that the iPhone 5 release date was scheduled for the fall are supported by Apple’s iPhone launch pattern. The first four iPhone models were introduced during summer at Apple WWDC events. But since last year the company started to center the WWDC on the presentation of new iOS and Mac OS X releases. So, the iPhone 4S came in the fall, and so will the iPhone 5 and since the iOS 6 GM is reportedly hitting the market in September, the new iPhone will be announced along with it. What do we know so far about the iPhone 5? Almost nothing, except for some leaked cases that revealed a two-tone unibody design and that it will come pre-loaded with iOS 6. Will it be bigger? Of course it will. Will it have a quad-core chipset? Certainly not. In the gallery below you can admire some rendered pictures of an iPhone 5 created in accordance with the latest rumors about the smartphone’s design. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

iPhone 5 Release Date, New iPhone Might Become Your New Wallet

The Apple iPhone 5 may do more than just take a bite out of your wallet - it may actually replace it. Evidence and rumors point to Apple including a near field communications (NFC) chip in the iPhone 5 that may allow it to function as an e-wallet. A patent filed by Apple shows an iPhone-like device with the home screen showing an app called "E-Wallet." The name ewallet is currently a registered trademark of Illium Software, but in the event Apple is planning to make the iPhone 5 a payment tool, the name "iWallet" is still up for grabs. Many industry insiders have hinted that Apple is incredibly interested in NFC, as evidenced by the hiring of Benjamin Vigier, an expert in NFC to be its head of "mobile commerce." NFC allows for two-way communication between devices. NFC is the next step after Radio-frequency identification (RFID, a wireless, one way non-contact interface that is used by some card swiping systems such as London's public transportation Oyster card. NFC forum director Debbie Arnold describes three main uses for NFC: "sharing," "pairing," and "transactions." Sharing involves one device acting as a reader and the other the writer. The radio waves from the writer device are enough to power the reader's NFC chip to allow for data to be transferred between the two. This could be used with 'smart posters,' where an NFC chip embedded in a movie poster to transmit show times and dates to a nearby NFC-enabled device simply by being near it. Pairing is the synchronization of the two devices to work together in tandem to complete a given task. Think game apps, or social media tools. But it's the transaction ability that has everybody excited. By simply waving or shaking one's iPhone 5, one might be able to pay for items in store. Apple currently pays a transaction fee for purchases made through iTunes and other programs. By enabling the device to be a virtual card, and partnering with payment transaction companies like Master Card or Visa, it could eliminate those pesky fees and increase revenue. The integration of and NFC chip into smartphones is becoming more and more critical to phone manufacturers as they seek to make their device the one-stop-shop for all of their user's needs. The recently released and popular Samsung Galaxy S3 comes equipped with NFC, and Google has pursued payment apps with its Android operating system for smartphones. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iPhone 5 Pre-Release Date Rumors: What Not to Expect

USB Connector – There has been talk of the iPhone 5 release date signaling a move away from the classic Apple dock connector and toward a micro-USB. Sadly, while this would of course make life easier for most user and new buyers, it would wreak havoc with thousands of third-party accessory developers and retailers who would not take kindly to 99% of their current wares becoming incompatible and therefore obsolete. Again, not now and not ever. Flash Support – Another often called-for though never likely to happen feature is Flash support, which is ruled out by nothing more complicated than Apple’s ongoing hatred of Flash. All iPhones and iPads have long been rather stunted when it comes to Flash websites and pages, though at this stage in the game when Flash is gradually currying less favor all round, chances of the iPhone 5 supporting Flash are pretty much zero. External Storage – Not now and likely not ever, as the iPhone and iPad pricing structure has long been determined almost entirely by way of storage capacity. So, despite the fact that fans and followers in their millions have been crying out for a micro-SD card slot for years, you will not be seeing one on this year’s iPhone 5. After all, who on Earth work fork out top-whack for a 64GB iPhone 5 when they could save maybe $150 by taking the 16GB version and bumping up its capacity on the cheap? With this in mind, the following can be ruled out in no uncertain terms, so at to at least modestly narrow down your iPhone 5 wish-list: Were the eventual iPhone 5 release date later this year to bring each and every rumor, whisper and elaborate guess to life, Apple’s sixth-generation Smartphone would be the size of a Buick. Truth is, at time moves forward and the iPhone 5 rumor-mill becomes increasingly impatient, it is becoming easier to rule out certain features and adornments than it is to guarantee others. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys Gives Consumers the Latest News and Rumors on the iPhone 5 Release

