Friday, June 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III not as durable as Apple's iPhone?

Samsung’s Galaxy S III has been hitting nearly every tech headline since the announcement of its U.S. launch. We have no room to talk over here, as we’ve been just as giddy about the company’s 2012 flagship Android phone, but today we read something about the device that’s less than lovely. Warranty providerSquare Trade reportedly put this thing through the ringer with a series of drop tests and found that it really doesn’t hold well under such rough conditions. In total, the company ran three different tests on both the Galaxy S III and the iPhone, beginning with a basic drop from shoulder height. For the follow-up, the company let some kids throw the handset in the air (which, not surprisingly, ended up being the worst of it). Finally, for the third test, both handsets were flung from the trunk of a car as it pulled away (as an aside: I’ve done this one by accident at least twice with an ancient BlackBerry; that thing held strong). As for the results, Apple’s iPhone trumped Samsung’s Galaxy S III in two of three drops. The first drop ended in nothing more than “a few scuffs” along the iPhone’s side, as TechnoBuffalo points out. While that nasty child’s play ordeal resulted in the phone’s back panel being shattered, the front remained intact. The car flinging only caused a few minor scuffs to the iPhone’s corners. Samsung’s Galaxy S III didn’t do as well, cracking from top to bottom in the shoulder-height drop. Surprisingly, the phone actually turned out to be pretty kid-friendly, as the second test went fine with nothing more than just a few scratches (the back panel and batter apparently fell out, too). The third test proved deadly, with the entire front panel shattering into “little pieces, rendering the handset unusable.” Still, the Galaxy S III is a ridiculously saucy phone worthy of much of the attention it’s garnered lately. Also, you really shouldn’t be throwing your phone around, anyway. Seriously, wrap that thing up in some protection and you’ll be fine. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accesories

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