Thursday, September 6, 2012

Samsung Galaxy vs. iPhone 5; Ahead of Fall Smartphone Battle The Galaxy S3 Surpasses 20 Million Units Sold

Despite recent legal hurdles with Apple, Samsung seems to be doing pretty well. Canaccord Genuity recently released a report that showed that the Galaxy S3 has overtaken the iPhone as the best selling smartphone on Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile networks over the past couple months. Only AT&T's iPhone did better than its Galaxy S3 competitor. Now, a recent Samsung blog post brags that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has sold over 20 million units in its first 100 days - a new record for a Samsung smartphone. "As Samsung's most successful smartphone to date, the GALAXY S III has set a new record, generating sales quicker than any of its predecessors," read the Samsung Tomorrow blog post. The Galaxy S3 surpassed 10 million sales in less than two months of its release. This is a good sign for Samsung ahead of Apple's iPhone 5 launch. Apple has submitted a list of Samsung devices to the courts that it wants banned, and the Galaxy S3 is one of them. The strong Galaxy S3 sales show that consumers aren't pulling back from purchasing the Galaxy S3. Apple's iPhone 5 will be revealed on September 12 at a press conference, and will most likely go on sale on September 21. The Galaxy S3 is currently the best selling Android smartphone and will be the iPhone 5's biggest competition. While the demand for the Apple smartphone is at an all-time high, the Galaxy S3's sales show that some consumers are willing to give Android phones a shot, rather than wait for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Samsung is also releasing four new colors for the Galaxy S3: Garnet Red, Amber Brown, Sapphire Black, and Titanium Gray to give buyers more options. The two biggest differentiating factors between the two smartphones is the fact that the iPhone 5 will run iOS 6 sport a 4-inch display versus the Android-based Galaxy S3's 4.8-inch screen. There is also a rumored Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini in the works that would have a 4-inch screen and 5-megapixel camera that would make it the same size as the iPhone 5. sex gadget,sex toy,adult toy

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