Tuesday, May 15, 2012

iPhone 5 Flexible Display Rumors Debunked

Contrary to one of the latest rumors, the next generation iPhone will not have a flexible display. "Thanks to either a bad translation, or simply a quote taken out of context, the latest Apple rumor floating around is that the next iPhone will include a flexible display," said 9to5Mac. "The rumor originated from The Korea Times which quoted Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun." Jordan Kahn of 9to5 goes on to explain how Kwon claims that they are receiving huge orders for Samsung's flexible screens from various customers and the Apple is likely to be one of them. Apple's interest was revealed to Kwon by "industry insiders," so he did not list a direct source. 9to5Mac replied to the rumor by saying that they "are not buying it." The reason behind the site's disbelief is the fact that the orders are said to come at a time when the smartphone is expected to launch. Samsung plans to ship the flexible displays to OEMs during the fall of this year, the same time of the rumored release of the next-generation iPhone. The site also "finds it hard to imagine" that Apple will replace its flagship Retina Display with all of the work they have put into marketing it and rely on a new flexible screen. It also does not make sense for Apple to launch a separate device that uses the screens and not use them for the iPhone. Also, Apple would not begin placing orders now for a product that is coming out in over a year and a half's time so that rules out the company incorporating them into the seventh-generation model. Overall quality is also a reason why Apple would not use these new Samsung displays. The Korea Times report also said that Samsung was having some technical problems matching up to the Retina displays currently featured on the iPhone with their new OLED screens. Analysts have even gone on record to say that Apple is not likely to adopt the new technology any time soon. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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