Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III and the Apple-Samsung war

Apple iPhone 5 is the only Apple smartphone being talked about, while Samsung has a whole range of smart phones including Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note besides many others. Apple-Samsung war seems to be going Samsung way, at least right now, says Raaj Datta of NVONews.com Apple and Samsung are engaged in a tough battle for the last four quarters – each one swapping the top spot. Rivals are bearing the brunt of the war between the two giants – Nokia being the worst hit with its switch to Windows. Smartphones are the real deal in this battle – overall shipments are up, close to 43 percent year-over-year. Apple and Samsung together accounted for all the growth in smartphones, overtaking all other vendors – HTC, Research in Motion, and finally Nokia. The biggest upset, though not unexpected, was the revelation of the first quarter data by IHS iSuppli and Strategy Analytics – Samsung handset shipments were ahead of Nokia, thus ending the 14-year Finnish dominance. Nokia was once absolutely dominant in China, and the decline there seriously contributed to its overall share declines. On the other hand, Apple and Samsung saw strong sales growth in China. Samsung’s market strategy Samsung currently sell s more than 13 smartphones – screen size ranging from 2.8 inches to 5.3 inches. Apple, on the other hand, sells a very limited number of smartphones, with screen size of 3.5-inch on its iPhones. Apple has the iPad and so is Samsung, experimenting the tablet market with a plan – though with lawsuits at plenty. Samsung is following a machine-gun strategy for its mobile hardware. The Korean giant floods markets with a range of models at one go – and as always one or more hits the target. The Galaxy range of smartphones sold 93.5 million in the first quarter, 36 percent more than a year ago. Apple saw an increase of 89 percent from last year at 35.1 million units sold. Nokia was down by 24 percent with 82.7 million. When compared to the latest Android smartphones from Samsung, the Apple iPhone 4S looks like its predecessors and lacks LTE. Though the iPhone 4S is still going strong, the recently launched Galaxy S III could put Apple in a tight spot. Currently, the HTC One X is the only competitor of the flagship model from Samsung. Going by the market trends, HTC won’t be able to keep pace with Samsung. HTC had a tough quarter in the United States. The size factor Size is one of the primary criteria in zeroing on to a particular smartphone, especially after Android OS became the number one challenger to Apple iOS. Unlike the iPods which come in different sizes, Apple has stuck up with a solo size for its iPhones. Apple has rather focussed on the quality of the displays, aiming at developing iconic products that have universal appeal. But the market seems to have moved rather fast than Apple had expected. Samsung’s speed has quadrupled with the sluggishness of thinkers at Apple. On lawsuits and beyond For those who are hooked on to the battle between Apple and Samsung, you might be following the lawsuits between the two. Samsung is acting a bit mute to the lawsuits Apple has filed against it. The irony of the situation is that Apple and Samsung are closely related. Apple is a huge customer of Samsung because it is the largest manufacturer of memory storage, LCD screens – all which are part of the Apple product line. A difficult situation indeed. The digital backdrop for Apple is far from complete – it hasn’t really captured the one important part of people’s lives – the living room. Samsung is at home here. Not only does it dominate with its presence in the living room, it’s there in your kitchen and the laundry too. This is a lethal combination that makes Samsung the most dominant player in the industry. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

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