Sunday, June 24, 2012

iPhone 5 rumors: will it come with smaller dock connector or Micro MagSafe?

The Cupertino based tech giant seems to have been forced to introduce a larger screen due to the fact that Android smartphones are coming with far bigger and impressive displays than Apple iPhone’s and the demand for such smartphones is going up and up. Samsung’s Galaxy S3, the best smartphone in the market right now comes with 4.8 inch screen and anything less than 4 inch screen is not going to be acceptable to even hardcore Apple fans in the changed circumstances. Meanwhile there are many features about iphone 5 that are already confirmed. We have to believe these reports as these reports come from either suppliers or producers of Apple components in China. Latest reports from leading news sources including Reuters and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) have revealed that Apple has finally fallen for a 4 inch screen for its forthcoming version. Though Daily Tech says that the change is because of the fact that Apple founder late Steve Jobs is no longer around. But Daily Tech’s assumption looks faulty as previous reports have confirmed that Apple products like iPad 3 and iPhone 5 were planned and designed by Steve Jobs and Tim Cook would have to wait till after iPhone 5 to design some product of his own. But there are other reports of Apple replacing the dock connector with something different. A report that goes opposed to the Techcunch report says that Apple will instead put a Micro MagSafe instead of dock connector. A report in Zdnet says that Apple engineers are going to put Micro MagSafe instead of dock connector. ZDNet report says that Micro MagSafe will have a chip in both ends of the new power supply that will check whether the accessories are genuine or not. Several images leaked in the media by different sources show that new iPhone 5 will come with a smaller charging port. A leading tech blog TechCrunch has gone on to claim that the next gen iPhone will not come with 30 pin dock connector but only 19 pin dock connector. There are many people who are upset with the announcement of dock connector being changed. A reader says, “If iPhone changes the 30 pin connection, this would leave thousands of people upset and unable to use items already brought, this would be wrong for apple to do, a lot of the iphone users would keep with the 4s or move to other type of phones”. Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 is going to come with a number of changes. From size and the display of the next gen iPhone there are several other changes that are going to affect many other iPhone fans in the long term. One such change is the reduction in dock connector that is going to change from 30 pins to only 19 pins. More and more iPhone 5 rumors are doing the rounds. There are speculations that it come with either 18 inch dock connector or Micro MagSafe wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

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