Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3: US release date fixed for June 1

Finally Samsung Galaxy S3 release date for the US seems to have been fixed for June 1. This is a lot earlier than the previous rumors that suggested the arrival of the third generation of Galaxy S3 as late as September. Reports suggest that Samsung partners have already sold 9 million units of the Galaxy S3 as pre-order in the last two weeks since its announcement at a glittering ceremony in London. This is a huge number and there are indications that the demand is going to go up considerably in the days after its actual release in the market. Notwithstanding the fact that the smartphone from Samsung is attracting a lot of great words from reviewers, there are many people who are critical of its display. A reader says, “Regarding the Pentile screen, I dare say one would be able tell the difference. I was able to notice the red sub pixels on the Galaxy Nexus. Seeing as the S3 is the same resolution but has a bigger screen logically it would be more noticeable. Engadget did report the red sub pixels on the S3 is smaller though, wonder how much of a difference this will make”. Meanwhile the Galaxy S3 set to be shipped in the US on June 1 will come with Qualcomm S4 MSM8960 dual-core 1.5GHz processor with the same 1GB of RAM. This is going to ensure a superb performance and also improve the battery life of the super smartphone. Another important thing is the fact that the device expected to be introduced in the US will be 4G LTE smartphone. Notwithstanding its great specs and features people in the US are feeling let down by the delay in launch in one of the best smartphone markets in the world. One more important aspect of the Galaxy S3 launch this time around is the fact that the Korean giant is not specially targeting Apple’s iPhone as it did before the launch of Galaxy S3. I am not sure as to why this change in strategy? Is it because the company doesn’t want to annoy its bitterest enemy or it believes that it has outgrown Apple when it comes to smartphone market? wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,sex toy

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