San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2012 -- The first Apple iPhone was released in the United States in June 2007. Thousands of people queued outside Apple stores waiting for the launch and a lot of stores sold out within the first hour of trading. Since then, technology has improved dramatically and last October the iPhone 4S was released. As well as performing normal text and call functions, the iPhone 4S featured a video camera, a portable media player and email and web browsing capabilities. Within weeks of the release, many people had already started to speculate about iPhone 5. Apple has always been very secretive about the features it intends to include in the next generation of iPhones and rumors appear on a daily basis. Apple enthusiasts have been flocking to a new website called in their droves in the hope of discovering the iPhone 5 release date and the features the new phone will contain. The site acknowledges that: “While it is focused on bringing visitors all of these rumors, plus full analysis on a daily basis, it may be a little tough to keep up with what’s going on in iPhone 5 world.” The home page features a summary of all the latest iPhone rumors, including release date information, features and price. There are high quality images of possible designs and also a video that demonstrates some of the possible features. A handy menu bar at the top of the home page directs visitors to more in-depth editorial content about features, latest news, release date and rumors. iPhone fans can sign up for a daily email update to make sure they don’t miss out on the latest breaking news and there is a link to enable social media users to follow the site on Facebook. Site visitors can apply to take part in an offer to ‘Test and Keep an iPhone 5’ and readers who have heard a rumor that is not featured on the site can submit it via the ‘Tip Us’ link at the right hand side of each page. About iPhone 5s Latest was set up to bring the latest thorough reviews, rumors and information relating to iPhone 5. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 Release Date: Rumors on New Design

With Samsung launching its biggest attempt to challenge Apple’s reign in the smartphone market with Galaxy S3, rumors are piling up regarding what the Cupertino-based companies are up to in their next generation of iPhone. Apple has not confirmed the release date of the next smartphone, dubbed iPhone 5 in the media, but people are expecting the device to come around September in conjunction or right after the release of iOS6 this fall which was introduced at WWDC 2012. And according to new rumor, it seems quite certain that the size has been increased to 4 inches. The sixth generation of iPhone, according to rumors, will depart its 3.5-inch screen that Apple left unchanged until now. It may be a time for Apple to make a switch, since many Android-based phones are making bigger and bigger phones with screen sizes bigger than 4 inches. Not only Apple rumored to add an extra 0.5 inch, but it will also change the ratio from 3:2 to 16:9, making it look more elongated. Several websites, such as 9to5Mac, have posted “leaked” photos of the new iPhone 5 designs. This, however, would mean that the current iPhone developers may have to adjust their apps to fit the new resolution. Fortunately, a feature called Auto Layout was made available in the development kit of iOS 6, which makes the transition easier. The features allow developers to set parameters for how UI elements appear on the screen, so the users can have a consistent experience across all devices. Developers at WWDC were not too concerned about the change display, however. According to a poll conducted by Piper Jaffray’s Analyst Gene Munster, the difficulty on potential display image disparity was rated only 3.4 out of 10. Is Apple going to release the new iPhone that has a 4.0-inch screen with 16:9 ratio this fall? Certainly, the introduction of Auto Layout supports the rumor of the display change. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

Did Apple Just Plop The iPhone 5 Release Date On Our Lap?

