Thursday, May 10, 2012

The iPhone 5 will destroy the Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is, hands-down, one of the greatest smartphones ever created, joining the likes of the HTC Desire, iPhone 4 and Nokia 3310 in the immortals club. The slab-like device had everything today’s modern user expected from a flagship handset: a gorgeous display, bleeding-edge hardware, an intuitive UI and a great overall design. Following its release the Galaxy S2 went on to sell by the boatload with sales recently hitting the 30-million+ mark. This combined with Samsung’s other ventures – Windows Phone and Bada – cemented the Korean manufacturer as the world’s number one mobile phone maker, ending Nokia’s 14-year reign at the top of the market. Apple retained the mantle of world’s biggest ‘smartphone’ manufacturer, as of Q1 2012, having sold 35 million iPhone devices during the quarter. Samsung wasn’t far behind though with smartphones sales of 32 million, putting it in a very close second place – all of a sudden the plethora of lawsuits issued during 2011 begin to make sense. Going forward into 2012-2013, therefore, means that Samsung needs another Galaxy S2-like device to ensure that it maintains it’s current growth. That device, at least for the latter part of 2012, was meant to be the Galaxy S3. But the handset didn’t make much of a lasting impression at its official London launch on May 3 2012. Check our first-look at the Galaxy S3 here. Samsung’s iPhone 4S The Samsung Galaxy S3 is essentially the iPhone 4S. It’s an incremental update, bringing some extra oomph in the specs department and lots of voice-oriented stuff, but little else. The iPhone 4S, at least, kept its build quality. The Galaxy S2 looks better, as well as feels better, than its successor – and that’s never good. Don’t believe us? We asked several non-tech-minded people in the office to pick the newest model out of the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3. 90 per cent said the Galaxy S2 looked newer and more modern. We have to agree, as well, the Galaxy S2 is a far better looking device, featuring more attractive styling and a far superior build quality. Samsung was insane not to have acknowledged this fact back when the device was on the drawing board. Exynos 5 The Galaxy S3, although running on the undoubtedly impressive Exynos 4212 Quad chipset, will be bested by therelease of Samsung’s next-generation Exynos 5 CPU later on in Q4 2012. Does this mean Samsung will produce a new launch device to debut this ultra-powerful A-15 Dual Core mobile CPU inside? God knows. Cortex-A9 is still very much the flavour of the month at present. So, we’re not disputing the power of Samsung’s new Exynos 4 setup, but the A-15 Cortex Exynos 5 that’s scheduled for release in the latter part of 2012 will absolutely destroy the Exynos 4 chip inside the Galaxy S3. Surely Samsung will want a device to debut its new ultra-power efficient A15-based dual core system-on-a-chip (SOC) inside? Either that or it will wait until mid-2013 to unveil a new flagship handset or launch a new Galaxy Tab that uses it. Apple’s A6 CPU There’s a lot of talk about Apple’s A6 CPU circulating as the launch of the iPhone 5 draws ever closer. Some reports claim it will be an ultra-powerful Cortex-A15 dual core SOC, like Samsung’s Q4-bound Exynos 5 setup. Other reports, rather more conservatively, say that Apple will stick with a Cortex-A9 dual core chipset, similar to the one used in the iPhone 4S. Massive changes in the design and display size, as well as the inclusion of LTE, will be enough for the vast majority of punters. Could Apple just got with a slightly modified version of its A5X chipset? The iPhone 5 will look better If there’s one thing Apple can do well it is design. The iPhone 4’s design, now two years old, still looks contemporary, especially when compared to some of its peers like the HTC Desire or Nokia N8. Use these handsets as a point of reference and you’ll see where we’re coming from – the iPhone 4/iPhone 4S is a gorgeous handset. But the iPhone 5 should see some big changes in the design department. At present no one is 100 per cent sure what these changes will be, but what is certain is that the iPhone 5 will not look like the iPhone 4S. That means a new chassis, a larger display and significantly different proportions. During the run-up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung released a series of videos that insinuated it’s nearest rival – Apple – had a user base who are nothing more than sheep, which is all well and good – there is a hint of truth in that sentiment. What’s not good, however, is that Samsung then proceeded to copy Apple by announcing the Siri-like S-Voice feature, which will ship aboard the Galaxy S3. The phrase ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ (as well as the root cause of most law suits currently going on between Apple and Samsung) springs to mind. HTC One X beats Galaxy S3 The iPhone 5, like the iPhone 4/4S before it, will also be made from premium-grade material, as all Apple products are. Like the HTC One X, Apple will need to come to the table with something special when it launches the iPhone 5, which we personally believe it will. No other company on the planet can manage people’s expectations quite like Apple. Samsung had a massive opportunity to wow the world with its Galaxy S3, everybody, including Apple, no doubt, was looking. But instead it opted to go plastic and overboard on the Siri-like features. Basically we expected a lot more from Samsung in the design department. Performance In terms of performance we don’t expect there to be too much difference between the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 (unless, of course, Apple goes for an A15 SOC, it's possible but we're not expecting it). Nonetheless, Apple products, specifically the new iPad and the iPhone 4S, have been shown time and time again to run to rings around their Android-powered contemporaries. It’s not what’s inside that counts As we said above, performance on the super-high-end-smartphones is essentially academic. The average user will have more than enough processing power at their fingertips with any of the big three’s flagship handsets. What a device looks like is very important though. HTC knows this, Apple knows this, but Samsung apparently doesn’t. The Galaxy S3, despite being an exceptionally capable phone with some great built-in features, simply won’t hold a candle to the iPhone 5 in the looks department. Apple, according to a multitude of reports, leaks and analyst double-talk, is really going to town with the iPhone 5. That means it’s going for something seminal, like it did with the iPhone 4. We’re expecting a slimmer more modern design, innovative use of materials, and a larger higher resolution Retina Display. Should Apple do all of the above it will absolutely crush the Galaxy S3, which was the one handset this year that nearly everyone agreed would be amazing. Please note: we’re not saying the Galaxy S3 is a bad phone. It isn’t – the device’s specs and performance are second-to-none. What we’re getting at is just how plain looking and cheap-feeling the device is – it just doesn’t have the same stature as last year’s Galaxy S2, or any of the competition. wholesale accessories,ipad accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories

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