Monday, August 20, 2012

iPhone 5 release date: New photos of Apple iPhone 5 features shock analysts

Since the announcement of the alleged iPhone 5 release date, which is scheduled for Sept. 12th 2012, the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini from Apple continue to have the web in a frenzy. As usual, the Cupertino company is very stingy with information, thus giving free rein to the wildest rumors. As we have seen with the release of the iPhone 4S and its previous rumors, most were false. Pictures of the Apple iPhone 5 create buzz Apple's products have definitely emerged as the stars of the summer. Due to the lack of information from the Californian company, leaks, rumors and speculation towards the iPhone 5 are increasing. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the truth from false. Rumors, particularly concerning the appearance of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, are many. Recently, new pictures by iResQ (a company responsible for repairing Apple products) showing the connectors of these two devices are creating enormous buzz. Upon looking at these pictures, I immediately noticed the presence of an eight-pin connector, which is in total contradiction with the information revealed by iOS 6 Beta 4. Since their appearance on the web, these pictures have divided analysts. While some have questioned their authenticity, others believe they are closer to reality. We will find out who is right on Sept. 12th, which is the date set for the official launch of the iPhone 5 in the United States. What about the rumor of the iPad Mini being presented with the iPhone 5 during the keynote? In addition to the future generation of the new iPhone, the other anticipated product of the Apple brand is the iPad Mini, and rumors surrounding it are extremely numerous. Pending its official release which hitherto remains at the stage of speculation, the rumors about it are growing very quickly on the web. Regarding its appearance, it seems that contrary to what one might expect, the iPad Mini will not be a miniature version of the current iPad 3. Its appearance is closer to that of the iPod Touch or iPhone, according to the rumors. The site 9to5Mac has also posted some pictures of what would be a possible prototype of this mini tablet. From these pictures, we see that this so-called prototype shows a lack of bezel on the side, which is found on the current iPad. This could make it a little difficult to grip. The iPad Mini is also expected to be lighter, its weight should not exceed 650 grams. Finally, another detail that distinguishes the iPad Mini is a microphone on the back. Besides appearance, other information of interest to many users is the price of the new iPad Mini. The miniature version of the Apple tablet computer may be offered at a lower price to compete with other mini tablets. Be careful with the rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. With the iPhone 4S, very few people knew in advance the precise features of the iPhone 4S. There were thousands of concepts and assumptions, some of which were true. Keep constantly in mind, that these rumors did not come from Apple itself, making them somewhat easily discredited. Whether customers, suppliers or assemblers of the iPhone 5, Apple made ??secrecy a point of honor. There are many false rumors related to the iPhone 5 and keep a critical mind of any information given to you, either towards the iPhone 5, or more generally in everyday life. sex gadget,adult toy,sex toy

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