Monday, June 18, 2012

iPhone 5 release date, iPad Mini, the start of “profit rise of Apple”

One analyst is back in headlines after talking about the iPhone 5, the long-rumored iOS smartphone with larger screen, and also the iPad Mini, the rumored 7-inch iPad. Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, the $1000 Apple stock analyst, is again in the tech news section after talking about the iPhone 5, the much-anticipated smartphone of Apple Computers that will reportedly get an October release date. New reports reveal that White is confident that Apple will sell “a lot” of iPhone 5 units worldwide, plus the rumored iPad Mini, which is reportedly joining the iPhone 5 this coming December quarter. Can the two devices give Apple a “blockbuster” year? It is worth noting that the iPhone 5 is a “near-reality” device based on Apple’s yearly smartphone cycle, but the iPad Mini is “a big old rumor” and unconfirmed because based on Apple’s tablet computer cycle, the company introduces one tablet computer per year ONLY, and this year’s iPad is the iPad 3, the first Apple tablet computer with Long Term Evolution (in select countries), Retina display, and the Apple tablet PC with the largest battery ever. According to CNET, Apple will taste the biggest success this year, calling the 2012 calendar the year that Apple will “generate the highest annual net income of any publicly traded company ever.” In short, White is optimistic that Apple will break more records by selling a new smartphone and a new tablet computer, in addition to successful devices like the iPad with 9.7-inch display, the Macintosh lineup, and the current versions of iPhones. This year, Apple introduced its first MacBook Pro with no optical drive, a bold move, so this year, is it possible that the iPad Mini is coming too? Let’s look at the evidences. First, Apple’s late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs criticized the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch phone/tablet because it is small. Jobs said that the Android tablet is “meaningless unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of their present size.” But here’s the catch, in an interview with All Things D, Apple’s CEO and former COO Tim Cook revealed that the late CEO wants him to decide on his own. “When he called me to his home to talk about being the CEO and subsequently the discussions we had, he told me, ‘I witnessed what happened at Disney when Walt passed away,’ He said that people would go to meetings, and all sit around and talk about, what would Walt have done? How would he view this? And he looked at me with those intense eyes that only he had, and he told me to never do that, to never ask what he would do. Just do what’s right. And so I’m doing that.” Cook also revealed that he will implement changes, but not on the “core DNA” of Apple, which is making the ‘greatest products.’ In short, the iPad Mini is possible, just like the MacBook Pro with no optical drive. Plus, making a smartphone with a larger display is also considered a “big change,” knowing that the iPhones, since its debut five years ago, is still with the 3.5-inch display category while its rivals have evolved into massiveness. So, can Apple sell ‘a lot’ of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini this year? Or customers, some of them, might skip upgrading due to their carrier contracts? Apparently, one analyst, BTIG’s Walter Piecyk, warned investors that some customers might not upgrade from an older iPhone to the iPhone 5 this year because they’re now locked into contracts of wireless providers, and they’re not eligible for upgrades with full subsidy when the new iPhone 5 launches this fall alongside the new iOS 6 mobile operating system. But for the iPad Mini, if it will arrive, is a different story. Last year, Amazon’s Kindle Fire ‘broke records’ according to analysts, and attracted ‘millions’ of customers in United States. But why? Well, the Kindle Fire then was the cheapest high-end Android tablet computer in the market, only $199 each compared to the iPad sporting $499 as its cheapest price tag. If Apple will release an iPad Mini this year, then it is highly possible that the smaller tablet is cheaper than the 9.7-incher, plus, it will attract new types of customers because of its form factor (because not all customers are into a large 10-inch tablet PC). wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

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