Although we have not heard any official release date for the iPhone 5 from Apple, but there have been some exciting recent rumors as mentioned by Examiner'confirming' our suspicions that the iPhone 5 could land in stores as early as this autumn. iPhone 5 release date tied with iOS 6 official autumn rollout? The fact iOS 6 is being launched in autumn is a big indicator. Despite some articles indicating that Apple have more or less confirmed an autumn release date for the iPhone 5, most of us had given up on it entirely for the time being since it was not mentioned in any capacity at WWDC 2012, which would have been the perfect place to speak about the device – even its actual existence remained unconfirmed. The next 'natural' release date people are speaking of is as mentioned, autumn, when Apple’s 6th generation iPhone could be pre-loaded with iOS 6, alongside the iOS 6 rollout on current devices which Apple officially states happens this autumn. With iOS 6 and its 200 features, it would provide the iPhone 5 with that extra selling point (e.g. Turn by turn navigation, wider Siri capabilities, etc). Of course, just like every other Apple news, we don't expect anything to be confirmed until the day of the actual event given Apple's usual secrecy preferences. We'll keep you posted as more develops sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

iPhone 5 release date: Rumors and news reveal concept of upcoming new iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 release date has been speculated for a while, and thought it is pretty agreed in the Apple community that the handset will arrive this Fall, fans continue to search fornew iPhone 5 features, specs, and user submitted concept designs. Fans cannot get enough of the unconfirmed 6th generation iPhone, which will likely be good for Apple stocks once the gadget finally launches. According to rumor, new leaked information suggests the upcoming iPhone will launch in both black, and white colors. Earlier concept designs had revealed both colors, but since they were user submitted it was not clear what color the new iPhone would be. If the new leaked documents are indeed from Apple, then it appears the technology giant may be planning to debut both colors when the iPhone 5 release datearrives. New Apple products are always well loved, like the new MacBook Pro releases, but new iPhone's are usually the most highly-anticipated gadgets to drop from the Apple tree each year. It would be nice if the new Apple smartphone came in both colors, that way consumers would have options. The iPhone 5 release date is expected shortly after the iOS 6 release date. Apple stated at the 2012 WWDC that iOS 6 will debut in the Fall, so iPhone enthusiasts will soon know if they will have a choice between a white or black iPhone 5. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 Release Date, New Auto Layout Feature Points To Larger Screen

The talk around the town is that the iPhone 5 will come with a bigger display. As usual, Apple has not confirmed any of the rumors, but an application in their new iOS 6 has developers predicting that the Apple iPhone 5 will indeed come with a larger screen of 4 inches. Many Android phones currently come with 4-inch displays, and the pressure is on Apple to provide a viewing experience that can compete with other increasingly popular (and cheaper) smartphones. A larger screen means a different resolution. Currently, the iPhone 4 and 4S have a 960X640 resolution. The older 3GS model was only 480X320. Previous iPhone model displays have all had an aspect ratio of 3:2. The display on the iPhone 5 will still probably be the Retina display since Apple's latest line of Macbooks has just adopted the technology. If the iPhone 5's new screen is going to increase by half an inch to 4 inches, the amount of pixels available will increase, and if the rumors of the new aspect ratio being 16:9 for widescreen viewing are true, then display elements from old apps will get shifted. Luckily, software developers given access to the SDK of the Apple iOS 6 have noticed a new feature called Auto Layout. By using this feature, developers can set parameters for an app's UI, and have the app display properly across multiple platforms. This can be seen as an indicator that Apple expects new screen sizes on some products in the upcoming months, most likely on the iPhone and a possible iPad Mini. Developers at WWDC 2012 didn't seem too concerned about the possible display distortions. According to a poll conducted by Piper Jaffray's Analyst Gene Munster, developers rated the potential display image disparity as a 3.4 out of 10 in terms of difficulty.

