Friday, May 18, 2012

iPhone 5 release date rumors and news roundup of latest iOS 6 smartphone details

Apple fans want to know when the iPhone 5 release datewill be, but the consumer electronics and media company is keeping all of the information related to the rumored iOS 6 handset under lock and key. Not surprising considering how viral their fans have become -- even without any details. A huge wave of new iPhone rumors flood the Internet daily -- From concept designs to features, specs to launch dates -- Apple enthusiasts love talking about their gadgets. So what is known about the iPhone 5 release date, and what is only rumor or speculation? View slideshow: iPhone 5 concept design and other iPhone models An article from Forbes, posted earlier today, sums it up nicely. It say’s: "It’s easy to sum up what we know about the next iPhone. I can summarize it for you in one word – nothing." The issue is that even when real information is leaked and revealed, which is rare because Apple runs such a tight ship, no one can tell if it is legit or not. This is because there are so many bogus claims out there for the real leaks to get buried under. In fact, no one knows for sure what the new iPhone will look like, or the features the device will have. Except for Apple of course, and those who are working with them to make the next iPhone model a reality. Unfortunately, none of these people are talking. So basically, anything heard about the iPhone 5 should be considered a rumor, as whatever Apple has planned won’t be truly known until the handset makes an appearance. Now for the rumors. There isn't a shortage on this topic, so consumers can take their pick! From displays to casings, if the next Apple smartphone were even close to some of these ideas it would be astonishing! The handset is expected, by techies and analysts alike, to have a larger display screen. One rumor even suggests the display will be unbreakable, or at least have a tougher scratch resistant gorilla glass screen. Meanwhile the design rumors pelt various search engines on the hour. It seems there are a lot of concept designs out there, but for some reason fans believe their favorite will be the new iPhone 5! Perhaps these fans are hoping the more talk out there about a particular concept design, the more likely Apple will be to show mercy on them and make the device of their dreams. Or maybe it’s simply the musings of people who have too much time on their hands. The next Apple handset is of course expected to run off iOS 6, have a Liquidmetal casing, 4G LTE support, and haptic technology. Haptic would allow users to feel on-screen buttons. No matter what the next Apple mobile device has to offer, Tampa fans will be able to pick up their own shiny device at a local wireless provider once the iPhone 5 release date finally arrives. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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