Monday, September 10, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. Apple iPhone 5: Galaxy S3 Sales Boom Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch

Samsung has had a bad few weeks in court, but it seems like it’s been winning hard in the marketplace over the past few months. The South Korean manufacturer earlier reported that it shipped 10 million units of the Galaxy S3 in the first month since its release, and it has since followed it up by disclosing that it has doubled that figure in the succeeding two months.
In the three months from its late May release, this adds up to 20 million Galaxy S3s sold.In comparison, the manufacturer’s previous flagship, the Galaxy S2, took 10 months to reach that figure. Supposedly, European customers were the biggest buyers of the Galaxy S3 at 6 million, with the US sitting second at 4 million and South Koreans snapping up 2.5 million units. Supposedly, Galaxy S3 sales in the US were high enough to make the smartphone the best-selling handset in three of the four major carriers in the country. However, Samsung’s successful run may be soon nearing its end. Apple has already sent out invitations for a September 12 event, which it heavily hinted could be the formal unveiling of the iPhone 5. Analysts suggest that the lower performance of the iPhone 4S in the marketplace could be mainly due to the Apple faithful waiting it out for the next-generation iPhone to arrive. This sort of pent-up demand has led to expectations of a massive blowout for the new smartphone: 10 million units sold within the first week, leading up to a phenomenal 200 million sales until the end of the year. sex gadget,sex toy,adult toy

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