Tuesday, May 29, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors: New Apple iOS Smartphone Announcement in Two Weeks

A new iPhone 5 release date rumor suggest the next Apple handset may be announced in two weeks. Apparently Appleites are holding on to the idea of the new iPhone making an appearance at the 2012 WWDC in San Francisco next month. Is this really likely though? Apple is known for keeping everything related to new technologiesand devices a big secret until they are ready to unveil, but fans of the computer giant have speculated about the 6th generation iOS 6 cellular device for some time now. Though it is possible Apple may surprise everyone, the general consensus is that the iPhone 5 release date will not be announced just yet. It appears most analysts agree that the next Apple smartphone won't be showcased at the WWDC. Similar to last years WWDC, it looks like this years event will be used to show off software like iOS 6 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Do you think Apple plans to announce the iPhone 5 release date at this year's WWDC? Or will they wait until later in the year? wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

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