Monday, September 10, 2012

Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: More Alike Than They’d Want to Admit

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was a slap in the face to Apple and its strong market share. The iPhone 5 is almost here, though, and it wants revenge. However, despite the enmity, the two phones are more similar than you might think if rumors prove true. iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: The similarities The Samsung Galaxy S3 chip is a quad-core (in the international version) Exynos Cortex A9. If rumors prove right, the iPhone 5 will have a quad-core Samsung-designed chip too. The Samsung Galaxy S3 thinness is a real draw for many – just 8.6mm and a mere 133g. The iPhone 5 is expected to have a unibody, making it 7.6mm thick and the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever. The Samsung Galaxy S3 4.8” screen is bigger than the 4.3” display on the GS2, and the iPhone 5 is believed to be making a similar move, sporting a 4” screen, which is 0.5” bigger than its ancestors just like the S3 is to the S2. It’s likely – but not certain – that the Gorilla Glass 2 on the Samsung Galaxy S3 display will feature on the iPhone 5 too. The Samsung Galaxy S3 NFC and LTE mean that users can make payments while on the move – and surf at faster speeds too. The iPhone 5 will most likely feature NFC and LTE, although Samsung has apparently said that if Apple starts dabbling with LTE, Cupertino will face the wrath of its lawyers. Samsung owns a huge raft of LTE patents. Both phones have an 8MP camera, and the iPhone’s camera has been so well-received that Apple doesn’t need to do much to it. Maybe a slight sensor improvement, but that’s about it. As the Samsung Galaxy S3 launched first, you’d think that it’d be safe from any more legal action if the iPhone 5 looks anything like it. Maybe not, though – it all rests on who has the biggest dad….sorry – the biggest portfolio of patents. wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories,ipad accessories

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