Friday, June 15, 2012

iPhone 5 release date: “Fake” images to “weaker demand” analysis

Can’t wait for the iPhone 5? Well, one artist reportedly “fooled” some tech sites with his beautiful iPhone 5 concept based on leaked phone parts. Plus, one analyst said on-contract iPhones might affect the next iPhone’s sales. The iPhone 5, according to optimistic analysts, is expected to beat records and will generate additional smartphone market share for Apple. In short, the new iPhone will allow the phone and PC maker to create a new revenue stream, or customers who are willing to use their credit cards to purchase apps, music, buy TV shows and movies or rent it. However, one analyst thinks that carrier subsidies, or the on-contract iPhones, might slow down the sales of the iPhone 5. According to BGR, BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk thinks that carrier subsidy has a positive and negative impacts, he wrote citing AT&T chief executive Ralph de la Vega’s statement about subsidies. The positive impact is the cheaper iPhone price tag on contract. In United States, carriers offer the 16GB iPhone 4S for $199.99 with the 2-year contract agreement, plus the upcoming pre-paid iPhone 4 and 4S of regional and pre-paid carriers sporting the tag prices of $400 to $500. The disadvantage of the subsidized iPhones, according to Piecyk, is the duration of the contracts. For starters, new contracts for the iPhones in America require 2-year lockdown, and early termination will require additional charges which are considered “expensive.” Plus, if the customer wants the iPhone 5, then the customer must purchase the phone with no subsidy or terminate the line and sign up to a new one with the subsidized price. The solution, well, Apple’s partners must offer early iPhone promos to convince customers to upgrade to the latest device. However, according to Piecyk, AT&T is not convinced that customers are interested in paying early termination, and many are willing to wait just to obtain the full subsidy. Also, the iPhone 5 release date is rumored to be in October, and AT&T customers will not qualify for a cheaper upgrade. In related news, tech sites this week reported the computer renderings of one industrial designer featuring the next iPhone. However, some sites were fooled by the “perfect” images, according to Fox News, and some tech sites reportedly noted that the images are “leaked” and features the real iPhone 5. It is worth noting that artists love to illustrate the iPhone 5, from their ideas, or to their interpretation based on previous leaks and current rumors. (article continuation after the video). The new renders, apparently, are based on the leaked parts posted online about the iPhone 5′s rumored matte and metal back, the smaller dock connector, and its taller form that will reportedly wrap the larger display. The leaked parts are not “confirmed” so they must be taken with a grain of salt, including the beautiful renderings. Dutch designer Martin Hajek, the person who created the renderings, toldFox News that “it’s been amazing and a lot of fun to see how many ‘knowledgable’ people fell for them,” insulting “knowledgeable tech sites” like Gizmodo, BGR, Ubergizmo and Apple Insider. Maybe, many tech sites just love reporting all reports about the iPhone 5, including unconfirmed rumors, speculation, and also the analysis of experts from the “finance department.” He added that the response of several tech sites is a “a testimony to how embedded Apple has become in our daily life.” Gizmodo reportedly deleted its “leaked iPhone 5″ post containing the images, while other tech sites re-posted their articles to clarify that the images are concept images from one artist based on the leaked parts. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

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