Monday, June 18, 2012

iPhone 5 price and release date latest

The usual frenzy and hysteria that precedes the release of an Apple iPhone has once again been under way for some time especially with the iPhone 5 on the verge of being released. However, with the device not being announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference as per usual the question on everyones lips is when will the next iPhone be released? Nonetheless, it has come to the attention of that an AT&T Vice President has confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be launched in early October. This seems to follow initial suspicions that the iPhone 5 will be released around about a year after the iPhone 4S was released. Furthermore, with the price drop of the iPhone 4S it seems that the release of the next iPhone will be in the coming months. However, the price of the device is still up for debate but it seems likely that the largest capacity iPhone 5 will be around the £799 mark. For a more in-depth look into possible iPhone 5 features click here. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

iPhone 5 release date, iPad Mini, the start of “profit rise of Apple”

One analyst is back in headlines after talking about the iPhone 5, the long-rumored iOS smartphone with larger screen, and also the iPad Mini, the rumored 7-inch iPad. Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, the $1000 Apple stock analyst, is again in the tech news section after talking about the iPhone 5, the much-anticipated smartphone of Apple Computers that will reportedly get an October release date. New reports reveal that White is confident that Apple will sell “a lot” of iPhone 5 units worldwide, plus the rumored iPad Mini, which is reportedly joining the iPhone 5 this coming December quarter. Can the two devices give Apple a “blockbuster” year? It is worth noting that the iPhone 5 is a “near-reality” device based on Apple’s yearly smartphone cycle, but the iPad Mini is “a big old rumor” and unconfirmed because based on Apple’s tablet computer cycle, the company introduces one tablet computer per year ONLY, and this year’s iPad is the iPad 3, the first Apple tablet computer with Long Term Evolution (in select countries), Retina display, and the Apple tablet PC with the largest battery ever. According to CNET, Apple will taste the biggest success this year, calling the 2012 calendar the year that Apple will “generate the highest annual net income of any publicly traded company ever.” In short, White is optimistic that Apple will break more records by selling a new smartphone and a new tablet computer, in addition to successful devices like the iPad with 9.7-inch display, the Macintosh lineup, and the current versions of iPhones. This year, Apple introduced its first MacBook Pro with no optical drive, a bold move, so this year, is it possible that the iPad Mini is coming too? Let’s look at the evidences. First, Apple’s late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs criticized the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch phone/tablet because it is small. Jobs said that the Android tablet is “meaningless unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of their present size.” But here’s the catch, in an interview with All Things D, Apple’s CEO and former COO Tim Cook revealed that the late CEO wants him to decide on his own. “When he called me to his home to talk about being the CEO and subsequently the discussions we had, he told me, ‘I witnessed what happened at Disney when Walt passed away,’ He said that people would go to meetings, and all sit around and talk about, what would Walt have done? How would he view this? And he looked at me with those intense eyes that only he had, and he told me to never do that, to never ask what he would do. Just do what’s right. And so I’m doing that.” Cook also revealed that he will implement changes, but not on the “core DNA” of Apple, which is making the ‘greatest products.’ In short, the iPad Mini is possible, just like the MacBook Pro with no optical drive. Plus, making a smartphone with a larger display is also considered a “big change,” knowing that the iPhones, since its debut five years ago, is still with the 3.5-inch display category while its rivals have evolved into massiveness. So, can Apple sell ‘a lot’ of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini this year? Or customers, some of them, might skip upgrading due to their carrier contracts? Apparently, one analyst, BTIG’s Walter Piecyk, warned investors that some customers might not upgrade from an older iPhone to the iPhone 5 this year because they’re now locked into contracts of wireless providers, and they’re not eligible for upgrades with full subsidy when the new iPhone 5 launches this fall alongside the new iOS 6 mobile operating system. But for the iPad Mini, if it will arrive, is a different story. Last year, Amazon’s Kindle Fire ‘broke records’ according to analysts, and attracted ‘millions’ of customers in United States. But why? Well, the Kindle Fire then was the cheapest high-end Android tablet computer in the market, only $199 each compared to the iPad sporting $499 as its cheapest price tag. If Apple will release an iPad Mini this year, then it is highly possible that the smaller tablet is cheaper than the 9.7-incher, plus, it will attract new types of customers because of its form factor (because not all customers are into a large 10-inch tablet PC). wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 Rumors and Release Date - The Renders Continue

