Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Apple store: June's Retina Display Macs and the iPhone 5 halo effect

When it comes to the iPhone 5, Apple [AAPL] doesn't have a problem -- it has an incredible opportunity. Millions of happy iPhone users are more willing than ever before to purchase a Mac or iPad, because they love their iPhone.
Better than the rest Take a look at the latest satisfaction results from the quarterly American Customer Satisfaction Index. An extremely reputable survey based on data collected from 70,000 people per year, the latest research reveals Apple to be way ahead of anyone else when it comes to keeping smartphone customers happy. Take a look: The first time the company has ever been included within the results, Apple scores 83-points in the 100-point scale, while HTC, LG and Nokia secured 75. Crucially, Samsung fails to imitate Apple's customer experience, securing the second-lowest industry ranking of 71-points. And RIM? RIM's BlackBerry is seen as the least satisfying handset. "At 83, Apple's iPhone is a game changer when it comes to customer satisfaction. No other cell phone company has ever broken into the 80s," ACSI explains in a press release. This isn't the first customer satisfaction report to show Apple delivers products people don't just want to buy, but love once they own. This is a big deal, because it will translate into: Big Mac sales Apple's preparing to introduce Retina Display iMacs and MacBook Proconfigurations. Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster is expecting the new products to ship in June, just in time for WWDC (as I've predicted before). These Ivy Bridge processor Macs will likely feature interesting new designs, with the new MacBooks expected to be slimmer, lighter and a whole heap more powerful than ever before. A note of historical context: Once upon a time, Apple was an ailing company with PC marketshare in the region of 3 percent. The iMac helped consolidate the company's weak position, while the iPod helped bring products from the company to a wider market, the so-called 'iPod halo' effect. Today, the company has an iPhone halo that already dwarfs that of the iPod, and an iPad halo which is scooping up millions of mobile users who want a lightweight laptop alternative for general tasks. That's why Apple's Mac salesare setting new records. This means these faster, better, slimmer new higher-than-HD def Macs will not be aimed at the 1999 audience of 20 million Mac users, but at a global audience comprised of every iPhone, iPad or Mac user on the planet: and also at any of millions of BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC or PC users who have fallen out of love (or never felt the love) for their existing systems. That's a lot of interested customers. The big picture Analysts may be concerned at Apple's June quarter results, but they probably need not fret too much: iPad sales continue strong, with Taiwan selling out of the device (launched there last week) within four hours. Despite no significant update since this time last year, Macs continue to sell and you don't see iPhones gathering dust on store shelves. Look forward to the third quarter and the introduction of Mountain Lion and significantly upgraded new Macs and you can anticipate huge demand. These Macs will hit a hungry market comprising millions of customers who already love their Apple products -- and given the many improvements in iCloud integration and Apple's focus on a device-agnostic user experience strategy and buying a Mac will make more sense than ever to any iPhone user. While we're likely to see strong Mac sales in its coming third quarter, potentially setting new records (even in a tough market), even these new HP-shattering results will be dwarfed when the company enters the next phase of its strategy: the iPhone 5. This sophisticated device will secure the smartphone market for the company and will likely deploy features competitors can never hope to match...and with Apple's smartphone marketshare climbing, millions will want new Macs. With this in mind I'm predicting Apple's PC marketshare will rise another couple of points in the next few months, all driven by Apple's magic sauce of customer satisfaction. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,ipod accessories,iphone accessories

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