Sunday, June 17, 2012

iPhone 5 release date and its Apple TV set connection

Apple TV set rumor not dead yet, is it possible that the iPhone 5 “event” in October will also unveil the first TV set of 1 Infinite Loop? iPhone 5 release date in October to include the Apple TV set announcement? Possible, but let’s look at the facts, first, before speculating. Last week’s WWDC event focused mainly on the Mac and iOS, from the new Macbook, new Mac OS X Mountain Lion, to iOS 6 and its new features and integration. The recently concluded event has no mention of the long-rumored Apple TV set, the rumored Apple entertainment device that will try to compete against Samsung’s Smart TVs, Sony’s Bravia and other expensive television sets in the market right now. A new Daily Finance report talks about the Apple TV set hints coming from the late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, and his vision, the problem of our TV sets, and why Apple’s own TV set can still exist. “I finally cracked it.” A sentence taken from the Steve Jobs Biography written by Walter Isaacson, followed by.. “(Apple TV) is an interesting area, so we’ll have to see what we do.” A statement made by Apple’s current CEO and former COO, Tim Cook. Apparently, based on the statements made, Apple wants its own TV product. Not limited to set top box, but a real TV set that will give the company a new revenue stream in a form of an app store-like presentation where customers can purchase or rent movies or TV shows, music videos and more. But the problem of TV set, according to Jobs, is not the technology, but the television industry itself. “(The industry) pretty much squashes any opportunity for innovation, because nobody is willing to buy a set-top box,” he said in an interview with All Things D adding, “So all you can do is add a box onto the TV system. You can say, ‘Well, gosh, I notice my HDTV has a bunch of HDMI ports on it. One of them is coming from the set-top box; I’ll just add another little box with another one!’” So, is Apple TV dead already? Well, not really. In fact rumors still flow. One analyst said that the long-rumored device will feature motion-detection technology and a touch-screen remote. Touch screen remote? Or iPhone as the remote? How about Siri and the ‘cracked it’ phrase? Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5 this October, following the release of the iOS 6. The new iOS 6 comes with new features like Facebook integration as the addition to the successful Twitter API integration in the mobile operating system, and also some new features and new UIs to enjoy like Maps, enhanced Siri, cellular Facetime, better Safari and the most intriguing switch from multiple stores to a unified store. In short, movies, TV shows, music and apps will be in one store. But why? Is it possible that Apple is launching a new store that will arrive on the launch of the iOS 6 in October? The whole TV experience, according to Tim Cook, is not pleasing and it looks like Apple is planning the solution. “Many people would say this is an area in their life they’re not really pleased with,” he said. Have you seen the rumored new iPhone 5? It will reportedly ship with a larger display, reportedly with a new design, and likely with LTE. For starters, LTE is fast, it can download movies, TV shows and other GB-sized files faster than regular 3G. The iPad is now LTE, so I think the Apple TV set and the iOS connection is bonded by LTE, a new network that will give Apple the wireless connection to serve content faster to the Apple TV set, aside from cable companies. Going back to Daily Finance, the money-centric website thinks that the iPhone will act as the remote control of the Apple TV set, and for customers with no iPhone, the site said that “Apple could easily include a dedicated universal touchscreen remote for non-iPhone owners.” sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

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