Monday, June 18, 2012

iPhone 5 release date rumors: New iPhone to have interchangeable camera lenses

Even though the iPhone 5 release date continues to be a complete mystery, fans take comfort knowing the iOS 6 handset is ahead. Rumors about new specs and features continue to surface online, and one piece of new iPhoneinformation suggests the 6th generation Apple smartphone will have interchangeable camera lenses. The camera lens rumor was sparked thanks to "a newly awarded Apple patent" that sources claim appears to indicate "the iPhone 5 may indeed be earmarked for changeable camera lens technology." There have been many rumors related to the new iPhone 5, including 3D technology, but this new snippet of info is related to a recently claimed patent, and that leaves some Apple enthusiasts feeling the technology giant confirmed at least one spec consumers will see when the iPhone 5 release date arrives. The patent does not mention the iPhone 5, but it is believed to be related. If so, the new iPhone camera would have the interchangeable lenses, which would "allow for an array of filters and modified lenses to be created by both Apple and third-party manufacturers." Everyone will have to wait for the new Apple gadget to be unveiled before they will know for sure. Once the iPhone 5 release date arrives, Tampa consumers can check out the gadget online or at the Apple Store in International Mall, Tampa. For more iPhone 5 rumors "Like" this Smartphones & TechFacebook Page. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

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