Wednesday, May 16, 2012

iPhone 5: Could it Feature a Flexible Display?

There have been plenty of rumors around the iPhone 5 recently, but this one is certainly out of the blue. The Korea Times is reporting that Apple’s next-generation iPhone could have a flexible OLED display that can bend and twist. Imagine putting that into your pocket. Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-Hyun hinted to the paper that Apple is testing the display for the iPhone 5 and that Samsung has received huge orders from companies wanting the display. “Samsung is eager to push open an era of bendy phones and boasts a capability to mass produce OLED displays that bend from the middle or from around the edge,” the article says. I’m calling shenanigans. A flexible phone? Really? The technology is definitely there, but how practical can a flexible phone really be? Thankfully, the folks at Wired put this nonsense to rest. “The earliest iterations of flexible displays won’t be very bendy, and they won’t appear in Apple hardware as some news outlets have recently speculated,” the report read. This is certainly ground-breaking technology. I don’t think I’m the only one who has thought of bendy displays as the future of newspapers. It feels real, it’s lightweight and its unbreakable. There could be countless uses for it. I imagine there are several of these displays in Apple engineering testing labs right now, but they aren’t working on the iPhone 5. They probably aren’t even working on the iPhone 6. Jennifer Colegrove, vice president of NPD DisplaySearch, doesn’t expect to see this technology in any “iDevices” until at least 2014. More rumors about the iPhone 5 will certainly grow throughout the summer — especially after Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference on June 11, when Apple is expected to tease a new iOS, Mac OS X Mountain Lion and new MacBook Pro’s. I’m sure Samsung is loving the free publicity about their floppy screens. It’ll be exciting to see where this technology actually ends up. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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