The WWDC has come and gone, and we've unfortunately learned little to nothing about Apple's upcoming iPhone. Not a name, techs, specs, nothing, only rumors and speculation. But this hasn't stopped the ever faithful to try their hand at rendering what they think the next-gen phone might look like. Much of the net was fooled before by Martin uit Utrecht's (actual name is Martin Hajek) digital 3D renders of a supposed iPhone 5. Now he's gone and released even more renders, this time of a white version. While they're not likely to fool anyone this time around, they're still very impressive. Again based on the leaked specs, hardware, and rumors, the renders are now seen in a white version. See below for yourself. Wha'ts expected though not yet confirmed, is that the next phone will have 4G LTE, a more integrated Siri, Eyes Free voice integration, and turn-by-turn navigation. Facing pressure from competitors who've fitted their own phones with larger screens, as well as Apple's new Maps app with the flyover efects, a larger screen is almost a guarantee at this point. As far as what's under the hood, it's generally believed that the iPhone will have: an A5 chip, and to help improve the phone's performance, a larger quantity of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, 1080 video recording, a more powerful battery capable of supporting improved performances. Among the rumors is that once Apple DOES announce the next iPhone, they'll also announce a cheaper version of the iPhone, based the design of the iPhone 4. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 Release Set For 2012, Resolution Possibly Affected | iPhone5 Technology

A new report stated that with the development of the Auto Layout application for Apple devices, in the iOS 6 software development, it holds a stronger argument that the release of the iPhone 5 will indeed have a larger screen. Auto Layout is a feature that allows developers to establish parameters for how user interface, including icons and avatars, show up on a screen, said a report in CNet, and based on the resolution of the Apple device, those elements will essentially move to their “correct place,” said the report, based on the parameters set by the Apple developers. It is also noted that Auto Layout will be necessary before the company can release new devices with various and higher-resolutions than those products already available to the public, said CNet and TechCrunch. With this idea in mind, both reports are arguing that the iPhone 5 will have a different resolution than the most updated model of the iPhone, including the 4 and 4S, and possibly with a four-inch diameter display. This will require Apple developers to have Auto Layout in place to keep a consistent experience for users across both types of iPhone products, said CNet. Auto Layout for future Apple products was quickly noticed at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month, but just as a quick screengrab during a presentation. TechCrunch noted that Auto Layout has to be set up within new devices to allow them to have different resolutions, and this includes an iPhone 5 with a larger screen. A couple of Apple developers commented on Auto Layout and how it could and may not necessarily add to the iPhone 5 rumors of it having a larger screen and resolution. “I wouldn’t expect to take an iPhone app, add auto layout to its xib file and get it to look fantastically custom on iPad,” one developer told TechCrunch recently. Auto Layout “is neither a sufficient or necessary condition for a different device… but if Apple is bringing out a 4-inch iPhone they would be crazy not to provide [it],” said another developer to TechCrunch. The Apple iPhone 5 is rumored to have a fall 2012 release, though nothing was mentioned regarding the new generation of the iPhone at this year’s WWDC. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

iPhone 5 Release Date Could Make Apple The Most Profitable Company Ever

The release of the new iPhone 5 could make Apple the most profitable, publicly traded company in the world. As it stands, Apple is currently the most valuable company in the world, with a net worth of over$600 billion. On Monday, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White wrote a note to investors stating that Apple is poised to continue to dominate the tech industry. The new Macbook Pros, a potential iPad mini later this year, and of course, the eventual release of the iPhone 5 (rumored to be released around September) will all contribute to rising profit margins for Apple. "In CY12, we believe Apple is poised to generate the highest annual net income of any publicly traded company ever," White wrote. "On average, we estimate Apple's net income in CY12 will be over 6x higher than the three tech companies on an individual basis (when at a $500 billion market cap) or 1.9x the aggregate profit of these three companies combined. When including all five companies, we estimate Apple's net income in CY12 will be 4x higher than the average." Topeka Captial Markets and White say that Apple stock should be bought, with a target of $1,111 - nearly double its current value. KGI Analyst Mingchi Kuo believes that the iPhone 5 will ship around 65-70 million units this year if released around September. The iPhone 5 is rumored to come with a 4-inch screen, up from the current 3.5 inches of the iPhone 4S. It is also rumored that it will come 4G LTE equipped, meaning download speeds could increase tenfold. A patent recently filed by Apple hints that a removable camera lens and filter could also be a new feature. Apple is also set to release Apple HDTV, as it attempts to help consumers live a lifestyle in which Apple products dominate. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 release date rumors: New iPhone to have interchangeable camera lenses

