Tuesday, May 29, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors & News: Apple Undecided on New iOS 6 Smartphone Design & Features

iPhone 5 release date rumors and news say Apple is undecided on their new iOS 6 smartphone design and features. There has been much speculation over what Apple has planned for the their next iPhone, but so far fans have been kept in the dark about what they are actually working on. A multitude of reports related to the Apple gadget have stated the device is undergoing a complete redesign, and that the next generation of the much-loved handheld will have a completely different look and feel. According to a recent article, Apple remains undecided on what design they want to unleash for the long-awaited iPhone 5 release date. Several sources had reported the computer giant was working on a Liquidmetal casing, and larger 4-inch display, for their next mobile handset. However a recent article says "Apple still has to complete the design for the next gen iPhone 5," and suggests this could mean all the rumors hitting the Internet about a redesign are baseless speculation. If these rumors are true, and Apple has not decided which design they want to use, it seems less likely consumers will be getting their hands on the upcoming device before late 2012. The next smartphone isn't the only Apple device leaving consumers guessing! The new Macbook Pro 2012 has had Appleites in suspense for some time now, and the latest rumors for the laptop have slated a July launch. So it looks like enthusiasts might be able to buy at least one new Apple product before October. Do you think the design for the iPhone 5 release date handset is still up in the air? If you are an Apple fan, will you still wait for the new iPhone, even if it means another Fall launch? sex toys,sex gadgets

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