Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Also Coming To T-Mobile ? Release Date: June ?

We don’t want to make everyone overexcited without any solid evidence, but there is a possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S3might also come to T-Mobile this summer as well. We’ve recently talked about what we know so far regarding Verizon’s Galaxy S3, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3 at Sprint and possibly at AT&T. However, nothing regarding T-Mobile has surfaced yet, but the guys over at TmoNews think they’ve stumbled on something. Join us after the break for more.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Also Coming To T-Mobile ? Release Date: June ? Samsung Galaxy S3 at T-Mobile Here’s the thing. Since January we’ve kept our eyes on the mysterious SGH-T999, and at first we thought that what we were looking at was the future T-Mobile Galaxy S Blaze. It turned out the T999 wasn’t the Blaze after all, and a few rumors surfaced that the fabled handset might be T-Mobile’s Galaxy Nexus. Nevertheless, the SGH-T999 model surfaced once more, this time during a CTIA Samsung Galaxy S3 “hands-on” video from AndroidPolice. While demonstrating the Allshare Play application (which enables the user to easily share files between the SG3 and any other Samsung devices), the SGH-T999 model number appeared on the list, alongside a notebook and three GT-I9300 handsets (Galaxy S3s). So why this might be T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S3 instead of a Magenta version of the Nexus ? Well, unlike the T999, the Galaxy Nexus isn’t DLNA enabled. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy S3 is … Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date at T-Mobile We can’t consider this to be strong evidence that model number T999 is actually T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3, but it’s a possibility, and it’s a possibility that we’d love to see becoming a reality. Perhaps we’re in for a surprise and T-Mobile will launch their Galaxy S3 in June, as the handset is expected to hit the US market in that time-slot. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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