Friday, June 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III: Apple complains to the ITC

Apple has logically added to their complaint against Samsung with the ITC to now include the latest release from the South Korean manufacturer – the Samsung Galaxy S III. The Samsung Galaxy S III is already available in Europe and will soon be welcomed in the United States. Apple has therefore adapted their filing in front of the ITC (International Trade Commission) against Samsung for patent violations with their aim being to block the distribution of this device in the US market. A meeting between the two companies CEO’s on the 21st of May didn’t lead to a friendly agreement, with both still in open conflict and with neither giving an inch to the other until the hearings begin. Not surprisingly, Samsung has claimed that Apple’s filing is unfounded, with the South Korean company stating they will strongly defend their smartphone. They have assured users that this won’t prevent the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III on the planned date in the United States. HTC also under pressure HTC, also targeted by Apple, has seen the launch of their smartphone’s delayed by a fortnight due to the ITC wishing to verify components after finding certain elements breached Apple’s patents. Just when HTC announced that their devices had passed inspection, Apple has now filed another complaint requesting that their Android smartphones be once again blocked, leading to HTC’s share price falling to its lowest level in two years. The patent war is therefore still raging after two years, with Samsung – the global leader for smartphone sales (and even mobile telephones in general since the first quarter of 2012) continuing to attack and defend. While the South Korean group is large enough to wage this war, it is starting to have serious repercussions on smaller manufacturers. Besides Apple, who isn’t the only company to ask for royalty payments from Android handset manufacturers, Microsoft has also turned this game into a speciality – allowing them to benefit from the growth of Google’s mobile platform through the payment of royalties from manufacturers and assemblers. sex toys,sex gadgets,adult toys

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