Even though the iPhone 5 release date continues to be a complete mystery, fans take comfort knowing the iOS 6 handset is ahead. Rumors about new specs and features continue to surface online, and one piece of new iPhoneinformation suggests the 6th generation Apple smartphone will have interchangeable camera lenses. The camera lens rumor was sparked thanks to "a newly awarded Apple patent" that sources claim appears to indicate "the iPhone 5 may indeed be earmarked for changeable camera lens technology." There have been many rumors related to the new iPhone 5, including 3D technology, but this new snippet of info is related to a recently claimed patent, and that leaves some Apple enthusiasts feeling the technology giant confirmed at least one spec consumers will see when the iPhone 5 release date arrives. The patent does not mention the iPhone 5, but it is believed to be related. If so, the new iPhone camera would have the interchangeable lenses, which would "allow for an array of filters and modified lenses to be created by both Apple and third-party manufacturers." Everyone will have to wait for the new Apple gadget to be unveiled before they will know for sure. Once the iPhone 5 release date arrives, Tampa consumers can check out the gadget online or at the Apple Store in International Mall, Tampa. For more iPhone 5 rumors "Like" this Smartphones & TechFacebook Page. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

Sunday, June 17, 2012

iPhone 5 Boasts High Security iOS 6, Swappable Camera Lens on Release Date

Rumors speculate that Apple may be making its new iOS 6 available to the public this fall. Along with the iOS 6 debut, the iPhone 5 may also be joining the party as it is suggested that Apple's next-gen smartphone will be integrated with iOS 6. The iOS 6 also brings new features like its own new map app with 3-D Views and turn-by-turn spoken directions doing away with Google maps along with Siri Technology with more languages for the new iPad. Apple taking up concerns on its privacy setting came up after reports were circulated when Path, an iOS and Android application demanded user contact information without permission. To which the company had reacted that apps collecting or revealing user's contact data without prior permission is against their guidelines. According to Apple's security section, the new system would protect the Calendars, Reminders, Contacts, and Photos and when an app requires and access to those data, it would prompt the user and process accordingly. The user can set the switch access on and off in Settings in the Privacy option. APIs are also available for developers to set a "purpose" string that is displayed in order to help user's understand why their data is being requested. Changes to the EventKit and Address Book frameworks are included to help developers with this feature. Another likely scenario could make the iPhone 5 highly secure if integrated with Apple's iOS 6. Security is one of the most important features that a user looks for and Apple's new mobile operating system iOS 6 is all set to deliver it. The new iOS 6 would require user's permission in order to access any private data stored in the device. Apple is known for applying innovative technologies onto its devices. Introducing a swappable lens for its next generation smartphone could be one of the new concepts for iPhone 5. "Apple's solution is a portable device, like an iPhone, that includes a digital imaging subsystem with a lens that has an optical axis. The device would feature a removable back panel that, when removed, would expose the digital imaging subsystem," reports Apple Insider. Looks like Apple is trying to tap its users and photographers who desire to have removable lens attached to its iPhone. Will this mean the company is also tapping on DSLR users? Or are they coming out with its own separate portable device? "The patent drawings depict an iPhone-like structure. New optical options would allow users to reconfigure or even replace the lens depending on the photo opportunity, a process more closely resembling high-end digital cameras with features like supplementary lenses and filters, optical zoom, and optical image stabilization," writes . In another turn, Apple has been awarded with a patent for removable panel that allows camera configuration by U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The design is expected to be included in the iPhone, iPod Touch, or maybe a different device altogether.According to the designs, the device seems to be for the back panel which be swapped for optic modifications of the camera and looks like an iPhone structure. Designers are bringing out concept designs of the phone and the latest one been an advertisement uploaded on YouTube by a 17-year-old Dakota Adney. The ad featured a transparent Retina Display which projected a laser keyboard. Apple, however, has not provided any information but the iPhone 5 is expected to come with a larger screen display and support 4G LTE with liquidmetal casing. With the unveiling of iOS 6 during the WWDC, speculations regarding the next generation iPhone have taken new heights. sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

