Monday, June 18, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Set For 2012, Resolution Possibly Affected | iPhone5 Technology

A new report stated that with the development of the Auto Layout application for Apple devices, in the iOS 6 software development, it holds a stronger argument that the release of the iPhone 5 will indeed have a larger screen. Auto Layout is a feature that allows developers to establish parameters for how user interface, including icons and avatars, show up on a screen, said a report in CNet, and based on the resolution of the Apple device, those elements will essentially move to their “correct place,” said the report, based on the parameters set by the Apple developers. It is also noted that Auto Layout will be necessary before the company can release new devices with various and higher-resolutions than those products already available to the public, said CNet and TechCrunch. With this idea in mind, both reports are arguing that the iPhone 5 will have a different resolution than the most updated model of the iPhone, including the 4 and 4S, and possibly with a four-inch diameter display. This will require Apple developers to have Auto Layout in place to keep a consistent experience for users across both types of iPhone products, said CNet. Auto Layout for future Apple products was quickly noticed at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month, but just as a quick screengrab during a presentation. TechCrunch noted that Auto Layout has to be set up within new devices to allow them to have different resolutions, and this includes an iPhone 5 with a larger screen. A couple of Apple developers commented on Auto Layout and how it could and may not necessarily add to the iPhone 5 rumors of it having a larger screen and resolution. “I wouldn’t expect to take an iPhone app, add auto layout to its xib file and get it to look fantastically custom on iPad,” one developer told TechCrunch recently. Auto Layout “is neither a sufficient or necessary condition for a different device… but if Apple is bringing out a 4-inch iPhone they would be crazy not to provide [it],” said another developer to TechCrunch. The Apple iPhone 5 is rumored to have a fall 2012 release, though nothing was mentioned regarding the new generation of the iPhone at this year’s WWDC. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

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