Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iPhone 5 Pre-Release Date Rumors: What Not to Expect

USB Connector – There has been talk of the iPhone 5 release date signaling a move away from the classic Apple dock connector and toward a micro-USB. Sadly, while this would of course make life easier for most user and new buyers, it would wreak havoc with thousands of third-party accessory developers and retailers who would not take kindly to 99% of their current wares becoming incompatible and therefore obsolete. Again, not now and not ever. Flash Support – Another often called-for though never likely to happen feature is Flash support, which is ruled out by nothing more complicated than Apple’s ongoing hatred of Flash. All iPhones and iPads have long been rather stunted when it comes to Flash websites and pages, though at this stage in the game when Flash is gradually currying less favor all round, chances of the iPhone 5 supporting Flash are pretty much zero. External Storage – Not now and likely not ever, as the iPhone and iPad pricing structure has long been determined almost entirely by way of storage capacity. So, despite the fact that fans and followers in their millions have been crying out for a micro-SD card slot for years, you will not be seeing one on this year’s iPhone 5. After all, who on Earth work fork out top-whack for a 64GB iPhone 5 when they could save maybe $150 by taking the 16GB version and bumping up its capacity on the cheap? With this in mind, the following can be ruled out in no uncertain terms, so at to at least modestly narrow down your iPhone 5 wish-list: Were the eventual iPhone 5 release date later this year to bring each and every rumor, whisper and elaborate guess to life, Apple’s sixth-generation Smartphone would be the size of a Buick. Truth is, at time moves forward and the iPhone 5 rumor-mill becomes increasingly impatient, it is becoming easier to rule out certain features and adornments than it is to guarantee others. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

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