Monday, June 11, 2012

Android Dilemma: Samsung Galaxy S III or Motorola RAZR HD?

The real summer blockbuster may very well be the battle royale now underway for Android supremacy. Manufacturers have stayed true to their word (from CES in January) that we’d see fewer Android smartphone models this year; instead we’d get Apple-like major launches. Sure enough, there are two models vying for your attention: the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S III and the upcoming Motorola RAZR HD. For upgraders or iPhone switchers (and I know many… what with the limited display size of the 4S, and inflexibility of iOS) the question remains: Which Android is the best – Samsung S III or Motorola RAZR HD? As an OG Droid guy (November 2009) I passed on the Galaxy Nexus (bad battery) and waited and waited until finally the right Android came along. That was the Samsung Galaxy S III. Its predecessor was a smash hit. And the sim-less version I have — now rooted and running Ice Cream Sandwich — is testament to Samsung’s design prowess. Here’s hoping Apple gets off their high horse, and drops these fruitless, asinine, innovation stifling patent trolling vacations. Ultimately, competition is good for a free market, and, ultimately, consumers. Here’s the thing. As soon as Verizon announced the S III last week I pre-ordered el pronto. However, as I’m wont to do, I continued to research the upcoming Moto RAZR HD. Being an OG Droid owner, I’ve been impressed with Motorola’s build quality. And, there’s something about made … er, I mean designed … in America that feels right. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

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