Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New iPhone 5 & iPad Mini Release Dates & Debuts in September

New leaks suggest that September will be a big month for Apple new releases and announcements. TechCrunch reported that Verizon has informed employees that they will not be able to take vacation on Friday, September 21 until Friday, September 30. This information is interpreted to mean that the dates are for the sale of the new iPhone 5. It is also rumored that Apple will make its latest iPhone announcement on September 12 with a “trusted” source stating the release date will be Friday September 21. Apple and Verizon have waited until Friday for its iPhone launches. AT&T employees are not taking vacations during the last two weeks of September until the middle of October. MacRumors reported that Apple is informing its reseller partners to “set aside additional table space for iPad displays over the next few weeks by September 12, when Apple will reported unveil the iPad Mini. New leaks showed a Franken-iPhone pieced together with parts to create a mock iPhone 5 by iResQ which some call a Franken-iPhone. There is photo of the headphone jack/docking port assembly screwed into the back casing of the next iPhone: The new iPhone pieces have a smaller charging plug and earphone jack on the bottom. The company is already stocking repair parts for the unannounced devices. The dock connector and headphone assemblies for the iPad Mini and new iPhone are very similar suggesting the iPad Mini could be more like an iPhone Maxi than an iPad. The most prominent new feature believed is a 4″ touchscreen. The iPhone is so popular that Yahoo’s new CEO Marisss Mayer wants to give every Yahoo employee an iPhone for consistency. 。 wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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