Friday, May 18, 2012

iPhone 5 rumors for the week ending May 19

Perhaps the Next iPhone won't be called iPhone 5 but the Zombie iPhone, in honor of the new spate of rumors that the late Steve Jobs is still with us in a sense, as the chief designer of the upcoming handset. Also this week: The 4-inch iPhone 5 screen is "confirmed" because mainstream media reported on rumors instead of bloggers, Apple is reducing new orders for iPhone 4S so it can, um, sell more of a phone it hasn't announced yet, and all that "zazz." You read it here second. BUZZBLOG: Don't count on an iPhone 5 announcement June 11 __________ "Instead from what we've gathered over the last few weeks in leaks and tips popping up until and including today, we'll see [at Apple's June Worldwide Developer Conference] much of the groundwork and preparations being made for the release of that titanic smartphone release set for a late summer release, a release which, including an iCloud upgrade, improved Apple-run Maps, and hardware updates galore, will be strewn with next-level zazz." -- Chris Burns, SlashGear, in a gushing post that a) uses the word "release" four times and b) doesn't bother to actually identify let alone source any new iPhone 5 or iOS 6 feature, opting instead to sum up the Next iPhone with the technical term "next-level zazz" __________ iPhone 5 will be the "Steve Jobs Phone" The iOSphere has happily concluded that iPhone 5 will be the Steve Jobs phone, because he purportedly "worked closely on the redesigned phone" before his death last October. The conclusion is based on a Bloomberg story which cites exactly one source, someone "with knowledge of the plans," as the basis for this assertion. Bloomberg mentions a total of three such sources in the story, but each one for separate assertions. And the assertions don't amount to much, as one can tell from reading the rest of the story, which rehashes some rumors about screen sizes, some generalities about the competitive smartphone market, and so on. For having talked with three people with knowledge of Apple's plans, there's precious little that's new or detailed information in the story. Bloomberg claims, again from one source, that iPhone 5 will be redesigned but offers not a single detail regarding how. Another source repeats the previously circulated rumors that Apple has placed orders for displays "that are bigger than the 3.5-inch size now on the smartphone," but again without any detail as to what the larger size would actually be. "Apple has been working on the new device since before the current iPhone 4S model was introduced last October, said one person with knowledge of the project. Jobs, who had gone on medical leave from Apple starting last January, played a key role in developing the phone, this person said." iPhone 5 "confirmed" as having 4-inch screen Two stories this week, by The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, claim that the Next iPhone will have a 4-inch screen. Immediately, the iOSphere rejoiced, saying these mainstream media stories "confirm" the larger screen. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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