Monday, June 11, 2012

13 things the Samsung Galaxy SIII can do you don't know about

THERE?S more to life than Apple. So if you?re sick of the hoopla of the latest developer?s conference, we?ve got the goods for you. If there’s one product that can compete with the iPhone on a global stage, it’s the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Last week we unlocked some of the iPhone’s greatest secret features and now we’ve done the same for the Galaxy. And again, you’re welcome. 1. Screen grabs If you're making the switch from a non-Android phone, re-learning how to take a screen shot can be tricky. There are two ways to do this on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. First is the magic palm swipe. To use this function you must first activate the motion sensor. Tap on "settings", "motion" and then hit "enable motion activation". Once this is enabled all you have to do is simply swipe your palm from right to left across the screen. The SIII will then send you a notification saying "saving screenshot". You can retrieve the image in your gallery app in a folder called "screenshots". The second way to do this is by pressing and holding the menu and power button together which captures a screenshot. Pro: A simple and easy way to record images on your phone. Con: The phone may accidentally take a screen shot or activate some other feature if you are gaming or using a function that requires a lot of hand gestures across the device. 2. Rapid app access without unlocking the screen. Sometimes having to unlock the phone is a bit of an effort. So if your phone is locked and you want to quickly access an app, such as the camera, just swipe across the symbol and it will take you directly to the app. Pro: Never make redundant access steps again. Con: If your phone is stolen, this may make easy access a little too easy. Can be countered with a phone password lock. 3. Shake it to make it - a call that is. For immediate access to the dial pad, all you have to do is shake the phone. Pro: Get instant access to the dial pad. Con: For the over-enthusiastic gesturer who just can’t put their phone down, you may find yourself making a lot of accidental calls. 4. Manage your tasks. To access the task manager, hold the home button and a screen will pop up showing all the applications that are running. To access an app or feature, simply tap the application and it will take you there. You can also close applications by hitting the “end” button next to every application. To close all the apps at once hit "remove all". Tap the "task manager" button and it will also take you that shows you how much RAM you're using, and what you have downloaded. Pro: Know exactly which applications are running and how much memory and battery life they’re taking up. Con: Turn into a pedantic user that has to constantly end applications that are chewing up unnecessary energy. 5. Offline browsing. Going on a plane or in a no coverage area doesn’t mean you can’t access your favourite videos and documents. In order to have access to offline content, go to the website of your choice using the browser, hit the “option” button, tap "save for offline reading". Once you have turned off your wireless and 3G connection, go back to the browser and hit the star icon next to the address line. Tap “saved pages” and it will pop up with a list which will allow you to access the sites without internet access. Pro: Never be bored on a plane ever again. Con: You have to remember to save the page in order to access it later. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the pilot is telling you to put your phone in airplane mode. 6. Bespoke phone stand. This is one of the cutest, niftiest features of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but first you'll need the official Genuine Samsung Mesh Vent Case. On the back of the case you'll notice there's a little bump. Turns out this isn't a flaw - it's actually an integrated stand. All you have to do is slide a 10 or 20 cent coin into the slot and rest the phone on it. You can rest the phone at two different angles depending on the position of the coin. Pro: The ability to treat your phone like a tablet. Con: Requires you to have pocket change. Success will depend on width of currency. Probably not available to all nationalities. Aussie currency is fine. 7. Tilt to zoom. There's nothing much to this little feature. Tilt the phone to zoom in. And tilt it from side to side to move icon, or scroll across screens. Pro: Minimise the risk of RSI by cutting down the need to scroll. Con: Accidentally scroll across screens because of your inability to keep your hands still. 8. Sick of scrolling? Double tap the top of the phone. If you've been reading a long page of text or just scrolling through your contacts, instead of scrolling back up, just double tap the top of the phone and it will return you to the top of the page. Pro: Not giving yourself RSI by overextending your scrolling capabilities. Con: Accidental tapping may cause you to lose your place. 9. Double tap the screen to zoom an image and move the phone around to move across the picture. Pro: No need to keep your finger on the screen while zooming. Con: People with balance issues or wobbly hands may find this feature a little annoying. 10. Phone ringing at an embarrassing moment? Just turn it over. Or put your palm over the screen. Never search around for the mute button ever again. If you're caught in an embarrassing situation just turn the phone over to mute your Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It) ringtone. You can achieve the same effect just by placing your palm on the screen. You can also pause music this way too. Pro: Cuts down the time people stare angrily at you while you search for your phone to switch it off. Con: This will help you not at all if you leave your phone at the bottom of your Mary Poppins bag. 11. Pop up play. If you're an obnoxious multi-tasker, you can watch videos while doing other things on your phone. When you're in the video player, turn the phone on its side and hit the little pop up icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. A smaller video screen will appear on top of the existing video. Hit the home button to go back to the home screen and this little video box will continue to appear and play while you use other features on the phone. You can move the video anywhere on the screen. Pro: Never do one thing at a time ever again. Con: Never do one thing at a time ever again. Also, it's a little tricky to master. 12. S Voice - is the new Siri. This feature enables the bossy pants in all of us. If you want to listen to music you can order the phone to do it for you. Simply open the S Voice app, tap the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen and say the name of the band or musician you would like to listen to. S Voice recognises almost all languages. Pro: Allows for an almost hands-free enjoyment of the phone. Con: Still requires you to tap the S Voice icon to use it. Somewhat defeats the purpose. 13. Access FM radio Open the “FM radio” application and then tap “scan” in “options”. The app will come up with a list of available stations. Select the station you want to listen to and jive away. Pro: Access the radio from almost anywhere. Con: Radio may have to re-scan for stations as you move across different areas. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

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