Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Preorders Top 9 Million Without US – iPhone 5-Who?

Dream and salivate all you want about an impending iPhone 5 release date, but there’s no escaping the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has already well and truly thrown down the gauntlet for Android. According to reports surfacing this week from the Far East, advance-hype and the legacy of the S2 have been enough to spur no less than 9 million global preorders of the Samsung Galaxy S3, spanning an incredibly 100 worldwide carries. Impressive enough, but when considering that the US has yet to join the affray and add its own preorders once a release date is announced, there can be little disputing the S3 as one of the most incredibly successful devices of the decade so far. Samsung reported Galaxy S2 sales totaling upwards of 20 million back in February, therefore it pretty much goes without saying than the S3 is well and truly on the way to annihilating any and all current Android Smartphone records. Of course, Samsung seems to have been fully aware of the demand for the S3 all along, with reports today suggesting that production is currently in high gear and churning out no less than 5 million Galaxy S3s every month. This certainly ties in with the recent announcement that Samsung has now surpassed ailing Finnish brand Nokia to become the larger supplier of mobile phones in the world today. And if there was ever a device guaranteed to cement this lead even further, it is of course the Samsung Galaxy S3. Admittedly this does not fully take attention away from the possibility of an iPhone 5 release date coming about in the very near future, especially when considering the fact that the S3 will of course demand a 24-month contract. So, will 9 million sales already bagged and perhaps an ever greater sum to come, exactly how many are holding out for the iPhone 5 remains a mystery, though is likely to be just as impressive a figure. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,sex toy

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