Monday, August 27, 2012

Will The Galaxy S3 Still Be Superior to the iPhone 5?

Try as Apple might, its so-called “new iPhone” or “iPhone 5” will still be playing second fiddle to the Samsung Galaxy S3. We are, of course, basing this opinion on what we have heard about the new iPhone, and we’re not passing judgment yet on the device. But assuming the new iPhone is what the rumors suggest it will be, then the Galaxy S3 still has it beat.
Photo credit: Martin Hajek The Samsung Galaxy S3 will still, at the end of the day, have a far larger screen than the iPhone 5. At 4.8 inches, the Galaxy S3 has the largest screen among all smartphones (not counting “phablets” like the Galaxy Note), and even at 4 inches, the new iPhone 5 won’t hold a candle. It will also, most likely have a far more powerful battery at 2,100 mAh. Come on now, Apple, 10 mAh improvement on the new iPhone’s battery? That will still make it about two thirds as powerful as the Galaxy S3’s battery, assuming the rumors regarding the battery are correct. The jury is still out on iOS 6, which we still don’t know much about, but Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung’s own special features truly set it apart from the rest of the competition. S Voice may not be Siri, but think about S Beam and all those other neat extras that have helped the Galaxy S3 stand out. If the new iPhone will come with 4G LTE and NFC, two of our favorite acronyms, that would make both devices even in that regard, but the way we see it, that large screen and the high-quality graphics that come with it and the bigger battery make the Galaxy S3 a clear winner as of now. 。 sex gadget,sex toy,adult toy

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