Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nothing Like an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S 2/3 Commentary – Hugh? What? Hugh?

Samsung isn’t the only company advertising during the Olympics, Apple was running Mac genius commercials, claiming “There is nothing like a Mac.” which leads us to ask “Hugh?” Back in the early days, Apple sued Microsoft and HP claiming that the graphical user interface (GUI) was copyrighted and the opposing OS were like the MAC OS. The court ruled “”Apple cannot get patent-like protection for the idea of a graphical user interface, or the idea of a desktop metaphor [under copyright law]” Which leads to big “Hugh?” Apple contends in its patent infringement lawsuits currently in court that Android is copying and becoming “like” the iPhone. On July 18 of this year, due to litigation in the U.K. Judge Birss made Apple publish on their website that Samsung did not copy the iPad. In the latest legal battles with Samsung, Susan Kare, a graphics consultant who created images used in Apple’s original Macintosh computer, testified Tuesday, that she found elements of Apple and Samsung’s phones’ interfaces to appear “substantially similar.” Hey wait the commercial says there is nothing like a MAC(see video below). In order to figure out how to edit your movie on an airplane you need a genius to help you but it’s supposed to be really simple. ”What?” Samsung attorneys came back saying that there are whole bunch of screens to go through showing the user that it is an Android smartphone with the Google search bar on it, before getting to the icons screen. Icons have appeared in every graphical user interface since Xerox. There are icons in the Windows desktop. There are icons in many operating systems. The thing about icons is they are images in columns and rows. Each app has its own icon. In fact programs that run across Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone have icons that usually look alike because they identifying the same app. Some of Apple’s witnesses are being paid $75,000 to appear as expert witnesses (Peter Bressler). Author’s Comment: “Let me be an expert witness and get paid $75,000 for Samsung!” Icons are symbols that look alike. Therefore everyone is infringing on the icons found in the Egyptian pyramids. Let’s s bring a lawsuit on behalf of Cleopatra, she should get a lot of money because all the UIs are infringing upon the icons in her pyramids. I’m a graphics technology mobile expert and have examined the icons on the iPhone 4 4S as well as the new iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S 3, along with the icons on pyramid walls. All GUI have elements in their interfaces that appear to be “substantially similar.” 。 sex gadget,sex toy,adult toy

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