Friday, June 8, 2012

iPhone 5 release date: Apple petitions to stop Samsung Galaxy S III U.S. sales

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S III release date cannot catch a break. Samsung announced the gadget would hit U.S. markets on June 21st, but apparently Apple wants to thwart their plans. With the iPhone 5 release date on the horizon, it isn't that hard to believe Apple would try to stop theSamsung Galaxy S III from hitting the market. The Galaxy S III preorders have already begun, and Android fans are super excited to finally nearing the end of their seemingly endless wait for the hot new 2012 smartphone release. Unfortunately, if things go the way Apple wants, Android fans may be in for an even longer wait before they can get their hands on the new popular handset. Is Apple just jealous that Samsung, whom had formerly supplied components for Apple's products, is doing so well with their new line of smartphones? Of course Apple has been very sue happy with regards to any technology they deem as "theirs," but who wouldn't do the same if in the technology giants shoes. Apparently Samsung is allegedly stealing apples from the wrong tree. Apple insists Samsung "infringed at least two of its patents based on its analysis of a model bought in the UK," but the makers of the S III insist they've done no such thing, and stated "the launch would proceed as planned." It didn't take Apple to unleash their legal team on this one did it? Apparently Apple has filed a petition which would seek a temporary ban on the sale of the Samsung Galaxy S III in the United States. Clearly Apple doesn't care what consumers want, but have their own agenda to fulfills. Obviously true Apple lovers are going to remain faithful to their well-loved smartphone, and will happily await the new iPhone 5 release date. So why the big fuss Apple? Some would argue Apple wants to monopolize the smartphone market, since they now have so many Android phones to compete with. It isn't like the old days of 2007 when Apple was the major player in the world of smartphones with the first generation iPhone. At that time no other handset could really compete, and the iPhone was all the craze. Now that other companies have developed their own smartphones, some feel Apple is being sue happy in attempts to quash all other devices on the market. On the other hand, it can easily be argued that other developers have stolen ideas from Apple's products, including the iPhone. After all, look how quickly news surfaced about Facebook snapping up several ex-Apple employees whom had personally had a hand in developing the iPhone and iPad. It can be argued Apple is only out to protect what they've worked so hard on over the last several years. The technology giant is known for releasing cutting-edge products and devices which seem to further advance our technologies with more futuristic ideas. At this time, the Samsung Galaxy S III release date in the U.S. is still a go, and everyone will have to wait and see if Apple will prevail with their attempts to ban the handset, if even temporarily. Additionally, the iPhone 5 release date remains unconfirmed, with speculation mounting over what's to come at the WWDC and beyond. Tampa smartphone users can check out the newest mobile releases at area retailers, and all the latest Apple gadgets at the Apple Store in International Mall, Tampa. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

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