Sunday, May 27, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors and News: OmniVision and Skyworks Benefiting from Apple iOS 6 Smartphone

The iPhone 5 release date doesn't just have the Apple community on edge. A recent report suggests fans of the new iPhone are not the only ones who will be ecstatic about the iOS 6 handset launch. It looks like OmniVision Technologies and Skyworks Solutions will benefit from the 6th generation Apple smartphone launch as well. A recent article says Semiconductor stocks have had impressive gains as mobile devices continue to become more popular. "The industry has shifted from one focused on personal computers to one dominated by smartphones," the article reads. So what does this mean for the iPhone 5 release date, OmniVision, and Skyworks? A total of 655 million smartphone units are expected to be sold globally in 2012. This is more than double the units sold in 2010, while the sales of personal computers only grew about five-percent in the same timeframe. That said, companies who've been able to adapt, and angle their business toward the smartphone market have outlived those who stuck solely with working on technologies for PC's. If Apple is manufacturing a new iPhone model, it would mean a large order is being sent to chip suppliers, which would surely be a welcome boost to their overhead. Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster says his company believes the next Apple handset "will represent the biggest consumer-electronics product launch of 2012 as well as the biggest device-upgrade cycle in smartphone history." If these analyst reports are correct then OmniVision Technologies and Skyworks Solutions will want to stay on Apple's good side. That way the two companies can reap benefits from manufacturing components for the iOS 6 gadget. Are you waiting for the iPhone 5 release date? What are your thoughts on the worldwide increase in smartphone sales since 2010? Do you think more companies need to adapt to smartphones and move away from PC's? sex toys,sex gadgets

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