Sunday, May 27, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date: Concept Video Reveals Projector and Keyboard as iPhone 5 Features

As the iPhone 5 release date announcement draws closer, we continue to get great examples of iPhone 5 concept photos and video that shows the potential to drive fresh rumors around what features will be included in a new iPhone 5 release. This week we saw the rise of a great video with a projector, we also heard Gene Munster talk of the “biggest device-upgrade cycle in smartphone history.” No small words there. The potentialiPhone 5 release date could be announced soon at the WWDC in June (weeks away). iPhone 5 Release Date The iPhone 5 release date is potentially right around the corner with the WWDC next month. For those that don’t know, theWWDC is the World Wide Developers Conference, a place where Apple traditionally drops a new version of iOS on us for devices like the iPhone and iPad, and possibly reveals new clues about any feature release date for Apple products. It happens on June 11 - 15 in San Francisco, and it’s widely expected that we’ll see iOS6 released during the conference. iPhone 5 rumors point to an upgrade to Siri (which is seeing its own hype right now) and possibly iTunes as big ticket potential items. iPhone 5 Concept Video and Photos The iPhone 5 concept video adds fuel to the rumors that came from recent iPhone 5 concept photos, over new design features that stem from the idea of a projector. The use of a projector isn't new, the Samsung Galaxy Beam is already on the market and has a projector built in. The iPhone 5 concept in the video above also reveals the idea of a laser keyboard, a feature that’s been around as a technology for a long time and could help people who don't like the onscreen keyboard because they find it difficult to use. Still, the video from Aatma Studio reveals some great concepts as features, all with great potential should they eventually find their way to the iPhone 5 release date. Recent photos from Toby Kick and Antonio de Rosa also reveal iPhone 5 concept photos with an awesome vision of real world potential ... all of these ideas are realistic and could be included should Apple choose to pursue them. These concepts are all grist for the iPhone 5 rumors mill, but are fun in the way they see potential features. Another reason to think big and think different about what new iPhone 5 features might be included? This week's comments from analyst Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster : "We believe the iPhone 5 will represent the biggest consumer-electronics product launch of 2012 as well as the biggest device-upgrade cycle in smartphone history." iPhone 5 Features and Specs A lot of this has been covered before, but to recap the list of running favorites that are an estimate of the iPhone 5 features and specs: the biggest and most plausible is the larger screen. This really drove iPhone 5 rumors last week when Bloombergsaid that Apple had “placed orders from suppliers in Asia for screens that are bigger than the 3.5- inch size now on the smartphone;” this lead a wave of rumors about a four-inch iPhone 5 screen. This would match pace with current smartphone screen sizes, and MacRumors also had photos this week of parts that revealed a bigger screen size already in production. Other big ticket iPhone 5 features include 4G LTE connectivity, which is more of a catch-up feature than a revolutionary one; a new processor that could be either the A5X found in the current iPad 3 release or the possibility of an introduction of the long-rumored A6 processor that seems as real yet mythical as the Apple TV. Any of these are almost must-have features for the iPhone 5 release date, they aren’t ground-breaking but are necessary for the iPhone to maintain its momentum. A new iPhone 5 dock connector is also widely rumored to be part of the iPhone 5 release. A new 3D mapping service, and improved camera have also been talked about as well. What iPhone 5 features are you looking forward to? What rumors and concepts do you think are a waste of time, or likely just that: iPhone 5 rumors? Do you think the iPhone 5 release date is in June, or will it happen later this Fall? wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,sex toys,sex gadgets

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