Sunday, June 17, 2012

Apple Sneakily Points To iPhone 5 Release Date Via Official Announcement Of iOS 6?

iPhone 5 release date hinted with iOS6 public rollout schedule? An site explains that Apple have all but confirmed when they will be releasing the next generation iPhone which would be when they start to roll out iOS 6 in the fall. This could be the most fitting time to make the announcement as the new iPhone 5 could then be launched with iOS 6 preloaded to its advantage. iOS 6 is said to have more than 200 new features, even though some of these are very small. It makes sense that Apple would release the latest version of the iPhone at the same time as the latest version of their OS as it would give the phone more 'bragging rights' so to speak. At the moment Apple have shown us the new map app which replaces that of Google Maps and breaks the partnership the two had had since 2007. If the iPhone 5 is released along with the new operating system this would mean it would have features like turn by turn navigation when it comes out, giving it more selling points and a better marketing angle. Of course there has been no official confirmation of this happening so until the fall all fans of the iPhone can do is wait. Do you think Apple will release the iPhone 5 the same time as iOS 6 which has already been officially announced for a fall release like the Examiner points out or will it come sooner? Sound off in the comments below! wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories.iphone accessories

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