Sunday, June 17, 2012

iPhone 5 Would Eclipse Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Apple Pulled This Off

On a side note, Samsung for one are leading developers in transparent tech and it is thought that if anyone, they would make the screens for the iPhone 5 and future generation models. They are the supplier of the Retina Display for the iPad and have even shown a flexible display prototype model last year. Unfortunately none of this technology has made its way into the Samsung Galaxy S3 and hence we doubt the iPhone 5 would be ready for it as well. Another thing to drool over is the laser keyboard which is intelligent. This would come in handy for those with large fingers or even poor eyesight. Of course both of these concepts would be outside of the realm for the iPhone 5, they may well be seen in the future on mobile devices. The concept video also shows numerous apps working on the proposed iPhone 5 which includes Siri and Instagram. While it is all a dream, it is worth taking a look at and it is one of the most drool worthy additions to all the current iPhone 5 rumors and predictions which are going around at the moment. It has to be said that many of the features in the video will never see the light of day, but perhaps they could come in future models of mobile devices, somewhere down the line. One of the things that sets people salivating is the transparent screen. This is clear and flawless and is similar to looking out of a newly cleaned window. While this effect could be prove to be trouble, depending on what's in the background, it does provides a stunning backdrop. iPhone 5 would outdo Samsung Galaxy S3 if this were it, alas it is just a concept video With no mention of the release date for the upcoming iPhone 5 at the recent WWDC this has left only rumors flying around about what the new iPhone 5 may bring to the table. One of the tasty chunks of information is a concept video that was created by Dakota Adney, 17, which has everyone drooling. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

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