Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 Review: 3 Reasons To Wait For The New iPhone

The biggest tech rivalry of the year is about to play out between Samsung and Apple. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was released earlier this summer and it's an impressive device (Read our review), with over 10 millions units sold already. However, here are three reasons you should hold out for the iPhone 5, which we expect to hit stores in the fall. Like Us on Facebook We know that the iPhone 5 hasn't come out yet, and Apple is stubbornly refusing to make any statement whatsoever regarding their upcoming smartphone. Thankfully, however, a series of leaked images and information have provided us with a pretty good idea of what the iPhone 5 will probably look like. So here we go. The Design: No Contest The Samsung Galaxy S3's design was a noticeable improvement on the bulky, cheap-looking S2. The S3 is certainly sleeker, and even feels more natural to hold. That said, there's no way the Korean company can compete with Apple in the design department. The iPhone 4 somehow achieves the distinction of being both an industrial, mass produced product and a work of art at the same time, and the iPhone 5 will likely include a number of key improvements that make the new smartphone even more beautiful than its predecessor. Leaked images of the new iPhone will replace the back casing's glass surface with a two-toned, metallic body. One popular rumor suggests that Apple will use "liquid metal" that looks metallic but feels like glass. Even if to an aluminum body, like with the iPhone 3, it's pretty clear that the iPhone 5 will look and feel better than the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Screen: Bigger Isn't Always Better The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the biggest smartphone's on the market, with an impressive 4.8-inch screen. However, the excessively wide phone (7.6mm across) is simply too big for some hands to handle. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5's release is expected to mark the first time Apple increase's the iPhone's screen size since the first model was released. According to a number of leaked images, the iPhone 5 will have a taller, 4-inch screen, though the width will stay the same. This is a smart move by Apple. The company recognizes the importance of width in regard to how it feels to hold the device. The new iPhone 5 design will keep the same feel that users love, while still increasing the amount of display real-estate. Both smartphones are expected to offer the same resolution of around 720 x 1,280. However, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts a Super AMOLED screen, the iPhone 5 will likely stick with its popular IPS display. Although the AMOLED screens are known for their vivid colors, IPS offers a more natural display. Camera: Endless Possibilities The current iPhone 4S features the same eight megapixel camera available on the Samsung Galaxy S3, and we can expect Apple to make some new improvements to their new smartphone's camera. Little is known about the iPhone 5's camera, but a number of top patents from Apple include the possibility for a multi-focus sensor and even a 3D camera. Counterpoint: The Case For The S3 There's something to be said for the S3, and several valid arguments to go with the Android smartphone over Apple. The best reason to go with the Samsung Galaxy S3 is its battery. Samsung made a real effort to design a powerful battery for the Galaxy S3, and the result is at least 20 percent better than the competition. The iPhone 5 will likely have a battery life slightly longer or the same as the 4S, which needs to be charged about once per day. The latest rumor surrounding the iPhone 5 battery put it at 1430mAh capacity, compared to Samsung's 2100mAh. Then there's the issue of connectivity, which is where Samsung really shines. The can handle Galaxy S3 takes microSD cards and connects with a standard microUSB. It's also MHL compliant, and can output HD video with surround sound audio straight to an HDMI port. The iPhone 5, on the other hand, will likely connect to less devices than any iPhone before it. We fully expect the iPhone 5 to feature a smaller, likely 19-Pin, dock connector (down from the classic 30-Pin). This means that the new iPhone won't be able to connect with any devices or accessories designed from previous iPhone, iPad and iPod models without some sort of special adapter. Conclusion: There are a few advantages to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but if you care about how your smartphone looks and feels in your hand, then it's probably worth waiting until the iPhone 5's expected release date of September 21. Act now, and you may end up kicking yourself when Apple unveils it's latest masterpiece. 。 wholesale accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories

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