Thursday, May 17, 2012

iPhone 5 to come with 4 inch screen to beat Samsung Galaxy S3

A Wall Street Journal report says that iPhone 5 will come with 4 inch screen size to beat Samsung Galaxy S3 A new report on Wall Street Journal backs many previous rumors regarding the display size of iPhone 5. It is no more a rumor that iPhone 5 will get a large display. Wall Street Journal, referring to some anonymous sources, has presented it as a done thing. The top business newspaper confirms that iPhone’s next edition will come with a bit larger 4-inch display panel. Some previous rumors had even gone on to predict 4.5-inch or plus displays for iPhone 5, the 2012 upgrade of the handset, which is said to find light later this year. The WSJ says that the new iPhone is expected to come with a larger display than its present models that come with 3.5 inch screen. The Cupertino based tech company has evidently ordered bigger screens from a set of Asian display suppliers, the report says referring to what it claims ‘people familiar with the matter.’ Yes, there have been a plethora of rumors regarding a large display for iPhone for a long time. Even though, every rumor hits at Apple’s strict privacy policy regarding its new products. Apple has refused to comment to WSJ’s latest report. Anyway, it is time when even diehard Apple fans want a large display on iPhone. Many iPhone users are tired of the small and crammed 3.5-inch display of iPhone, which has been there since its initial launch in 2007. Of course, Apple should embed a larger display on its new iPhone so as to catch up with the fast running Android industry, which has recently received a number of devices with 4.5-inch plus displays. The 2012 version of Samsung Galaxy S3 has come up with a bigger 4.8-inch display. The WSJ report enumerates the same display suppliers that we have been familiar with for several months as ‘producing’ large displays for iPhone. Well, South Korea’s LG Display, Japan’s Sharp and Display Inc. are the companies reportedly producing the bigger display panels for the next version of iPhone. Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5 The Wall Street report has specifically mentioned that Apple would require a large display on iPhone 5 to compete with Samsung’s recently unveiled Galaxy S III. The freshest version of the famous Android phone from Samsung comes with a large 4.8-inch display with many additional features like a quad core chipset. “Apple is facing intensified competition from Samsung Electronics Co. The South Korean company, the world’s biggest cellphone maker, recently unveiled a flagship smartphone with a 4.8-inch display, one of the largest smartphone screens available,” the report notes. Apart from Galaxy S III, HTC One X, another Android brilliant quad core handset and several others also come with large displays. Even a pick of Windows Phone-based handsets have received bigger displays to let customers enjoy web browsing and video watching more smoothly. Meanwhile, Samsung has enough time to make its Galaxy S III popular in market. As per current rumors, Apple iPhone 5 may come in June this year. If not, it will only be available for customers in October similar to iPhone 4S last year. Whatever it is, Samsung, which is about to ship Galaxy S III later this month has enough time to market its new handset. Conclusion It is a troubling time for Apple iPhone. According to Strategy Analytics’ survey, Samsung could ship 44.5 million phones in the first quarter of the year to achieve 30.6 percent presence in global market. It is when Apple could only sell 35.1 million iPhone units for a market share of 24.1 percent. It means Apple has slowly started to lose its ground in global market. And so, it is high time the company comes up with a more advanced iPhone 5 to continue dominating the smartphone market. wholesale accessories,iphone accessories,ipod accessories,ipad accessories

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