Sunday, June 24, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumors: New Features Include 3D Camera and 'AirShare,' Says iTechPost

With Apple showing off iOS 6 at Worldwide Developer Conference, the launch of iPhone 5 is imminent and barely a few months away. iPhone rumor mill is churning incessantly and the latest gossip originates from iTechPost, which claims the sixth generation iPhone could include a 3D camera and 'AirShare' feature, which would enable the user to transfer data/files to the PC with the "flick" of fingers. Citing an anonymous tipster, one of whose family member works with Apple, iTechPost claimed on Saturday that iPhone 5 will pack a larger display, sleek design and 3D camera (you heard us right on this one). The new iPhone will also pack unseen iOS 6 features that Apple didn't introduce at the WWDC event. One of such feature is AirShare that allows users to transfer data to PC at high speeds. "What you do it like select a movie or song from your phone and then flick it off the phone with two fingers," the tipster said. It is to be noted that a similar app called Air Sharing is available on the App Store with the same functionality. It looks like Apple might have purchased the highlighted app, just as Facebook bought Instagram and ported the functionality of the acquired app into its Camera app. Or maybe the tech giant has been inspired by Air Sharing to make their very own 'AirShare' app. The tipster claims to have grabbed in hands a fully functional prototype of the next iPhone. Indicating inclusion of 4-inch display, he said that iPhone 5 is taller and "a bit thinner" than previous iPhone models. It is also slightly heavier too; however, you might never notice the difference. Moreover, the FaceTime camera, which is placed adjacent to the earpiece, is now located above the earpiece. There are two circular speaker grills at the bottom, one of which appears to boast microphone inside it. The camera UI has also changed a lot. On tapping the new 3D button in camera app, two options pop-up, one "like a camera and then a maps". With the 3D camera mode, iPhone 5 will capture 3D photos. Video capture quality would also improve. The tipster shared information that when he captured photo of some flowers, the iPhone 5 prototype also showed a list of flower shops located nearby. As far as release date is concerned, Apple is expected to unveil the smartphone in fall and it will hit stores sometime in October. Previous reports indicate that Cupertino giant could unveil the next generation iPhone on October 4, the same date Apple introduced iPhone 4S last year. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

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