Tuesday, June 26, 2012

iPhone 5 release date: iOS 6 to include Yelp check-in, ignoring other platforms?

Apple’s iOS 6 reportedly bringing Yelp check-in to its new mapping service, no Facebook or Foursquare? Plus, can the iPhone 5 give Yelp more customers? Apple’s next mobile operating system is reportedly adding a new software feature that will allow customers to check-in to Yelp’s services, and if true, the location-based online guide might add more customers whom are based on mobile. According to Bloomberg, beginning with the iOS 6 mobile operating system, Apple will integrate Yelp check-in to its new iOS maps adding new feature to its mapping service like restaurant reviews, hotel accommodation feedbacks and so much more. For beginners, fully integrating Yelp to the default iOS maps app would bring in more customers to Yelp, and it will give the service a new revenue stream coming from the Apple platform. Also, if Yelp will hold the exclusivity, then its rivals have no chance to penetrate to the iOS market especially with the iOS 6. The report goes on to reveal that about 40 per cent of visitors traffic of Yelp are coming from mobile applications with a faster growth than its legacy desktop site. Surprisingly, the report has no mention of Facebook and its own check-in service. Apparently, Facebook is one of the features of the new iOS 6, bringing in top features of the social networking site like posting status updates, uploading photos and sharing web sites. Again, the report is still unconfirmed but based on Bloomberg’s past rumors posted online, we believe that there’s a reason to trust them especially if the report is about Apple. Apple’s iOS 6 is reportedly the mobile operating system of the iPhone 5 out of the box. For starters, iPhone 5 is the rumored new smartphone of Apple that will introduce the first 4-inch screen of the iPhone, the largest since its debut 5 years ago, and other new features like LTE, new design, new processor and possibly with NFC or Near Field Communication. According to latest rumors about the iPhone 5, the new iPhone is coming to the market by the third week of October, possibly after the release date of the iOS 6 to other older devices, and before the month of November because analysts believe that Apple wants to secure its inventory before the holiday season to generate more revenue. Compared to its rivals like Samsung and HTC, now facing shortages due to low supply of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon multi-core processors and overwhelming demand for their smartphones, analysts say Apple is expected to avoid the same problem largely due to its bigger supply chain advantage in Asia. sex toy,sex gadget,adult toy

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