Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: Screen Protector Shows Size Comparison

Apple won’t announce the iPhone 5 until tomorrow but thanks to leaks and rumors accessory manufacturers already have their new products ready for the device. While most case manufacturers won’t talk about their designs for the new iPhone 5, a few are already talking and willing to give us samples. Spigen SGP makes a line of screen protectors it calls GLAS.t. The GLAS.t line is the first line of screen protectors made of tempered glass, and it’s also one of the first line of protectors to support the iPhone 5 before launch. The company gave us one of its iPhone 5 screen protectors to try when the phone comes out, but it also serves as a good comparison of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Spigen built its iPhone 5 screen protector based on the rumors and leaks of the iPhone 5. the photo below shows the iPhone 4S screen protector to the left of an iPhone 5 screen protector, giving a better idea of how much taller the iPhone 5 is.
iPhone 4s screen protector compared to iPhone 5 screen protector. The iPhone 5 screen protector is taller than the iPhone 4S model, but is the same width. When placed on an iPhone 4S the width fits perfectly, but the top extends past the phone’s edge. The home button is also changed on the iPhone 5 front panel. The button is closer to the bottom of the device, and is a bit smaller. We assume both of these changes are to make room for the taller screen.
The iPhone 5 screen protector is taller than the iPhone 4S, and uses a smaller lower home button opening. Spigen is confident in its design for the iPhone 5 screen protector, but it will replace it with a new model if Apple’s design is different. The screen protector is available now for $27.99 from it’s website. Apple will announce the iPhone 5 tomorrow, September 12. The rumored iPhone 5 release date is just nine days after the announcement on September 21. The new iPhone will likely have 4G LTE, a slightly larger battery, and a smaller dock connector.
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