Sunday, June 10, 2012

iPhone 5: Artistic prototype, release date, and Apple “shares”

Apple is currently testing iPhone 5 prototypes, and the one that “got away” is already a YouTube star. Plus, can the iPhone 5 prove that the IDC report favoring Windows 8 is wrong? Apparently, Apple is one of the most secretive companies in the United States. In fact, almost all leaks (except for the Gizmodo iPhone) posted online appeared faked by some tech sites and anonymous artists who want to mess with people’s minds. This year, Apple’s long-rumored unicorn, the iPhone 5, is the center of the rumorlandia this month pre-WWDC 2012 courtesy of the leaked prototype of the iPhone that was posted online. Based on its build including the tiny details like the SIM card tray, the back case and the antenna system, it looks legitimate and could be on the final stage of production. However, some Apple experts echoed that the leaked iPhone 5 could be one of many prototypes that the company is testing right now. In short, it is possible that Apple will not use the design now because it was leaked and the excitement peaked too soon. But what if someone leaked the prototype because Apple will announce it at the WWDC event? Hey, it is a possible scenario, in fact, Apple loves surprises to make its keynotes more interesting. It is worth noting is Apple’s late CEO, Steve Jobs, popularized the “one more thing.” Is the iPhone 5 the first “one more thing” of Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook? iPhone 5 release date in June? Well, Maclifewarns Apple fans not to expect too much because it is just a 2-hour keynote. Interestingly, a new iPhone 5 video is trending in YouTube today entitled “iPhone 5 Renderings Based on Leaked Parts.” The video was uploaded on June 7th, and currently flaunts 318,963 video views and 270 plus comments. According to the uploader, the video of the so-called iPhone 5 is based on the leaked iPhone 5 prototypes. The graphics were made using CAD, the uploader added. Apparently, it is a well-made video, but some viewers are still not satisfied. The most popular comment of the video, receiving more likes from other viewers, said that the next iPhone “looks like the same (banned word) thing!” For starters, the iPhone 4 and the current iPhone model, the iPhone 4S, feature the iconic antenna band design. The leaked iPhone parts, allegedly of the next iPhone, suggest that Apple will still use the same design and it might still mimic the older design. See the video below this article. Moving on, AOL’s Daily Finance is reporting that Apple must “watch out” because Windows Phone is the market’s dark horse. The report is quoting the research made by IDC about the possible growth of the Windows Phone over the next five years. According to the IDC smartphone operating system report, Microsoft’s mobile operating system market share will reach 19.2 per cent and will beat Apple’s iOS with 19 per cent. If accurate, then what will be the “killer phone” of the Windows Phone? For starters, Apple’s iPhone 4S is currently the most popular phone in America, beating all Android devices. However, Android is still the biggest because its ecosystem is diverse and covers almost all categories of buyers, from entry-level to high-end. This year, Microsoft’s Windows Phone is rolling out a new update and experts believe that it is the much-anticipated Windows 8 integration, or the Windows Phone version of Microsoft’s new desktop, laptop and tablet PC operating system. With a more unified ecosystem, Microsoft is betting on similar strategy that Apple is currently enjoying right now, its iOS and Mac OS X ecosystem that play nicely together, and will sync more perfectly with Mac OS X’s new Mountain Lion update. Can Microsoft fulfill IDC’s report? This year, can the iPhone 5 prove that it is still the most popular phone brand? sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

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