Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Did Apple Just Plop The iPhone 5 Release Date On Our Lap?

Although we have not heard any official release date for the iPhone 5 from Apple, but there have been some exciting recent rumors as mentioned by Examiner'confirming' our suspicions that the iPhone 5 could land in stores as early as this autumn. iPhone 5 release date tied with iOS 6 official autumn rollout? The fact iOS 6 is being launched in autumn is a big indicator. Despite some articles indicating that Apple have more or less confirmed an autumn release date for the iPhone 5, most of us had given up on it entirely for the time being since it was not mentioned in any capacity at WWDC 2012, which would have been the perfect place to speak about the device – even its actual existence remained unconfirmed. The next 'natural' release date people are speaking of is as mentioned, autumn, when Apple’s 6th generation iPhone could be pre-loaded with iOS 6, alongside the iOS 6 rollout on current devices which Apple officially states happens this autumn. With iOS 6 and its 200 features, it would provide the iPhone 5 with that extra selling point (e.g. Turn by turn navigation, wider Siri capabilities, etc). Of course, just like every other Apple news, we don't expect anything to be confirmed until the day of the actual event given Apple's usual secrecy preferences. We'll keep you posted as more develops sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

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