Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New ‘Apple-neutral’ Samsung Galaxy S III commercial airs

Samsung and Apple have been going at it for seemingly an eternity. Both rip each other in the press, courtroom, and commercials – especially in Samsung’s case. The Korean based manufacturer is notorious for producing ads that take shots at Apple. This known fact tends to irk many technology fans, because the company should be spending its money and time illustrating to folks why its products are better. This time around, Samsung has chosen a different path. The company’s Galaxy S III commercial focuses on its new tagline: “Designed for Humans.” Ironically, Apple finds this slogan in their words “Too narrow.” Anyway, in an Apple-like manner Samsung’s new 30 second ad shows people using their Galaxy SIII to celebrate a wedding, propose to a girlfriend, and a parent and daughter falling asleep while reading a “book” on the handset. This commercial spot may seem a bit corny, but it’s a better overall direction for the company in the future. Getting in a mud wrestling match with your rival is not only unproductive, but it turns customers off. No one wants to see it. So with all that said, check out the ad below and you be the judge. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

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