Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Galaxy S3′s US launch looks set to go ahead, despite Apple’s best efforts

The Galaxy S3's late-June launch looks to be safe, as the courts deny Apple's motion to add it to its existing lawsuit against Samsung. The news that Apple was once more heading to the courts to try to stop the release of a competitor’s phone, this time the Samsung Galaxy S3, was as unsurprising as it was upsetting. Keen — or should that be desperate — to delay the phone’s late June launch in the USA, Apple filed a motion to amend its existing lawsuit against, amongst other things, the Galaxy Nexus, hoping to add the S3 to the list; as Apple believes many of the same patents are being abused in Samsung’s latest device too. It was all very last-minute, and Samsung filed a motion of its own telling Apple and the court exactly that. Things were uncertain for a while, and there was a very real chance the highly anticipated Galaxy S3 wouldn’t launch in June at all. However, Android fans and Apple haters can rejoice, as Reuters has reported that the courts have effectively denied Apple’s motion, and the Galaxy S3’s release should go smoothly. At the hearing on Monday, the Judge said that if Apple wanted to stop the S3 from going on sale, it would have to request a new hearing. Even if Apple decides to do this, it won’t happen before the S3’s projected release date of June 21. Frustrated by the court’s slowness to respond, Apple’s lawyer said “Samsung is always one step ahead, launching another product and another product.” By berating the court’s modest pace, he was trying to lay the groundwork to enjoin the S3, suggesting any delays would enable Samsung to violate even more patents. According to the court documents unearthed by, provided Apple doesn’t go ahead with its campaign against the S3, June 21 will also be the date for the Samsung vs. Apple summary judgment hearing. At the moment, then, the Galaxy S3 looks to be safe. But that could change in the future if Apple decides waiting a little while longer is worth it, and requests a new hearing anyway. sex toys,sex gadgets,sex toys

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