Tuesday, May 29, 2012

iPhone 5 release date: HTC-like or original design?

How to describe a rumored new phone? New leaks reveal the possible design of the mythical iPhone 5, ahead of the rumored October release date. Analysts, many of whom, believe that the next iPhone refresh will occur in October, and similar to previous iPhones, the “iPhone 5″ is getting tons of leaks-inspired rumors including the latest set of images circulating online claiming that the phone will ship with a metal-like stipe back case style. Plus, one of the leaks is claiming that the iPhone 5 is equipped with a new smaller dock that might give Apple a new revenue stream. The first leak is courtesy of 9to5Mac, and the report is bundled with an image of the alleged new Apple phone sporting a new HTC-esque design (HTC Radar, hello), and with the same iPhone 4-like antenna design. Surprisingly, the image reveals that the next iPhone might ship with a new dock connector, a smaller hole that should give Apple a new source of revenue because it will be forcing old iPhone owners to buy new chargers and USB ports, yikes! If true, then it would pull the expensive Apple stocks up, obviously. New phone, plus new dock connector, can you imagine this year’s Apple Stores filled with new products and old customers returning because they need spare chargers for their iPhone 5? Now, let’s go back to reality. The new set of images also echo old rumors that the iPhone 5 will come with a larger display, but with the same width, so the additional pixels are implemented by adding height. Taller iPhone 5? Likely. Again, if accurate, this would give Apple a new revenue stream by selling new cases for the iPhone 5. According to 9to5Mac, it is possible that the metal strip at the back of the new iPhone is connected with the antenna band, and it will allow the phone to receive stronger data signals from WiFi and wireless providers. It is worth noting that LTE or Long Term Evolution is one of the rumored new features of the iPhone, and stronger signal means stable data connection. LTE, for starters, is called “4G” here in United States because it offers faster data speed compared to the good ‘ol 3G HSPA+ that some wireless carriers call “4G” too, ask Phil Schiller if you want proof. Another leak, surprisingly, also appeared today courtesy of Engadget, AOL’s popular tech website. In a blog post posted Tuesday, the author revealed that iPhone parts supplier uBreakiFix sent the set of photos of the rumored iPhone 5′s shell which is a bit identical to the images presented by 9to5Mac’s report. Coincidence? Well, maybe. We should take these rumors with a grain of salt, because it is highly possible that these images are showing an old iPhone prototype, or one of the iPhone 5 prototypes that Apple is currently testing right now. One analyst said in a note to investors that Apple will release a new iPhone this year, likely after the launch of the new MacBook early next quarter. Similar to last year’s iPhone 4S, Apple is reportedly planning to launch the iPhone 5 ahead of the United States Black Friday. Other rumored features of the iPhone 5 are iOS 6 out of the box, new display technology, new camera, and possibly with a new processor that will allow Apple to convince its customers to upgrade. Also, analysts believe that the price of the next iPhone will be the same. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories

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