iPhone 5 Would Eclipse Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Apple Pulled This Off

On a side note, Samsung for one are leading developers in transparent tech and it is thought that if anyone, they would make the screens for the iPhone 5 and future generation models. They are the supplier of the Retina Display for the iPad and have even shown a flexible display prototype model last year. Unfortunately none of this technology has made its way into the Samsung Galaxy S3 and hence we doubt the iPhone 5 would be ready for it as well. Another thing to drool over is the laser keyboard which is intelligent. This would come in handy for those with large fingers or even poor eyesight. Of course both of these concepts would be outside of the realm for the iPhone 5, they may well be seen in the future on mobile devices. The concept video also shows numerous apps working on the proposed iPhone 5 which includes Siri and Instagram. While it is all a dream, it is worth taking a look at and it is one of the most drool worthy additions to all the current iPhone 5 rumors and predictions which are going around at the moment. It has to be said that many of the features in the video will never see the light of day, but perhaps they could come in future models of mobile devices, somewhere down the line. One of the things that sets people salivating is the transparent screen. This is clear and flawless and is similar to looking out of a newly cleaned window. While this effect could be prove to be trouble, depending on what's in the background, it does provides a stunning backdrop. iPhone 5 would outdo Samsung Galaxy S3 if this were it, alas it is just a concept video With no mention of the release date for the upcoming iPhone 5 at the recent WWDC this has left only rumors flying around about what the new iPhone 5 may bring to the table. One of the tasty chunks of information is a concept video that was created by Dakota Adney, 17, which has everyone drooling. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 Release Date: Larger iPhone Screen, New Dock, New Casing iOS 6 & More Rumored Specs

WWDC has come and gone and we are still anxiously awaiting the release of the next iPhone. WWDC did leave us with a few hints thought at what and when we can expect to see the iPhone 5. The next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 is another rumored release, however, all signs are indicating towards a separate event in the fall, just for the iPhone 5 release date. The new iPhone will be the first product to fully utilize iOS 6′s capabilities. Here are the latest in iPhone rumors including what we’ve heard about the iPhone5 release date, new leaked photos, larger iPhone screen, a new micro USB charger, a moved headphone jack and a metal casing. iPhone 5 Release Date We are rather certain that the iPhone 5 will be released in either September or October of 2012. Seeing that iOS 6 will be available in the fall you should expect to see that aligned with the release of the iPhone 5. iPhone 5 Potential Specs We have finally been able to confirm a new iPhone screen – which has been on everyone’s wish list since day one. 9to5Mac has some leaked photos of the new screen and casing. Here are some pretty killer photos of what the next iPhone could look like, thanks to Mashable and 9to5Mac. Ok, back to specs. And the first thing to consider and only potential downside with a larger iPhone screen is the affect on the developer market. With the new iPad 3, Apple made developers create entirely new apps in order to fit the new screen resolution. However, Apple has so much control over the market, that they can do this, unfortunately. The next enormous change is having 4G LTE compatibility for the iPhone5. Apple is currently late to the game with this as most Android phones are already using the 4G network. Third, a quad core processor and upgraded chipset. Next, is the potential of a 3D camera for the iPhone. Last but not least is the introduction of a “LiquidMetal” casing which would allow for a stronger and unique casing. Check out the report below. In addition to a few new specs, you can expect to see an updated operating system aka iOS 6. Here are some rumors surrounding the iOS 6 release date. Here is what 9to5Mac had to say about these leaked photos. They have consistently provided the most accurate and up to date coverage of the iPhone 5. These photos also clearly show some of the features of the next-generation iPhone. The long rumored smaller dock connector is present, the earphone jack has been moved to the bottom corner of the device (the first time Apple has done this on one of their smartphones), the speaker grills have been redesigned, and there is a new opening between the camera lens and the LED flash. iPhone 5 Concept iPhone 5 Concepts are a dime a dozen, but this video mockup from Aatma Studios is pretty cool. Regardless of which concepts are actually applied to the iPhone 5 (if any) the video is pretty creative. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

iPhone 5 release date and its Apple TV set connection

Apple TV set rumor not dead yet, is it possible that the iPhone 5 “event” in October will also unveil the first TV set of 1 Infinite Loop? iPhone 5 release date in October to include the Apple TV set announcement? Possible, but let’s look at the facts, first, before speculating. Last week’s WWDC event focused mainly on the Mac and iOS, from the new Macbook, new Mac OS X Mountain Lion, to iOS 6 and its new features and integration. The recently concluded event has no mention of the long-rumored Apple TV set, the rumored Apple entertainment device that will try to compete against Samsung’s Smart TVs, Sony’s Bravia and other expensive television sets in the market right now. A new Daily Finance report talks about the Apple TV set hints coming from the late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, and his vision, the problem of our TV sets, and why Apple’s own TV set can still exist. “I finally cracked it.” A sentence taken from the Steve Jobs Biography written by Walter Isaacson, followed by.. “(Apple TV) is an interesting area, so we’ll have to see what we do.” A statement made by Apple’s current CEO and former COO, Tim Cook. Apparently, based on the statements made, Apple wants its own TV product. Not limited to set top box, but a real TV set that will give the company a new revenue stream in a form of an app store-like presentation where customers can purchase or rent movies or TV shows, music videos and more. But the problem of TV set, according to Jobs, is not the technology, but the television industry itself. “(The industry) pretty much squashes any opportunity for innovation, because nobody is willing to buy a set-top box,” he said in an interview with All Things D adding, “So all you can do is add a box onto the TV system. You can say, ‘Well, gosh, I notice my HDTV has a bunch of HDMI ports on it. One of them is coming from the set-top box; I’ll just add another little box with another one!’” So, is Apple TV dead already? Well, not really. In fact rumors still flow. One analyst said that the long-rumored device will feature motion-detection technology and a touch-screen remote. Touch screen remote? Or iPhone as the remote? How about Siri and the ‘cracked it’ phrase? Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5 this October, following the release of the iOS 6. The new iOS 6 comes with new features like Facebook integration as the addition to the successful Twitter API integration in the mobile operating system, and also some new features and new UIs to enjoy like Maps, enhanced Siri, cellular Facetime, better Safari and the most intriguing switch from multiple stores to a unified store. In short, movies, TV shows, music and apps will be in one store. But why? Is it possible that Apple is launching a new store that will arrive on the launch of the iOS 6 in October? The whole TV experience, according to Tim Cook, is not pleasing and it looks like Apple is planning the solution. “Many people would say this is an area in their life they’re not really pleased with,” he said. Have you seen the rumored new iPhone 5? It will reportedly ship with a larger display, reportedly with a new design, and likely with LTE. For starters, LTE is fast, it can download movies, TV shows and other GB-sized files faster than regular 3G. The iPad is now LTE, so I think the Apple TV set and the iOS connection is bonded by LTE, a new network that will give Apple the wireless connection to serve content faster to the Apple TV set, aside from cable companies. Going back to Daily Finance, the money-centric website thinks that the iPhone will act as the remote control of the Apple TV set, and for customers with no iPhone, the site said that “Apple could easily include a dedicated universal touchscreen remote for non-iPhone owners.” sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys